How to Get Creases Out of Jordans: The Complete Guide

Are you trying to figure out how to get creases out of Jordans? If yes, you should check out our guide here on the key things to do.


Has there ever been a shoe more stylish than the Air Jordan? When Air Jordan’s came out in 1985 they changed the sneaker game completely. Suddenly, you could get your favorite sneaker in multiple different colors, setting the stage for today’s limited edition sneaker drop and multiple variants on popular styles.

The original Air Jordan’s have become the stuff of legend. The original 1985 Air Jordan‘s can go for a wild amount of money. 

There’s no denying the style of vintage Jordans, but they might not be as crisp and fresh as you might like. Today, we’re going to show you how to get creases out of Jordans so you can keep your sneakers looking sharp for as long as possible! 

How To Get Creases Out Of Jordans

Sneakers can get scuffed up and creased in all kinds of ways. It can come about simply from wear and tear. They can also get wrinkled and creased simply from not being stored properly. 

This can be an issue with vintage Jordans as not everybody realized they were going to be a collector’s item in several decades. Luckily, it’s not that hard to restore them to as close to their original, pristine condition as possible. 

Follow these steps to see how to get creases out of Jordans for yourself. 

Gather Your Materials

You’re going to need a few items to be able to uncrease your Jordans. Start off by gathering: 

  • Your sneakers
  • An iron 
  • A bottle of water
  • An ironing board
  • Cardboard inserts
  • Paper to fill your sneakers
  • Two damp washcloths
  • A clean towel
  • Leather paint to match your sneakers

The leather paint is optional. It’s a good idea to have, though, if you want your Jordans to be as close to new as possible. 

Unlace Your Sneakers

Now you’re ready to begin preparing for shoe crease removal. Start by removing the laces entirely from your sneakers. This makes it easier to pack your Jordans for protection, which you’ll do in the next step. It also prevents the laces from getting burned by the iron. 

Pack Your Jordans

Now that you’ve removed the laces, you’re ready to begin preparing your Jordans for uncreasing. Start by folding up the paper you gathered as close to the shape of the interior of your shoes as possible. Do this for both shoes. 

Once you’ve got both ready, combine the folded paper with the cardboard inserts for each shoe. These are going to ensure your Jordans maintain their shape while you’re ironing your shoes as well as when they’re cooling down.

Once the cardboard inserts are ready, add them to the sneakers. Now you’re ready to begin ironing the creases out of your Jordans. 

Prepare For Ironing

Now you’ve just got to get your iron and work area prepared. Start off by setting up your ironing board. If you don’t have an ironing board, it’s not the end of the world. Just find a flat, hard, level surface where you can iron and let your Jordans cool for a while after the fact. 

Lay your clean towel down on your ironing board or work area. Dampen the two washcloths and place one on each shoe. 

Now pour the water into the iron. Fill it to the recommended fill level. 

Stop and take a moment to make sure that all of these steps have been done properly. You’re about to apply a hot iron to your beloved Jordans so you don’t want any surprises once you’re in action.

Iron Your Shoes

Now you’re ready to uncrease your sneakers. Ironing vintage sneakers isn’t that different from any other material. The main difference is that you’ll want to linger a bit longer on the creased areas, as you want the steam from the iron to fully penetrate the shoe leather. 

When you’re uncreasing your Jordans, you’re not simply pressing them like you would be doing with a shirt. The heat from the iron also makes the leather to expand, which also helps to remove the small creases that come from wear and tear.

You’ll want to pay special attention to the toe box area, as this is the area that tends to get the most wrinkles. It’s a good idea to make sure the washcloths are especially damp in that area to help prevent burning. 

Let The Cool and Spot Check

Now you simply need to let your Jordans cool down so that your repairs can take hold. Try and set up your ironing board in a work area that can be undisturbed for as long as possible. Letting your sneakers cool down, beneath the damp cloths, will help reduce the odds of re-cracking due to rapid temperature drop. You’ll only need to do this once if you go about this process carefully.

After your shoes have cooled for a while, take a look at the formerly creased areas to check your work. If there are still some small cracks or creases, you can use the leather paint that matches your sneaker’s color if you procured any when you were gathering supplies. Even if you didn’t, you can simply seek some out.

Just let your Jordans remain undisturbed until then, then use the leather paint to fix any small spots or creases that weren’t ironed out. Just let the paint dry for 20 minutes before wearing.

Leave the folded paper and cardboard inserts inside your shoes as well until you’re ready to wear. This also helps reduce the odds of your Jordans contracting, which could cause cracks to reappear. 

That’s it! Your Jordans should be as close to as brand new as possible, ready for their second lease on life! 

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