Before the KICKS, there was only the CREW.

At KICKS CREW, we stand by this: before the KICKS, there was only the CREW. Community is at the heart and root of sneaker culture, so when we spoke to Dame about launching our partnership, it was only natural that we wanted to start by giving back. Through Dame's rise to fame, he has never forgotten about his CREW in Brookfield, where he came from.

In fact, the community center in Brookfield Park was where he spent much of his childhood honing his skills. To give back, we managed to fit over 300 pairs of sneakers and other gear into our KICKS CREW branded ice cream truck to surprise the community, with Dame driving it back into his beighbourhood park to announce his new partnership and investment into KICKS CREW.

With community at the forefront, we can't wait to see where this partnership goes.