Dwyane Wade's Way of Wade line with Li-Ning has slowly risen the ranks of best-performing basketball shoes over the years and has now delivered a shoe considered one of the best. With the release of the Way of Wade 10, the brand has taken another leap forward, incorporating five revolutionary improvements to ensure that these shoes are the best performers on the basketball court. This guide will delve into the Way of Wade 10 performance technology and its sizing for those looking to get a pair.

Way of Wade 10 Guide: Size and Fit

Evolution I: Less Weight

Drawing inspiration from the swiftness of a dragonfly, the Way of Wade 10 features an ultra-thin wave fabric design. This design mimics the dragonfly's wings, allowing the shoe to move quickly and efficiently with your feet during play. The full-palm carbon plate, visible through the outsole, also carries a special significance. It showcases the numbers 06, 12, and 13, representing Dwyane Wade's championship years.

Evolution II: Advanced Materials

The midsole now includes a curved full-palm carbon fiber plate, which enhances support and allows for better pressure conduction. Furthermore, TPU foam is used for the insole, and EVA is incorporated on the sides to increase stability and comfort. The rubber on the outer edge of the forefoot has been treated to create a stone-like texture, symbolizing Dwyane Wade's toughness and determination.

Evolution III: Protection Improvements

An extended TPU wrap on the toe box, featuring the shape of a key, improves stability. This design pays tribute to Dwyane Wade's dedication and commitment to Miami, where he holds the key to the city. The heel is also equipped with a carbon fiber plate to provide additional support.

Evolution IV: Traction and Cushion

Li-Ning's BOOM cushioning technology ensures long-lasting comfort and immediate energy return. Compared to the previous model, the Way of Wade 10 has a 7% higher bounce ability and 4% improved cushioning. The outsole pattern assembles the shape of planetary motion in our solar system, offering increased grip. Additionally, a 50mm toe spring helps to increase traction and forward propulsion.

Evolution V: Dedication to Details

The TPU wrapping on the back of both shoes includes special messaging. "How to make your own way" is written on the left shoe, and the symbol "ten" is on the right shoe. A lightning bolt design is incorporated on the medial side of the shoe, made of a color-changing material that reflects light during movement.

How Does the Way of Wade 10 Fit?

Choosing the right size and fit is crucial for ensuring comfort and optimal performance. The Way of Wade 10 is designed to provide a snug one-to-one fit in the midfoot area. However, the toe box area of the shoe is designed to accommodate users who prefer some breathing room for their toes. For those with wider feet or ankle braces, it's recommended to go up at least half a size. However, true to size will be the best option for most wearers. 

Way of Wade 10 Guide: Size & Fit

The Li-Ning Way of Wade 10 represents a significant performance technology evolution, combining advanced materials and design elements to deliver unparalleled performance and comfort. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting, these shoes are designed for performance excellence on the court. 



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