When Yeezy slides first hit the market in December 2019, they were an immediate hit. The debut colorway, "Bone" was a great neutral that instantly elevated the look of any ensemble.

Plus, the slides were cushy beyond belief. Made of ultra-plush injected EVA foam, they're the closest you can get to walking on a cloud. Since then, the line has expanded to include a handful of other, neutral-inspired colorways, all equally chic and comfortable. 

Given their popularity, it's no surprise that fake Yeezy slides are also on the scene. Designed to mimic the look and feel of the originals, these knock-offs are available in almost every shoe store around America. If you're looking to cut costs and corners, they may work, but nothing compares to the real thing.

Today, we're sharing how to distinguish real Yeezy slides from those imposters, so you can be sure you're getting an authentic product. 

Start With a Visual Check

Sure, the Yeezy slide design is relatively straightforward. In fact, it's made of just two elements: an inflexible rubber upper and a serrated foam sole designed to look like shark's teeth.

Though structurally simple to replicate, faux versions don't get it quite right. Often, a visual once-over is all you need to spot a dupe from the real thing. Start by looking at those "teeth" on the bottom. In real Yeezy slides, they'll be sharp and spaced closely together.

Most fake brands will have a similar look, but the teeth will be smoother and spaced farther apart. The opposite applies to the peak on the shoe's strap. Real Yeezys have a softer, smaller point here, but knock-off straps will be larger and sharper.

Once you've checked those spots, take a look at the heels and toe boxes of the slides in question. 

While real Yeezy slides will have soft, irregularly shaped lines on the heel to add distinction, those lines are much more pronounced in faux versions. They're also straighter and more defined. In addition, real Yeezy slides have a heel that sits nearly flush to the floor, while fake slides have a heel that lifts too far upward. 

At the toe box, the real slides will have a wide and round opening, while fake ones are usually flatter and narrower. Sometimes, faux toe boxes will also lift up higher than their authentic counterparts. 

Look at the Logo

Once you've checked the slide design, find the Adidas logo on the footbed. In the real version, this logo will be imprinted fairly deep into the EVA foam and will be sharply contrasted although it's in the same color. 

Imposter brands will include the same logo, but it will appear more shallow and not as easily visible. Some factories will also add it asymmetrically, in an effort to mass-produce as many as possible. 

Take a Peek Inside

Did you know that there's an emblem imprinted on the inside of Yeezy slides? If you're holding an authentic pair, then you'll find the words "Yeezy" on the underside of the straps. Underneath the brand name, you should also see the size of the shoe.

Note that the font will appear three-dimensional in nature, almost as if it's sinking into the upper. This is a distinct design feature of real Yeezy slides. Fake slides won't usually have the words "Yeezy" under the strap, and any text that is included won't be as 3D or bubbly.

While you're looking under the strap, take the time to find the sizing label. 

This is the little white sticker that details the size of your shoes in various sizing charts, including country-specific metrics such as:

  • US
  • UK
  • FR
  • JP
  • CHN

In authentic Yeezys, this sticker will be glued to the underside of your slide strap. The font will be symmetrical, bold, and uniform in weight. Knock-off slides will include a label that might look similar, but the text will often be too thin, too thick, and asymmetrical in appearance.

Even something as small as the "C" in "Made in China" can make a difference. In fake stickers, this "C" will often appear lower than the rest of the text, which is a giveaway that you're not dealing with a reputable manufacturer. 

Scan the Barcode

Wondering if you've found fake Yeezy slides for sale? If you're still unsure, then check to see if there is a barcode on the box. There may also be a smaller white label on the slides themselves. 

There are several mobile apps that can check the authenticity of your products for you. Once you download one, use the tool to scene the barcode. In seconds, the app will check the code against the codes associated with real Yeezys, to see if there's a match.

Ensure Against Defects

A pair of real Yeezy slides should look beautiful from the moment you pull them out of the box. The upper is sturdy and durable enough to handle the shipping process and come out unscathed. However, this isn't always the case with inauthentic versions. 

Especially if you order your slides online, it's important to check them for defects. Lower-quality shoes will often show dings, scratches, or even deep creases on the upper. Real ones won't come out of the factory looking anything less than perfect, so this is a clear giveaway that it's time to ditch those duds.

Avoid Fake Yeezy Slides and Find the Real Thing

We understand the appeal of saving a few bucks. However, it's important to realize what you're getting with fake Yeezy slides. While these shoes might look legitimate, there's a good chance that they won't last nearly as long as a bonafide pair of real Yeezys. 

Part of the appeal of rocking this brand is knowing that you're showcasing authenticity and true style. This is something you can't replicate, no matter how hard a bogus brand might try. When you're ready to invest in a true pair of Yeezys, we've got you covered. Shop our full collection today to get started!

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