Are you looking for the perfect basketball shoe? Our complete review of the Nike KD 12 will help you get one. Nike KD 12 presents to you outstanding traction to improve your on-court performance. It has exceptional cushioning and a full-length Zoom Air Unit, for better breathability. With KD 12, you get comfortable, flexible, and long-lasting footwear.



The Nike KD 12 outshines most of the basketball shoes with its ultra-responsive cushioning. It replaces the strobe board with a full-length Zoom Air Unit on the upper that curves into the shape of your foot. While you may not note the impact of this alteration when trying it on, you will feel air passing from your heel to toe when you start moving. 

If you love Zoom Air cushioning, the Nike KD 12 will only make you solidify your stance. On top of this, Nike stacked a supplementary Zoom Air Unit at the heel. So, if you want to relish that extra bounce, you better grab this shoe. You will feel protected and fast!

The full-length Zoom is enclosed with a perforated foam midsole offering you better flexibility. The design of the midsole is also customized to lessen the shoe’s weight and amplify the cushioning technology within. Nevertheless, the phylon has little impact due to the rubber caging.


The twelfth Nike KD did away with the usual KD traction that has been around for quite a while. It has a circular pattern which is mostly described as fingerprint-like traction. It is the top 2 traction after the herringbone; even before you move with this shoe, you are sure it will work.

Whether you make a quick cut, pop, or stop, the KD traction got you covered all the way. If you happen to be in the dusty courts, you just need to employ your natural routine; you do not need extra wiping. The only shortcoming you may face with this traction is the outdoor concrete surfaces.


Materials are a significant consideration when purchasing a shoe, and especially one meant to showcase your game. It determines whether they will last longer and if you will be comfortable in them. Besides, spending money now and then buying shoes is the last thing you want to think about.

So, what does Nike KD 12 have for you?

The Nike KD 12 presents the Quad Axial Flywire, a complete makeover of the standard flywire tech. Instead of the usual sides or heel area vertical cables, the KD 12 creates a web-like contraption like on the upper. This flywire relaxes when one rests and activates as soon as you start playing.

Two mesh layers sandwich this flywire pattern designing, hence they maintain the shoe’s lightweightness. Apart from weighing less, the shoe achieves excellent support. Nike made the tongue using fly knit material, to give your ankles a cozy enfold.


While the Nike KD 12 possesses a narrow forefoot, it is wide-feet friendly. So, do not shy away from grabbing this for your next game. If you like to feel a hug from your shoe, then this is a great buy. It gives you a good embrace experience though not the Nike PG3 way. If you like roomy footwear, you can go half a size higher to enjoy more breathability.


The Nike KD 12 has the traditional KD’s ankle area; wide construction. Although looking at it can pop the thought of wearing two sizes bigger shoe, the KD 12 feels like any other previous KD model. However, if you like your ankles tight, you may have to put an ankle strap on because it leaves plenty of space.

This shoe’s new flywire makes sure the upper does not stretch when you apply pressure. The midsole wraps around holding your foot all the time. You also get a rigid inner heel counter and heavy inner padding. These two do not allow your heel to make unnecessary moves.


  • Breathable Fly knit upper.
  • Lots of colorways available
  • Affordable
  • Zero break-in time
  • Full-length Zoom Air unit giving you exceptional comfort
  • It has first-rate lockdown and containment.
  • Great multi-directional traction
  • It is light on feet


  • Poor outdoor tractions
  • The outsole attracts much dust.
  • The Nike KD 12 runs a bit narrow at the forefoot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Colorways Are Available For the Nike KD 12?

The Nike KD 12 is available in different colors. It blends five colors; black, white, royal blue, red, and navy colorways. You get to choose what you prefer, dull or brighter colors.

What Do KD 12 Weigh?

The Nike KD 12 weighs 439g or 0.97 pounds. For basketball footwear, this is lightweight. Nike accomplished this by use of mesh upper rather than knit. This shoe is even lighter than the Nike Jordan Why Not 2.

Is the Nike KD 12 Better Than the Previous KD Footwear?

Nike KD 12 comes with a whole lot of changes. It has an Aquad Axial Flywire instead of the traditional one, which means more support and flexibility. Its traction adapts a fingerprint-like pattern unlike the prior KD versions providing easy movement and enhances on-court performance. It is a dependable on-court companion.

How Do I Know KD 12 Is The Basketball Shoe For Me?

The Nike KD 12 is an all-round shoe because it offers you comfort and topnotch performance. If you like a hug feeling, you can get true to size. But if you prefer roomy forefront, go half a size bigger.

The Nike KD 12 also contains much space around the ankle area. If you want the tight feel on the ankle, you can put on the ankle strap. This shoe works for anyone. You only need to supplement with size alteration or items like straps.

The right footwear allows you to perform excellently in your game while feeling comfortable. The Nike KD 12 does precisely this. It comes with advanced traction that helps you make your way through the court with no difficulty.

It also has an up to date flywire tech which maintains its lightweight making your court experience more fun. This shoe also comes in different colorways from black, navy to royal blue. With all these features, you get value for your money!

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