Do you love your kicks? Are you building up a shoe collection? Follow the pro guide for the best way to store shoes, plus 6 Air Max styles to collect.


If you have some extra cash, it’s worth buying some sneakers even if you don’t want to wear them. Why’s that?

Well, one reason is that there are thousands of unique sneaker designs and color combinations. You might have an interest in shoes or fashion in general and display them as art pieces. Another reason to invest in shoes is that desirable shoe collections in pristine condition gain value over time.

Whether you’re buying shoes for one of those reasons or love wearing a different pair of kicks every day, you’ll want to know the best way to store shoes long term, not only right after you get them or in-between wearing them.

You’re in the right place to learn how to do that, and to get some inspiration about what kinds of shoes you might use to put the method to the test, so keep reading to learn more.

Wonder No More: Here’s the Best Way to Store Shoes and Keep Them Looking Fresh

The best way to store shoes is in boxes in a dry and cool environment. If you want your sneaker collection to stay as good as new, there are a few steps to take.

Some people want to know the best way to store shoes in garage environments, but that’s not the best plan to keep your sneakers in shape.

Most garages aren’t climate-controlled and contain a variety of threats: Heat, moisture, dirt, and pests in the garage are shoes’ worst nightmares.

If your garage is the only option you have for storage, try to install a climate control system or at least insulate the garage. Storing your shoes in plastic boxes is a good way to keep moisture, dirt, and pests away. You can use silica packs as an additional guard against water.

You should keep your kicks within their shoeboxes or other boxes that keep light out. If they get a lot of light, whether sunlight or artificial, sneakers’ colors will fade over time. If you collect shoes as an investment, never throw the boxes away.

Sneakers with white soles need special attention to make sure they don’t stain or yellow. If you want to preserve your shoes’ look, don’t wear them anywhere messy. Stay indoors with white-soled shoes, if you can, and consider not wearing them at all.

If you’re displaying or storing your shoes, you might take time to wrap white soles in plastic. In the event your white-soled shoes do get dirty or yellow, try cleaning them with baking soda.

1. Get Festive With Chinese New Year Kicks

Chinese New Year was on February 12 in 2021 and comes each year between January 21 and February 20. Nike recognized the holiday with a pair of Chinese New Year Air Max 98 sneakers. These exciting, creative sneakers celebrate the holiday with cultural motifs throughout the design.

Festivities last for fifteen days after the start of each year, so you’ll have plenty of time to show them off if you choose to wear them. That said, few (if any) people will think anything of it if you wear them at other times of the year.

2. Rep Your Favorite Player or Show off Bright Colors

Nike’s Odell Beckham Jr. Air Max 720 running shoes are perfect for fans of the football player. They’re also great kicks for anyone with more aesthetic motivation who loves bright pink, blues, and greens.

Those looking for new investments should consider these shoes, as athlete partnership sneakers are a type of shoe that often appreciates.

3. Wear Sneakers That Help You Get in Touch With Your Wild Side

If you’re a fan of all kinds of animal print, but can’t choose one kind to display on your sneakers, worry no more. Atmos – Animal Pack Air Max 1 sneakers have a bold design that combines not one, not two, but three kinds of animal print: zebra, tiger, and leopard.

4. Be Mesmerized By a Tokyo Maze

Air Max 1 Tokyo Maze sneakers are kicks made for the kind of people who like freaking people out with optical illusions. It’s hard to look away from the attractive, dizzying design.

These kicks are also a pair of sneakers that have a versatile look. The shoe’s cryptic pattern breaks up its silhouette. As a result, they don’t look like standard running shoes at first glance.

People who aren’t huge on sneakers and a sporty look may be surprised at how much they enjoy these Air Max 1s.

5. Get Your Rose Gold Fix From These Kicks

The rose gold craze peaked several years ago, but the color remains popular and has a timeless and attractive look. Nike recognized this with their Metallic Rose Gold Air Max 90s. The main feature of this women’s shoe design is the color itself.

There’s no pattern to distract the eye, and there’s very little texture to the shoe. Most of the shoe is in a smooth, shiny rose gold material. Light glancing off the shiny shoe blends in with the white base, giving the effect that you’re walking on air—

6. Appreciate Air Max Design

One of Nike’s most creative shoe designs is the Sketch to Shelf shoe. If you’re an engineer, product designer, or casual fan of technical plans and design, these are the shoes for you. They’re Air Max 1s and feature a plan for the shoe sketched in white on a plain black background. 

Many Air Max lovers wouldn’t dream of wearing these shoes, at least not anywhere they might get their feet dirty. A small amount of damage could ruin the detailed design. These shoes are much more appropriate as collector’s items.

Get Eye-Catching Kicks for Fair Prices

Now you know the best way to store shoes and know some of the best Air Max shoes you can invest in and store this way.

You can find all of those shoes and many more right here at KicksCrew. If you need any help with your order or shopping experience, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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