The Vegan Sneakers trend is conscious consumption at its best. Are we seeing the future of fashion designed for a generation that spends its money with discretion?


Perhaps, you don’t want to go plant-based with your diet. Maybe the case for veganism isn’t convincing enough to you. Or perhaps, you just imagine a life without steak. 

Is there a reason, you should consider cruelty-free fashion, then?

The answer is a resounding yes. Because fashion’s biggest brands are turning towards incorporating sustainability and compassion into the making of their products. This comes with zero compromises to the quality and aesthetic of these items. 

So, when you do hear of vegan sneakers, know that not only are they top-quality sneakers, but ones that are manufactured without leaving innocent animal victims in their wake. 

This article takes a look at veganism in fashion, along with other sustainability trends, and examines the purpose they serve, in the larger scheme of things. 

Let’s start off by looking at why sustainability is relevant to fashion.

Sustainability in Fashion: Why Does It Matter?

In recent times, more brands have taken to sustainable or even simply more ethical methods of production. Here’s why this is a good thing.

The Problem With Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is a term used in reference to the mass production of trendy clothing, sneakers, and other wearable items at low costs. These items generally have a low shelf life and are extremely affordable. While trendy, cheap clothing sounds like a dream on the surface, the long-term consequences are dire. 

Given the low cost and the problem of constantly changing trends, this system facilitates overproduction, overconsumption, and ultimately generates large amounts of waste. Cheap production means cheap textiles and corners are cut to cut down on these costs. This means poor working environments for workers, lower pay, and animal welfare are secondary. The impact on the planet is never a consideration. 

Sustainable fashion trends must take over for us to be able to address the very grave consequences of fast fashion. 

Taking Accountability as a Brand

Marketing strategies have changed over the years, to meet the demands of the brand’s audience. As more awareness spreads about the often cruel practices that lie behind the mass production of clothing and shoes. Consumers have begun to call upon brands to take accountability and be the voice of change. 

Of course, brands have responded to this request. They’ve taken it upon themselves to adopt more cruelty-free and sustainable practices. The failure to do would not only negatively impact their brand image, and consequently their sales, but also the planet and the animals on it.  

What Are Vegan Sneakers?

Veganism is a philosophy that aims to reduce, to the most practical extent possible, the exploitation and suffering of all sentient beings

When we talk about vegan sneakers, that is simply what we are referring to. They are sneakers that are produced while being mindful of and avoiding the exploitation and suffering of all sentient beings during the production process.

This has a few implications. For one, it means that no animal products are used in the making of these shoes. This automatically eliminates options like leather, fur, suede, silk, and so on. 

For another, it also means that no animals were intentionally and purposefully harmed during the manufacturing process. 

The alternative to vegan sneakers is terrifying. Thousands of pigs, sheep, cows, bison, rabbits, lizards, snakes, and more are killed each year for their skins, fur, and other products that get incorporated into non-vegan sneakers. These animals must endure hellish conditions, and endure painful deaths in the bargain. 

Vegan sneakers are simply a way to combine compassion with style. 

Other Ethically Conscious Fashion Trends

Now, vegan sneakers aren’t the only ethically conscious trend in the fashion world. Let’s take a look at a few more of these practices and the impact they can have.

An Emphasis on Climate Positivity

To create clothing, or any other wearable, you need resources. The traditional methods of using finite resources to create these products have proven to have hazardous consequences on the planet. 

The emphasis on climate positivity in fashion suggests that our approach to fashion must be one that creates a positive impact. The alternative is simply a neutral or negative one. 

Sensitivity to Biodiversity

The use of land in crop production, deforestation, water pollution, and waste generation are some major issues associated with the fashion industry. This collectively contributes to the loss of biodiversity. 

Brands are slowly beginning to cut down on their impact with the intention of creating a net positive impact on biodiversity.

Circular Usage

Circular usage is all about implementing recycling technologies in the manufacturing process. Why look towards growing more of what already exists? 

More and more brands are looking towards recycling materials like polyester, cotton, and other textiles. 

A Socially Conscious Approach

Finally, there has been public outcry over inhumane working conditions within the fashion industry. Hence, more brands are driven to creating better working conditions for their workers. 

This implies better wages. Also, more systematic work structures, paid leave, better equipment, and safer working conditions. 

Going Green and Cruelty-Free in Style

Vegan sneakers and other similar ethically conscious fashion trends play an important role in combining style with compassion. It pushes us to be more mindful of our actions and the impact they have on the animals and the planet around us. 

At Kick Screw, we have a variety of vegan options available to environmentally conscious consumers like you! Have a look through our catalog to find a pair that pairs compassion with fashion, today!

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