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If you're a shoe collector, finding authentic shoes can be a challenge if you don't know what to look for.

Whether you're looking for a vintage pair of kicks or one of the newest releases, it's important to know what true name brand footwear looks like.

Check out this list of six tips to help you find authentic Jordans and score the real deal instead of a knock-off.

1. Pricing on Rare Jordans

The old saying, "if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is" definitely applies to pricing on authentic Jordans, especially vintage ones. If you notice a coveted pair that's being offered at a super-low price, then it's likely not the real thing.

Do your research carefully and look at pricing trends on the pairs that you're interested in. If a seller is listing their Jordans at a ridiculously low price, there is a good chance that the Jordan footwear isn't authentic.

Of course, that doesn't mean that you can't score a great pair of Jordans at a reasonable price. However, ultra-low price tags usually mean that something isn't right.

2. Authentic Jordans: The Air Wings Logo

The famous Air Wings logo should be deeply embossed into the leather on a real, authentic pair. Examine the logo closely and make sure that it's actually embossed and not just printed onto the surface of the material.

This also applies to the shoe's individual components and how they're put together. Real Air Jordans won't indicate any stitching guides that help the manufacture locate each individual panel during manufacturing. Everything should seem seamless and flawless in that regard.

Check the logo on the Jordans you're interested in and confirm that they're flawless and embossed correctly. The overall construction is a good indicator of whether or not you're about to purchase the real thing or not.

3. Heel Strap Stitching

If you're interested in an authentic Air Jordan I, pay special attention to the heel tab that covers the back seams and on the quarter panel and the side. The real deal should show two stitch lines with the quarter panel top lines crossing over.

Make sure that the Nike Swoosh is located on the quarter panel and that the threads contrast with the gray leather instead of matching. Single stitches that cross the tab with matching thread to the leather are typically an indication of a fake.

The Air Jordan I has a tiny heel tab that should cover the back seams. Examine these areas closely and confirm that the stitching looks correct to ensure you're getting a pair of authentic Jordans.

4. Check the Outsole Logo

The famous Nike Swoosh logo is located on the outsole of the Air Jordan I and on several other versions, too. Look at the logo closely to make sure that it's authentic and made in the exact correct way.

One thing to look for is the width of the letters, which should be fairly wide and generally uniform in size. If the lettering looks too narrow or "squished" together, then the shoes are likely a repro or fake.

Take a closer look at the "K" on the logo, too. It should be touching the tail of the swoosh. If the K isn't touching or there is no K whatsoever, then the Jordans are most likely a fake pair of Jordan footwear.

5. Jumpman Size Tag

The size tag should be located inside the tongue of the Air Jordans with woven lettering. If the size tag is printed on, then it's probably not the real thing.

Make sure the Jumpman size tag is woven or embroidered and actually sewn onto the tongue of the shoe. Some repros glue the tag on, use a printed version, or weld it to the back of the tongue. Also, look at the quality of the logo and embroidery which is usually another dead giveaway.

Authentic Jordans should have the size tag actually sewn on and should feature woven printing instead of an ink-printed design. The real deal will have the size tag sewn onto the inside, so keep this in mind when you're looking for a new pair of Jordan shoes.

6. Construction

Of course, a pair of authentic Jordans will be made using high-quality materials and manufacturing methods. Look carefully at the detail by the shoelaces and make sure that they're straight and that the spaces between them are even.

Look more closely at the stitching quality of the shoes and the heel. If you see any frayed or uneven stitching, then there's a really good chance those Jordans are fake and not the real thing.

Don't forget to check out the midsole, too, which is where the bottom of the shoe transitions to the front. Real Jordans will have the midsole point below the last lace hole. Finally, make sure that the sole pattern is correct and check for the Jumpman logo that can be seen under the clear rubber bottom on newer Jordans. 

Find the Real Deal

Whether you're a casual shoe collector or a seasoned pro, it's important to know what to look for when you're shopping for authentic Jordans. From sloppy stitching and poorly remade logos to incorrect size tags, these red flags are something to keep in mind when you're on the hunt for a new pair.

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