The Converse brand first came about in 1908, and ever since then, it has provided high-quality and comfortable shoes to the public. This brand's most famous shoe model is the Chuck Taylor shoe model. It was originally invented for basketball players since the rubber sole would help them better grip the basketball court.

Today, these shoes are worn by everybody and anybody, and there are also many variations such as the Converse Chuck 70. But what is this variation? How does it compare to other Converse shoes?

What are the defining factors of these shoes? Keep reading and learn more about these unique converse sneakers below.


In the past, Converse Chuck Taylor shoes were not really known for their comfort. This is because the shoes did not have a lot of cushioning on the interior. Besides that, the soles were relatively firm due to the fact that they were made of solid rubber.

So, after a while of walking around in them, your feet would eventually become quite sore. They also didn't have very much shock absorption, so your knees and hips might start to hurt after walking in them for some time as well. Fortunately, the Chuck 70s are a completely different breed of shoe.

Converse thought ahead and decided that the interior of the shoe would have to be as comfortable as possible. This was made possible by adding an extra layer inside the shoe, specifically a OrthoLite sockliner. This would make comfort an effortless addition to the shoe.

The Details

It would also keep the shoe quite light and manageable even if you decide to walk around in this pair for hours at a time. Besides this sockliner, right underneath it is a polyurethane strobel which adds even more comfort to the shoes. This is important and also surprising since most strobels don't do much for comfort.

Instead, they might even make a shoe even more uncomfortable due to the fact that they are usually made of tightly-knitted and hard materials. But this is not the case with these Converse Chucks. Combining these different factors into these shoes, you will find that they are very comfortable to walk in no matter how far you need to go.

This is important because a comfortable shoe will make you want to wear that shoe more often. In contrast, an uncomfortable shoe will deter you from wearing it even if it is the most stylish shoe in the world.


This shoe is arguably one of the most stylish shoes that Converse has to offer. While it does look a lot like your average Chuck Taylor shoe, there are a few differences that you should keep in mind. First of all, there are many style variations you can choose from.

For example, you can choose between high-tops and low-tops. High-tops are those that rise above your ankle. This is a very unique look since most sneakers today don't offer that kind of style. You can also mix and match this style with the rest of your outfit so that you have a completely unique look.

The only downside of this design is that it isn't great for hot weather. This is because the material around your ankles will make your ankles and feet feel quite hot and overheated. Low-tops are better for hot weather and they can still be very stylish, although they don't look quite as unique as the high-tops.

What You Need to Know

Whatever the case, the style of the canvas on the exterior of the shoes also can provide a lot of extra style to the shoes. Originally, Chuck Taylor shoes mainly came in white canvas. While white is still a very classic look for these shoes, there are many other canvas designs you can choose from now.

For example, some of the prints you can choose now include crazy designs like camo, zebra print, and leopard print. Those designs are certainly not what you would often see on a pair of shoes. So, you'll have no trouble standing out from the crowd with an amazing pair of shoes like those.

This is not to mention that the designs on the canvas always match wonderfully with the color and texture of the rubber sole.


The price of these shoes is about $85. However, the exact price of the shoes will depend on where you buy them since some stores and websites will list them at prices that are more or less expensive than that. Whatever the case, $85, on average, is a very good price for a pair of sneakers like these.

Often, a new pair of sneakers will cost you at least $100, if not $200 or even more. This price range is, of course, out of the hands of a lot of people. Fortunately, these Converse sneakers offer themselves at a low price without compromising any of their quality.

As soon as you try on these shoes, you'll know that you're dealing with a high-quality product. The fact that these shoes are relatively affordable is a huge bonus.

All About the Converse Chuck 70 Sneakers

The Converse Chuck 70 sneakers are some seriously great sneakers for a variety of reasons. They are not only comfortable due to an improved interior design but they are also very stylish and come in a variety of different looks. This is not to mention that these sneakers are quite affordable compared to the competition.

These sneakers pretty much have everything a person could ask for. To learn more about converse sneakers and their different models, click here to explore your options.

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