4 Best Eco-Friendly Sneakers At Your Disposal Now (Or Soon)

It’s 2020, and we want to save the planet. While there are startup companies advocating the production of eco-friendly sneakers from day one, the sneaker tycoons are gradually shifting focus to environmental awareness.

If you want to be in style and be considerate to the environment at the same time, check out the following picks we have for you:

1. adidas x Parley Collection

Eco-friendly Sneaker Pick: adidas x Parley Collection
(Credit: adidas)

Marine plastics is a serious environmental issue, given that 8 million tons of plastic waste end up in the oceans every year.

Being one of the biggest sneaker manufacturers in the world, adidas uses a lot of resources and materials. That creates extra burden for our planet Earth. Only if there’s a way to make use of existing marine waste without adding new waste to the equation.

Since 2015, adidas has been partners with the ocean environmental group Parley for the Oceans to turn marine pollution into sportswear. Under this partnership, plastic waste found by the coast is processed to produce Ocean Plastic.

The Parley line promises that each item is made from at least 75% of recycled marine plastic. They essentially turn trash into treasure.

You certainly can’t miss the futuristic influence on the design, including clean, electric colors and contemporary silhouettes.

If you are a runner with a want to protect the ocean, don’t forget to check out part of the adidas x Parley collection we do carry.

2. Nike Space Hippie Collection

Eco-friendly Sneaker Pick: Nike Space Hippie Collection
(Credit: Nike)

Being the lowest carbon-footprint drops in Nike history, the Space Hippie Collection tells a story of trash transformation.

Inspired by the life on Mars, the collection aims to achieve the most with limited resources. From the shoe itself to the packaging, the Space Hippie collection ditches as much as possible.

With an upper constructed with Flyknit yarn, a sole made from a combination of the sustainable Nike Grind and foams, Nike is recycling and reusing plastic bags, industrial scraps, t-shirts and so on.

We shouldn’t leave out the shoe boxes they come in: a single box made from repurposed materials and printed on with plant-based ink.

If you’re digging the outer space vibes of the Space Hippie Collection, do check them out on our online store! We have all colorways ready for you.

3. New Balance x Reformation Collection

Eco-friendly Sneaker Pick: New Balance x Reformation X90
(Credit: New Balance)

In 2019, New Balance debuted their first ever sustainability-themed collaboration. Partnering with Reformation, their shared values are the importance of quality material, fit and function.

On their first try at making eco-friendly sneakers, New Balance experimented with new materials such as chrome-free suede and BLOOM algae.

The collection includes the classic 574 and X90 silhouettes, where each pair of sneakers are made from sustainable materials. The laces and labels are made from post-consumer recycled polyester, and the inserts are made from EVA foam, just to name a few.

You might already be considering getting a pair of “dad trainers” because of current trends. Why not try this eco-friendly option?

4. adidas FUTURECRAFT.Loop

Eco-friendly Sneaker Pick: adidas FUTURECRAFT.Loop
(Credit: adidas)

You may be thinking, “it’s cool that these shoes are made from recycled materials. But when they’re done with, they’re still being thrown away.”

Waste is still produced at some point. And adidas aims to break this inevitable demise of sneakers by innovating the FUTURECRAFT.Loop.

Made from only one material (100% reusable TPU) from head to bottom, these kicks are made to be remade. Once you’re done with them, you can return them to adidas, who will proceed to wash, ground and melt them to produce materials for a new pair of shoes.

The extremely innovative FUTURECRAFT.Loop is expected to have a public release in Spring/Summer 2021. Stay tuned, as they’re going to change the world.

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