The history of sneakers and how they were invented is a really cool story. Click here to find out...

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What Is the History of Sneakers? Everything You Need to Know

The term "sneakers" was first used in the late 19th century because the rubber soles of these sho...

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Why do we say sneakers ?

Nike's three main rivals are Adidas, Puma, and Under Armour. These companies are all competitors ...

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Who are Nike's 3 chief rivals ?

Here are 100 reasons why Air Jordan 1 sneakers are worth the hype: Iconic design Unique co...

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Here are 100 reasons why Air Jordan 1 sneakers are worth the hype

Sneakers are pretty much the best kind of footwear. They’re comfy, easy to wear, and if you’ve go...

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7 Stylish Sneaker Trends You Have to Try in 2020

New Balance sneakers are high-quality, trendy, comfortable, and more. Learn all the reasons you s...

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9 Reasons to Buy New Balance Shoes

Looking for new shoes for your basketball games? Well, adidas has a lot to offer. Check the 6 bes...

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Top 6 Best adidas Basketball Shoes in 2019

Not long ago, what are now called “vegan shoes” were known merely as “cheap shoes” or maybe “non-...

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Are There Any Vegan Adidas Shoes? A Complete Cruelty-Free Buyer’s Guide

Converse has been around since 1908 and it has become a classic among shoe brands. Learn everythi...

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Converse for Women: How to Choose and Wear Your New Sneakers

Having the right pair of sneakers can make a huge difference in how well you skateboard. Discover...

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6 Best Skate Shoes in 2019

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