7 Best Superhero-Inspired Sneakers to Wear for Fans

Are you a big fan of superheroes from either the Marvel series or DC Comics? Are you a big fan of sneakers from popular brands like Nike or Adidas? If you are, then these superhero-inspired sneakers are the perfect pairs for you to get. The good news is we’ve already compiled the best superhero-inspired sneakers you need to get right away.

Marvel’s fame continues to rise, having a box-office raising over $19 billion and DC still rocks with classic household names like Superman and Batman. It’s no surprise that big shoe brands look into collaborations with them.

If you want to know which ones of them are the best and find the pair perfect for you, keep on reading our list below:

1. Vx Marvel Avengers Collection

Vans has three previously released Marvel themed shoes. But, this new collection has a more modern feel and new designs that are perfect for Marvel fans. The collection features three shoe types that Vans has already established, the Sk8-Hi, the Slip-On, and the Old Skool. 

The heroes from Marvel that are part of the collection include the Hulk, Captain Marvel, Spider-man, Thor, and the Avengers in general. Most Marvel shoe collections release main heroes like Iron Man and Captain America. This collection features more heroes not normally seen in Marvel collaborations.

Each of the shoes in the collection has its own unique design, like the Slip-On with Hulk’s toes bursting out of a Vans checkerboard. Another option is the Old Skool covered in vintage comic book characters in black and white. 

This gives you a perfect opportunity to expand your collection. You’ll also be able to find a shoe that’s exclusive to this collection and stands out from other superhero shoes. 

2. Zoom Huarache Trainer Superheroes Pack

If you’re more a fan of the DC Comics franchise, then this is the collection for you. It’s based on three original superheroes everyone knows and loves from DC: Superman, The Flash, and The Green Lantern. 

They are the color palette inspiration for these new Nike Zoom Huarache Trainers. They come in the colors blue, red, and green, representing the heroes’ main theme accordingly. 

Although not directly having any superhero logos or designs, the shoes still give off the correct vibe for each hero. The shoes come in a mix of leather and neoprene material similar to classic Nike shoes and some of the upcoming ones too. They come in a memorable exoskeleton design, optimizing comfort, and style. 

3. Rx Marvel Pack

The Reebok x Marvel Pack has 10 different shoe designs based on 10 different Marvel heroes. This series takes characters not only from the Avengers series but from the X-Men one as well. You won’t find any shoes similar to these in the market.

Not many shoe brands have popular collaborations with the X-Men franchise. If you feel like you’ve been missing out, they get inspiration from the characters of this universe. You’ll find designs featuring characters like The Wolverine, Sabretooth, Deadpool, and Emma Frost. 

Of course, they don’t leave out classic Avengers characters like Captain America, Spider-Man, and Black Widow. Each of the shoes also follows already established shoe models like the Insta Pump, Ventilator, Omni Lite HLS, and many more. No two shoes in this collection look alike so you’re sure to find the perfect style for you. 

4. Marvel Adidas “Heroes Among Us” Collection

This collection of basketball shoes takes inspiration from the Avengers. It includes six sneakers, each having its custom theme based on different characters.

The Marvel x Adidas collection celebrates the release of the newest Avengers blockbuster, Endgame. Each of the shoes follows the colorway of their corresponding heroes’ costumes.

The message of the collection “Heroes Among Us” also takes inspiration outside of comic books. This tagline references professional basketball players in the NBA. So, if you look up to superheroes as well as these basketball icons, this is the collection for you.

5. New Balance x Jimmy Jazz x Black Panther

The next superhero-inspired shoe isn’t part of a collection, but rather a limited edition collaboration. These New Balance shoes follow the Black Panther theme and are all black and badass. It takes inspiration from the heroes Vibranium suit with silver detailing. 

If you’re looking for shoes that aren’t super out there and catch the eye right away, these are the best sets for you. 

6. Bx PUMA Black Panther Pack

This set focuses again on more Black Panther themed shoe designs. This comes from a collaboration between BAIT and PUMA (very fitting). This shoe pack includes two different pairs, both inspired by the Wakandan superhero. 

These shoes are both all black and have a sleek and modern look to them. It’s the perfect package for you if you want something simple but also superhero inspired. 

7. NIKEiD Customised Superhero Shoes

If none of the shoes from the collections above fit your personal style and preference, don’t worry. Nike’s NIKEiD shoes let you customize and design your pair as you see fit. 

Don’t fret if you don’t know how to design your shoe and don’t want to put in that much effort into shoes. You can browse from over dozens of superhero sneaker designs made from sneakerheads and comic enthusiasts alike. 

There are no shortage of shoe models and superhero color themes to choose from. If you didn’t find your perfect pair from the shoes above, you’ll find them here.

Get the Best Superhero-Inspired Sneakers Now!

That’s our list of the best superhero-inspired sneakers available today. There’s always something worth checking, whether you’re a fan of the Marvel franchise or DC Comics.

Don’t stop with comic book designs, however! There are so many amazing design options available!

If you enjoyed this article and want to read more, don’t hesitate to read more of our content. Here is one discussing 4 anime-inspired sneakers you need to get now.

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