The Air Jordan 1 is an iconic sneaker that has withstood the test of time. Read on to learn about the best Air Jordan 1 colorways that money can buy.

The Jordan brand is one of the main pillars that keeps Nike's billion-dollar industry afloat. Fourth-quarter sales in 2021 increased by 96%, largely thanks to the Air Jordan market. During the fiscal year, the Jordan brand's revenue increased 31%, ending with $4.7 billion. 

The Air Jordan 1 was one of the first products that Nike released, and finding the right Air Jordan 1 colorways is a challenge that many die-hard shoe owners are willing to undertake. With plenty of vintage and retro appeal, it may seem like you can't go wrong with an Air Jordan 1 design, and you aren't wrong!

But if you want to know what the most popular and aesthetically pleasing color options are out there, we have a complete guide for you. In this article, we will go over five color schemes you can't miss out on and how to purchase your next pair today, so keep reading on for more information!

Air Jordan 1 Colorways

Air Jordan 1 is the original Michale Jordan shoe that first debuted in 1985. Before this period in NBA history, shoes were not the hype they are now and were mainly worn for comfort and performance. 

While those two characteristics are obviously still important to this day, Jordan revolutionized the performance, design, and style of basketball shoes that we see in today's NBA league. At the time, the new Air Jordan 1 colors were a bit controversial. He used original black and red colorways that NBA reported were breaking non-regulation colors. 

Jordan didn't listen and accrued a $5,000 fine each time he stepped onto the court in his Air Jordan 1s. His newly minted contract with Nike would create one of the most profitable and long-standing relationships in the shoe industry. 

1. University Blue

One of the best Air Jordan 1 colorways is University Blue, nicknamed after Jordan's stint at the University of North Carolina. The retro high-top shoe with the striking bright blue colors accented with black trim makes it one of the most stylish Air Jordan 1s. If you want to pay tribute to Michale Jordan's start in the basketball world and strut around in style, the University Blue high-top design is a must-purchase. 

2. High Lucky Green

The fortunate aspect of the Jordan brand is that there are many unique colorways for an Air Jordan 1 shoe, and you don't have to stick to the mainstream Jordan colors of:

  • White
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Red
  • Blue

There are actually several green designs for the Air Jordan 1, including Pine Green, Green Toe, Ghost Green, Seafoam, and more. The High Lucky Green model sticks out with its brighter design and stylish accent colors. It includes an all-white upper leather strap with green overlays and red wings on the lateral portion of the shoe. 

The unique color swabs and parquet floor print are perfect for the die-hard Michael Jordan fan that wants a bit of history mixed into their shoe.  

3. Air Jordan "Banned" Design

Although it was "edgy" at the time, many shoe owners will be surprised that the Air Jordan 1 Banned design was nothing more than a simple black and red design. You have two classic options:

  • High-top 
  • Mid-top

The mid-top holds a bit more aesthetic appeal, with a hint of black accentuating the tongue of the shoe and providing a visual contrast between the bright red that covers a portion of the lateral and back parts of the shoe. Although, both shoes have the same color design and give you a taste of what it was like stepping into Michael Jordan's shoes nearly thirty years ago. 

4. Royal Toe

Another excellent blue colorway option is the Air Jordan Royal Toe. There are actually several Air Jordan designs with other toe options. For example, the Black Toe design includes the color schemes:

  • Black toes
  • Red
  • White 

The Royal Toe option is a stylish blend with a splash of color that makes it stand apart from other shoes. For this shoe, opt for the Retro High OG Royal Toe, which provides a black and white design throughout most of the lateral portion of the shoe and adds hints of the royal blue on the toe and upper portion of the high-top.

It has a white rubber trim, but the bottom portion is in the same blue color scheme, giving hints of the visually appealing color with every step you take. The Royal Toe design is the perfect shoe on and off the court. If you are wondering how to pick the best Air Jordan 1 shoe, this is one of the most popular purchases that you can't go wrong with. 

5. Retro Bred 

If you like the colors of the "Banned" look but want more black, the Retro Bred is another popular Air Jordan 1 colorway. The shoe includes mostly black with hints of red on the toe, Nike symbol, and lateral leather portions. The Retro Bred is a 1994 vintage shoe and will cost a bit more than others, but it is well worth it if you are a shoe fanatic and want retro apparel to accent your closet. 

What To Wear With Air Jordan 1 Colorways

When pairing your outfit with colors for Air Jordan 1 shoes, ensure you make the shoe the center of attention. High-top shoes with accent colors should be the primary focus while using the rest of your outfit as an accent piece. 

For jeans, try tucking them into your high-top sneakers or rolling them so they don't overshadow some of the unique upper leather designs and color patterns. If you want to wear a dress or shorts, adding a pair of Air Jordan 1s is a great way to add some flare.

Purchase Your Next Air Jordan 1s

If you have had your eyes on some Air Jordans, you might be drawn to the vintage and original design appeal of the Air Jordan 1 colorways. These shoes kicked off a new legacy in the NBA and fashion industry. 

From classic colors like red, black, and white, to bright blues and greens, there is something for everyone. To get started, you want a company with an extensive and authentic Air Jordan 1 collection to choose from. 

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