Kevin Durant: Top 6 Favorite Sneakers

Kevin Durant is a professional basketball player, playing for the Golden State Warriors. He is an “assassin” on the court. Durant is reserved but explosive. He is hard to guard and impossible to stop.

Thus, he requires a court shoe that hits the sweet spot of comfort and responsiveness. Nike saw this and responded by partnering with him to release advanced basketball shoes.

Kevin Durant has a hoops-ready signature sneaker line with the popular brand – a line that has over 10 iterations. As such, Durant is a key sneakerhead whose top 6 favorite kicks are outlined below.

Nike KD 12

The KD 12 is an advanced basketball shoe that features lightweight flexibility, ultra-responsive cushioning, broken-in comfort, and on-demand lockdown.

According to users, the 12th iteration is more supportive than the 11th counterpart. Its upper offers a perfect blend of breathability, flexibility, and strength.

Its full-length Zoom Air cushioning is responsive and super bouncy making it one of the most comfortable basketball kicks ever made.

Moreover, the shoe is a true fit. Most users claim that the KD 12 materials hug the feet for a one-to-one fit. The shoe is lightweight and yet provide adequate multi-directional traction. The traction is attributed to the translucent rubber outsole with a fingerprint-like traction pattern.

KD 12 requires no break-in time and thus, you can use it to head to the court or your athleisure activity right out of the box.

On the downside, the kick’s outsole has been reported to attract lots of dust. Nonetheless, the dust and dirt seldomly affect the sneaker’s overall grip on the hardwood. 

Overall, KD 12 is a well-rounded basketball shoe. When it comes to performance, the kick outclasses its predecessor 11:1. See, the Swoosh has added what was grossly lacking from the 11th iteration – lockdown, containment, and support.

As noted severally, its unique feature lies in the ultra-responsive cushioning. See, Nike ditched the usual Strobel board and stitched the Zoom Air unit to the upper, directly.

As per Nike Basketball Senior Creative Director Leo Chang, “It’s one of the unsung heroes in footwear. The Strobel isn’t approached differently other than how it’s been done over the last few decades. And yet it’s literally what separates your foot from the cushioning.”

He adds, “There’s a personal fit dialed in for every size person who wears the KD12.”As such, KD 12 is the most specific air-sole ever designed for a basketball sneaker.

Grab yourself a pair here at an affordable price while you still can.

Adidas Dame 7

Damian Lillard is a top-performing player in the 2020’s NBA bubble. And he owes the success to his 7th signature shoe – Dame 7. With that, it’s no wonder that the great Kevin Durant would fall in love with the shoe too.

Dame 7 footwear is equipped with design and material enhancements that strive to solve the support and traction issues that plagued its predecessor. The kicks deliver a comfortable fit, responsive cushioning, and reliable traction.

A majority of users say that Adidas Dame 7 is a great performer making it one of their go-to basketball footwear. The kicks fit well while remaining stylish for off-court use.

The sneaker is comfortable as its cushioning gets the job done. The kick has a meshed upper and well-cushioned midsole that guarantees comfort. It also employs the Lightstrike technology debuted in Dame 6 to strike a sweet spot in cushioning and responsiveness.

On the downside, Damian Lillard’s 7th signature shoe is reportedly too slippery, especially on dusty courts. Moreover, some users claim that the materials used are somewhat cheap compared to other models.

Nonetheless, Dame 7 shoe definitely lives up to the hype surrounding it. See, it’s equipped with tested and proven technologies making it supportive and comfortable. Added to that is its style which makes it suitable for off-court uses.

Adidas D.O.N. Issue #2

D.O.N. Issue #2 signifies Mitchell’s ‘Determination Over Negativity’ mindset with communities and fans globally. It features an  Electric Green Marvel-Colorway that embodies Mitchell’s “Spidey-Sense” and celebrates his love for Spider-Man.

This 2nd iteration of Mitchell’s signature footwear introduces a partnership with Crayola, which highlights his creativity and passion for education as an agent for change.

As such, D.O.N. Issue #2 is more than a shoe. It’s more than a product; rather, it’s a mission purposed product. It performs great as reviewed by countless of its users while inspiring a positive change, especially among the youths.

A mission-driven product? That’s so Kevin Durant’s element.

Air Jordan 35

Air Jordan 35 is a must-have for most NBA shifty players. Its traction is adequate as in Jordan 34, with a consistent superior grip and stopping power.

The added large-volume Zoom Air Unit in the heel transforms the kicks into an ultra-responsive unit that’s comfortable.

Air Jordan 35’s materials are premium with an excellent mix of new textile and old school fabrics. In addition, they are breathable with no need for breaking-in.

Compared to 34, 35 has better support with good ankle support, stability, and lateral containment. Overall, the 35 does not disappoint when it comes to performance, and it lives up to hype and price.

Nike Kobe 5 Protro

Nike Kobe 5 Potro re-introduces the heartbeat pattern with an extra tread. Here, the outsole tooling has been boosted with more tread added to the original pattern. As such, you end up with a kick with reliable traction, whether on or off the court.

On the flip side, the added treads attract more dust than the previous version, which calls for more wiping.

When it comes to cushioning, this model features a large Zoom Air unit that the original model. And instead of the heel, the air unit is located right-beneath the ball of the foot. The cushioning unit is housed within a thin Phylon midsole. It ensures that your entire foot is properly cushioned.

The premium materials stay true to that in the original model, much as the embossed patterns and texture may differ. It’s a plastic-based setup that’s thin enough to maneuver and flex yet strong enough to keep the feet contained.

Finally, the fit is snug and secure, wrapping the feet up like a glove; what more would Kevin Durant ask for?

Puma Clyde All-Pro

Puma Clyde All-Pro follows the successful Puma Clyde Court and Puma Clyde Hardwood despite their support and cushion issues.

As such, this new iteration is an update that seeks to address the support and cushion issues and raise the legendary Clyde franchise even higher.

The kicks are lightweight and ready to dominate corners, concrete, and courts. It’s equipped with PUMA’s lightweight yet durable Matryx material for insane speed and support, as well as All-Pro ProFoam+ for added stability and cushioning.


Kevin Durant is a real sneakerhead.  Fortunately, you can easily steal his style by owning at least one of his favorite sneakers.

And what better way than to start with his signature line, the Nike KD 12

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