Comfortable and Trendy: How to Wear Air Max 97 Shoes in Style

Styling shoes with outfits is important to showing off fashion sense. Click here to learn how to wear Air Max 97 shoes and pack a punch!


The Air Max 97 is a polarizing shoe. Some people love their futuristic yet retro vibe, while some people think they’re ugly. Even when they were new, back in the 90s they had more than their fair share of fans and haters.

This is probably because of their chunky “silver bullet” design.

This can make them tricky to style. However, with a few tips on how to wear air max 97 shoes, you can fit them into a variety of different styles and trends. We think you’ll agree they look great. 

Serve a Throwback Look

Throw on your loosest sweatpants and your champion hoodie. This throwback look has been taking over street style. With a looser silhouette and trendier accessories like dad hats. It’s actually what inspired Nike to rerelease the Air Max 97

Vintage air max 97s would be a great choice for this look since it’s already vintage-inspired. It is also a good one if you’re looking to downplay their chunky style, since the. baggier pants help balance the whole thing out. 


Be a Hypebeast 

Grab your joggers and your favorite graphic tee or hoodie, because Air Max 97s go great with a trendy and more upscale street style look as well. This look is best for showing off some rare kicks

Go Edgy

For a woman’s street style look, try just an extra-long T-shirt layered over barely-there bike shorts and tights for a daring and cool look that really shows off your new shoes. With their chunky silhouette, they will make a huge statement. 

So perhaps choose a more flashy color to play it up. If you’re lucky enough to fit kids’ shoes, you can find even more exciting colors than are available for adults. Bright pink and yellow anyone?


Go for Y2k Style

The early 90s and early 200s style is having a comeback. We can probably blame Depop for making us all want to look like a 90s pop diva. 

Style your air max 97s with flared jeans and a strappy camisole or a lingerie-inspired top for a more subtle 90s princess look, or go full Bratz doll and add flared camo pants and a crop top.

Silver sneakers would be amazing with this look since this era was all about looking like you’re from the future. Alien motifs and shiny silver were everywhere. It’s all about new millennium chic after all. 

Try Kicks and a Dress 

This style is a classic, appearing on runways and street style picks for years. The combo of feminine and masculine is always a fun way to play with style. Not to mention how comfortable it is. 

No wonder it always seems to be in style.

There are a ton of different ways to play with this style. A slip dress and a pair of soft colored air max 97s is a very current way to play with this idea right now if you’re looking to do a winter refresh for your wardrobe. Maybe even paired with a matching silk face mask?


Air Max 97s will probably look great with dresses already in your closet as well. Just try pairing them with a variety of dresses, socks, and tights to see how you can best play up your chunky beauties. Your little black dress paired with sneaks can make you stand out in the best way.

It’s a great way to show off an extra special pair that you’re dying to show off.

Wear them With Wide Leg Denim 

Silver bullets were not designed for skinny jeans. Their tiny ankles can make them look especially chunky and awkward, and look a little out of place. That’s not to say you can’t wear them together. Just that it might not be ideal. 

Instead, why not try the wide leg denim trend making a comeback? 

The wide-legged shape perfect for those wondering how to wear air max 97 without them looking too chunky and out of place. Plus, their daring departure from the skinny-legged look that has dominated the decade will feel fresh and modern now. It’s just what your wardrobe needs to stand out. 

Try a dark wash with a simple white T-shirt for a simple and polished look. Add a few simple gold pieces for accent, and perhaps a simple white shoe for a look that seems simple, timeless, and polished. 

For more of a California relaxed, cool try a lighter washed wide-legged jean. Shredded, distressed, or bleached jeans will make even more of a statement. Try to channel your inner skateboard kid. Think tie-dyed shirts, graphic crop tops, and plenty of colors. Maybe even throw in a brightly colored shoe to pull the whole carefree look together.  


Look to Korea 

Korean pop stars are having a fashion icon moment. Singers from groups like black pink and BTS are some of the biggest influencers in fashion right now. They’re getting collaborations with major fashion houses and magazine campaigns.

For good reason. Their looks are fashion-forward and have tons of personal flair. They’re a great place to look for inspiration for outfits, often pairing sneakers with baggier, street style looks all their own. 

Idol SeolHyun even is a Nike brand ambassador. Which makes sense considering her fashion-forward athletic wear looks.

These pieces tend to have a looser silhouette, with unconventional details like crop tops and half unbuttoned track pants. 

Try baggie shorts and a sports bra with some athletic socks for an athleisure look that still has a bit of sex appeal. 

How to Wear Air Max 97 In Style

Hopefully, this guide helped you understand how to wear air max 97 in style. Whether they’re brand new or vintage, we think there are lots of ways to look great in them. We know having a bunch of great outfits to try will give you lots of wear out of your new shoes. 

If you’re inspired to buy a pair check out our options and read more on our blog if you would like to learn even more about sneaker style. 

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