Are you looking for your next favorite pair of Jordans? Click here for seven Jordan styles that you should definitely try adding to your closet.

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When it comes to the ultimate name brand footwear, everyone knows that Jordan is the king of them all.

If you're pondering getting a new pair of Jordan shoes, how do you know which ones to try out next?

Check out this list of seven Jordan styles you should definitely give a closer look, and possibly buy to add to your shoe collection.

1. Air Jordan III

The Air Jordan III has a unique, eye-catching look that any shoe collector can appreciate. Perhaps the most unique feature is the fact that this Jordan shoe is missing the famous Swoosh, giving it a style all its own.

The III features bold elephant-print panels that give it a fun, fashion-forward texture and color combo, while black and white uppers add a dramatic contrast. This bold Jordan footwear is a must-have for collectors, and it's definitely one you should consider giving a try.

Of course, there's one thing that makes the Air Jordan III one of the absolute most iconic and important of all Jordan styles. This shoe was the very first to feature the now-iconic Jordan silhouette for the logo, which is now known as the Jumpman.

2. Jordan Styles: The IV

The Air Jordan IV was released in 1989 and made its now-famous debut when it appeared in the Spike Lee film Do the Right ThingThis shoe offered buyers a brand-new lacing support system called wings, while mesh netting on the tongue and side panels added to the trending look.

Another thing that makes this a great option for any shoe collector is that it's much lighter than many of its predecessors. The goal was to give the wearer the feeling of flight whenever they put them on.

If you're looking for a standout and definitely collectible Air Jordan, this is a smart investment. The black, red, and creamy color combination also gives these shoes a touch of classic style with a slightly modern twist.

3. Women's Jordan I Retro High OG Atmosphere

This hot new release is geared toward women and features an OG-style high-top cut. Also called "bubble gum," it features a feminine pink colorway and an original silhouette.

The Jordan I Retro High OG Atmosphere blends colors of white, laser pink, and obsidian with white on the base and obsidian on the tongue, mudguard, overlay, and ankle collar. The sleek laser pink leather on the toebox and pink patent leather gives this shoe a trendy, modern twist.

Of course, the famous Swoosh is also found on this Jordan in the deep, dark obsidian color located across the ankle. This exclusive Air Jordan 1 dropped in December of 2021, and it's a must-have choice for the ladies who love the brand.

4. Air Jordan X

This shoe was released as a celebration of the 10-year partnership between Nike and Michael Jordan. It was also designed to commemorate Jordan's short-term retirement from basketball when he joined Major League Baseball.

The lightweight design features clean lines and a combination of leather and nylon sync with Zoom Air cushioning. A group of 10 lateral stripes along the sole of the shoe give homage to MJ's incredible first 10 years as a record-breaking basketball player.

If you're looking for a collector's item to add to your Jordan collection, this one is certainly a good investment. It's sleek and simple enough to be stylish, yet meaningful enough to be a must-have.

5. Air Jordan XX8

Over to a newer release, the Air Jordan XX8 hit stores in 2013. The shoe was endorsed by the basketball superstar Russell Westbrook who is known for his bold, flashy, and over-the-top style.

This sneaker offered something new to collectors: a boot-high casing or shroud that had never been seen before. Inspired by the designs on military combat boots, it features a responsive design with a supportive yet completely flexible upper with solid, reliable traction.

What really took hold with this then-new release was the use of a modern take on camo prints. The style was definitely trending around this time, and the Air Jordan XX8 is still a coveted shoe for many collectors today. The comfort factor also makes this one a must-have for everyday wear if that's your thing, too.

6. Jordan AJXX

This shoe was released in 2005 and was specially designed to mark the 20th anniversary of the Jordan brand. This shoe represents Michael Jordan's career and life story in the form of a sneaker designed by Tinker Hatfield and Mark Smith.

What makes this Air Jordan so unique (and so collectible) is that there are over 200 symbols laser-etched into the upper. Each symbol represents a part of Jordan's biography including one of him sitting in the backseat of a '76 Chevy Monte Carlo with his mother, Delores.

There are other signs of symbolism in this coveted Air Jordan, too. A series of 69 dimples along the side spoke pay tribute to Michael Jordan's highest-scoring game

7. Air Jordan Future

Bringing sports shoes and streetwear together, the Air Jordan Future line is a great option for anyone looking to grab a new Jordan and wear it everywhere. Inspired by the famous Air Jordan II, this shoe adapts the sole and midsole and includes a woven upper that gives the Jordan line a brand-new aesthetic.


The Future has become a quite popular choice in shoe collecting, and they look awesome with any street style. The combination of casual and high-end styles makes these Jordans a versatile choice that goes with practically everything.

If you're looking for a more versatile Jordan to add to your shoe collection, this is a great choice. A huge range of colorways and patterns also makes the Future a flexible option that will suit any wearer.

Start Your Jordan Collection Today

From famous vintage versions to new releases, consider these Jordan styles when you're ready for a new pair. Whether it's a vintage iconic release or a new style, there's a Jordan here for every shoe collector.

For more information or to find out about the newest shoe releases, visit our website or contact us today to learn more. 

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