9 Tips for Finding Yeezys for Cheap

Are you tired of seeing Yeezys at an expensive price? Do you feel discouragement when you see that the pair you’ve been longing for can go for up to $20,000?

Listen up fellow sneakerheads because you might be looking in the wrong places!

Are you interested in learning more about locating Yeezys for cheap? If so, then keep reading to find out the 9 tips you can use to get yourself a bargain pair!

The First Place to Look to Find Yeezys For Cheap – Look Into Retail

When you’re beginning your hunt for the perfect pair of Yeezys it’s best to first check out the manufacturers. When looking at or you can be sure to avoid the hefty prices of resellers.

To make sure you’re saving money by buying retail you must always do your research first.

To save yourself from getting into a stressful situation it is key to have a sneaker bot. This is the more efficient and professional way of successfully buying Yeezys.

One of the most sought after sneaker bots is the AIO Bot, and you should definitely consider using this to get yourself a pair!

Reseller’s Market – StockX

One of the most well-respected reselling websites is StockX. You can be sure to trust that you will receive the real deal every time when buying from this website.

StockX also provides international shipping to 200 countries.

A guarantee is that you can get some of the best bargains and the most genuine quality of sneakers when using StockX.

When using the website features you have the option to either buy at the current price that the sneakers are selling for or you can place a bid to make an offer that the seller can receive. 

If the seller’s asked price matches with the buyer’s bid, the transaction is confirmed and is irreversible, so do make sure that you select the correct pair and size.

One last thing to be aware of about StockX is that there is an additional percentage fee for all of your purchases. This fee ranges from 8% to 9.5%.


The name of the game is to find the most authentic Yeezys. The website, GOAT, does an excellent job deciphering the real sneakers from the fakes.

You can choose from their impressive database of 75,000 sneakers.

Anytime you buy a pair of sneakers they require going through a vetting process at GOAT to make sure your purchase is truly authentic. 

Once this vetting procedure is done then your sneakers can ship. Worst case scenario the Yeezys that you purchase are fake, GOAT makes sure to send you a notification and you will automatically get a refund.

Another feature that GOAT uses is the option for the buyer to select from different payment plans of 3, 6, or 12 months.


This global e-commerce site is another great way to find Yeezys for cheap. With eBay, you are riding solo since there is no authentication check or buyer protection.

You have to make sure to do your research on the specific sellers and to communicate to them if there is any confusing or missing information regarding the sneakers.

You must always stay on your A-game when trying to buy Yeezys on eBay in order to detect the fakes. A warning sign should go off in your head if the product and the price does not match up.

Beware of the eBay schemers!


If you’re looking to buy from a consignment shop, FlightClub is the place to go to find authentic and possibly cheaper Yeezys.

They have two locations, one in New York and one in Los Angeles. Many sellers count on FlightClub to authenticate their Yeezys so that it’s ready to sell.

FlightClub also offers monthly payment options with the application Affirm. 


You can find your high-end Yeezy sneakers at Grailed, the biggest online market for menswear!

On Grailed you will find that there is protection from PayPal and they have no tolerance for fraudulent activity, which is certainly reassuring.

As a buyer wanting to purchase from Grailed, all you’ll need to do is make an offer and once the seller accepts your offer, you will get a notification link to checkout through PayPal.

Grailed charges a low sales fee of 6%.


Klekt is yet another international online market for sneakerheads.

Although this company promises to keep on the watch for any scammers or fraudulent activity, you should be sure to always do your research before purchasing anything to get the most bang for your buck.

Make sure to look at the item images and compare them to the official retail images of the same product to see if there is anything fishy about the listing.


Kixify allows sellers to list sneakers within a fixed price setting, which in turn can get you a deal.

When using this website you must be an expert on deciphering the fake Yeezys from the real, or else you might be apart of a scam so do be careful!


This website has been around for a while and has many service options, one of which to buy and sell Yeezys. You can be sure to find cheaper Yeezys on Craigslist.

Many times sellers only accept offers that are within range of them on Craigslist, so it helps to check locations closest to you before you try and purchase.

A positive aspect of using Craigslist to buy Yeezys is that you might find that you can create good friendships with nearby sellers.

This way you are able to regularly communicate when any of your seller friends have the best deals on the sneakers you want!

The Benefits of Finding Yeezys For Cheap

Buying Yeezys for cheap is not always easy to do since it’s such a fashionable and hot commodity.

It takes patience and knowledge when finding the right Yeezys and hopefully, these 9 tips on finding Yeezys for cheap will help you purchase a steal!

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