6 Things You Should Know About the Jordan 13 Sneakers

6 Things You Should Know About the Jordan 13 Sneakers

What do you know about the Jordan 13 sneakers? Read this extensive guide on some of their features, costs, and much more.

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Michael Jordan is arguably the greatest NBA player of all time. The superstar athlete left his mark on the world both on and off the court -- and continues to do so today.

Nearly 20 years after he took his final bow from the sport, Michael Jordan's legacy still lives on. With 26 signature pairs of Air Jordans to date, his sneakers have revolutionized the world of athletic footwear.

What most people don't know is that the Jordan 13 was one of the last models worn on-court by the legend during his time with the Chicago Bulls. But the history of this iconic sneaker doesn't end there.

Keep reading for 6 things every sneakerhead should know about Jordan 13s.

1. The Background of the Jordan 13

The Air Jordan XIII was first released in 1997 at the retail price of $150. Fans could choose from five colorways for the high-top sneaker and two low-top designs.

Four of the five high-tops came in black with either white or red to represent the Bulls team colors, with the final shoe having a "Flint" colorway. The two low-top varieties were available in the "Chutney" colorway and a navy/black/metallic silver/Carolina blue edition. 

Another interesting fact about the Jordan 13 is that it was the first Air Jordan model to have colorways reserved strictly for on-court appearances. These colorways never hit the shelves. 

Both models were worn by Jordan in the 1998 playoffs. One was a low-top "Playoff" colorway and the other was a high-top version that featured an all-black design with a red outsole. 

2. Comfort Meets Performance

The Air Jordan 13 is credited with being one of the most comfortable, best performing, and popular of the Jordan "low numbered" sneakers. It's also one of the more affordable models in the collection.

The Air Jordan XIII is a fan favorite both on and off the court. The Zoom Air technology in both the forefoot and heel of the shoe offers a cushioned, flexible step. The Jordan 13 also has a carbon fiber midfoot shank and grippy outsole.

Other features include suede, leather, and reflective mesh, depending on the colorway. And we can't forget about the iconic Jordan hologram and innovative lacing system. 

The revolutionary combination of aesthetics and technology makes the Jordan 13 one of the most versatile shoes in the Air Jordan lineup to this day. 

3. On-Set Appearance

If you didn't know about the Jordan 13, you do now! This sneaker did more than just grace basketball courts and sidewalks. It also graced the silver screen.

One of the most iconic scenes in Spike Lee's film He Got Game was when Denzel Washington's character Jake Shuttlesworth heads to the sneaker store after being released from prison. What was he shopping for? The latest Air Jordans, of course!

Washington's character did what so many Jordan fans have done before and still do today -- swoon over a newly released pair of Air Jordans

But this wasn't the first time a Jordan sneaker was featured in a major film. The Air Jordan IV made an appearance in another Spike Lee film entitled Do the Right Thing.

4. The Black Cat Design

Perhaps one of the most popular and infamous Air Jordan 13 colorways, "The Black Cat", was designed and released by Tinker Hatfield in 1997. The name was inspired by the stealth and agility of both a black panther and Jordan himself. 

Hatfield created the front of the shoe to look like a ferocious predator. The dotted embroidery was designed to resemble a panther's whiskers, with the outsole's "paw pad" design completing the look. 

The signature hologram on this shoe was a unique mix of yellow and green to represent a panther's eye. The hologram also included a #23 and 3-D Jumpman logo.

Another notable release of the Jordan 13 was the "Black/Altitude Green" colorway which hit the shelves in 2005. This was one of the first non-OG colorways of any Air Jordan sneaker to date. 

Once this revolutionary sneaker sold out, fans were given a second chance at scoring a pair with their rerelease in 2010. Instead of a full-leather upper, the 2010 version of the "Black/Altitude Green" Jordans came with mesh paneling instead.

5. NBA Star Turned Businessman

Anyone who knows anything about Michael Jordan knows that he's much more than just a basketball legend. He's also a successful businessman.

Jordan first made the switch from an athlete to an entrepreneur in 1997 when the Jordan Brand was officially born. Jordan kicked off his new role as CEO with an advertising campaign for none other than the Air Jordan XIII. 

The first commercial released depicts Jordan in a three-piece suit performing a "quality inspection" on a pair of Jordan 13s. As the shoeboxes stack up, so did Jordan's sales. The brand is currently worth an estimated $3 billion.

6. The Jordan 13 Marked the End of an Era

One of the main reasons people love the Air Jordan XIII is that it symbolizes the end of an era in both the world of professional basketball and sneaker design.

Nobody knew that when Jordan laced up his 13s for the end of the Bulls season that it also meant the end of his career in Chicago. Anyone who's a Jordan fan or a Chicago Bulls fan knows that the Jordan 13 is synonymous with the player's time in the Windy City.

Many basketball enthusiasts and sneakerheads also argue that the Air Jordan XIII is the last of the numbered Jordans that revolutionized the market. The lackluster performance of the Air Jordan XIV that followed may be evidence that this claim is true.

One thing is certain, though. No Air Jordan model to follow has held the same mystique and history as the legendary 13s. 

The Legend of the Air Jordan Lives On

Michael Jordan and basketball go hand-in-hand. Kids and adults alike love the design, comfort, and nostalgia that surround a pair of Air Jordans.

What makes the Air Jordan 13 different is that it marked a historic time in Jordan's career. Their release also ended what some consider the greatest run of signature sneakers of all time.

Buying a pair of Jordan 13s is like buying a small piece of history. If the cat-like design isn't your style, there are plenty of other Jordans to choose from. 

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