ON Running announcing a partnership with Zendaya was not something we were anticipating, but we are here for it! This collaboration goes much further than product design and brand endorsement; it is a manifestation of community, art, and health. From gaining massive popularity in 2019 due to Roger Federer announcing his investment in the brand to bringing on other tennis stars such as Ben Shelton, they have finally scored with Tashi Duncan. 

ON, the Swiss running brand, has established itself well in the sportswear industry. Known for incredibly advanced environmental technology and a deep connection to mental health and mindfulness, their brand is much more than their shoes. They utilize a rich array of environmental practices, including making dyes from extracting pollution from the air and making their shoes completely decomposable. 

Zendaya Announces Partnership with ON Running: Dream Together

As Zendaya has tackled success throughout her astonishing career, she has recently taken a step back to examine her mental health practices. In an interview about the collaboration, she says, “I have to really be intentional about taking care of myself. I’m learning to be more responsible for myself and for my own body and looking after it all.” Zendaya’s struggles with anxiety and healthy practices are something we can all relate to. The constant struggle of mindfulness and intention has driven this collaboration. The actress continued to share that she has begun to use movement as a way to release anxiety and connect with herself. 

Despite her thrilling performance as tennis star Tashi Duncan, Zendaya admits to not being the best at working out and incorporating movement into her daily routine. As she continues to strive to do better and take control of her mental health and routines, she is absolutely in love with ON’s mission of using movement to unite and heal. 

Zendaya Announces Partnership with ON Running: Dream Together

The two were first introduced while Zendaya filmed Challengers. Stylist J.W. Anderson introduced the star to the brand, and they became inseparable, as seen in many press tours. This pair came naturally, and as Zendaya made the effort to focus on her mental health, she stated that her favorite activity is to walk her dogs. She claims that it was the only shoes she would wear to walk after being introduced to the brand, making this an undeniably authentic collaboration. 

Their campaign is titled “Better Together” with the goal of uniting communities around the movement. ON believes that movement has the power to ignite the human spirit. Their introduction video titled “Better Together” is a beautifully choreographed short film directed by C Prinz. It showcases a strong community driven by the movement to further its mission. Zendaya will not only be the face of their brand and movement but also participate in designing apparel and much more.


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