Jordans are some of the most well-known and iconic sneakers in the world. Like most fashion staples, these kicks have seen numerous style and design changes over the years

From the Notorious Air Jordans of the 80s to the Legacy and Dynasty series in the 90s, Jordans top the list of trending sneakers with each passing year.

And 2021 is no different.

Whether you’re looking to invest in a classic pair of the best Air Jordans or want to get your hands on the newest releases, we’ve got you covered.

Keep reading for our ultimate guide to buying 2021 Jordans. 

Why Air Jordans?

If you don’t own a pair of Jordans, you may be wondering what all the hype is about. One thing that makes Air Jordans so popular is their unique design and exclusive release dates.

Jordan sneakers are also made using some of the highest quality materials, offering both comfort and support. Maybe that’s why they’re a favorite among celebrities including Rihanna, Will Smith, Eminem, and Travis Scott.

Athletes like Chris Paul and Zion Williamson have also been spotted rocking these iconic sneakers. 

With so many styles to choose from, it can be overwhelming to shop for 2021 Jordans. This ultimate guide will help simplify the buying process so you can choose the best sneakers for your needs and budget. 

How Much do 2021 Jordans Cost?

The price of Air Jordans varies greatly depending on how rare and in-demand they are. 

The most popular style of Jordans is the Air Jordan I which range in price from $100 to $180. With that being said, the Jordan 11 Blackout Edition sneakers are worth a reported $22,000. If you want an autographed pair, be prepared to spend over $25,000.

When buying 2021 Jordans you also have to consider high-top vs low-top. High-top sneakers retail for around $170 while you can snag a pair of mid or low-cuts for as little as $90 or as much as $120. 

Air Jordans first hit the sneaker seen in the 80s after Michael Jordan signed a five-year contract with Nike. The sneaker brand’s mission was to create a luxury product that matched Jordan’s impressive talent. 

With 2021 Jordans ranging in price from $200 to well over $300, it appears Nike’s vision was a success.

Choosing the Best Air Jordans

Before hitting the checkout counter and securing yourself a pair of 2021 Jordans, there are a few things you should know about these trending sneakers. 

From the cut and style to the color, there’s more to consider than just the price tag.

High-Top, Mid, and Low-Cut

Choosing between a high-top, mid, or low-cut sneaker is about more than just style. High-top and mid-cut Jordans offer more ankle support, which is ideal for athletes hitting the court. 

Mid-cut Jordans are high enough to keep out dirt and also have metal lacing hooks so you can tighten or loosen them to fit your comfort. Mid Air Jordans are also versatile when it comes to your style since they work well with both shorts and pants. 

Low-cut designs are lightweight and more minimalistic in terms of the intricacy of their design. Low-cut Jordans are perfect for less intense activities and for accessorizing your favorite outfits. 

Colors and Designs

We’re all familiar with the infamous Nike swoosh found on most Air Jordans, but this isn’t the only available design.

For example, Travis Scott made the reverse-swoosh popular with the release of his Air Jordans in July 2019.

In addition to the classic Air Jordan I style, you also have 22 others to choose from. Buying 2021 Jordans is all about your preference and budget.

When it comes to color schemes, the two most popular Jordan colorways are the OG and the New colorway. The OG colorway showcases the original Nike Air Jordan color scheme, which is black and red for the Jordan 1 and white cement for the Jordan 4s.

The black and red colorway represents Jordan’s time spent playing for the Chicago Bulls. This same color scheme is utilized in new releases as a way to appeal to diehard fans and followers.

OG Jordans vs. Retro

One more thing to consider when choosing 2021 Jordans is retro styles vs. OG. Retro Jordans are styled after the original Air Jordan design and range from I to XVIII. 

OG Jordans also have the Air Jordan’s classic design with a few minor changes. These sneakers are released periodically to drum up interest and buzz. Examples include the Jordan 4 Military and Jordan 1 Shadow.

2021 Jordans to Look For

The year 2021 will welcome several new Jordans, from high-top and mid to low-cut and even collabs. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the most highly-anticipated new releases. 

Jordan Air Mae “Celestine Blue”

This one is are for the ladies. Priced at a modest $180, these Jordans are designed for both style and functionality. 

The plush foam, thick outsole, and visible Nike Air cushioning support high-intensity activities while providing plenty of comfort. The baby blue color will compliment every outfit from jeans to tracksuits and more.

Billie Eilish x Air Jordan 15 Retro SP WMNS

Speaking of the ladies, these Air Jordan 15 Retros are the result of a highly-anticipated collab with the always-inspiring Billie Eilish.

Hitting the shelves on October 28, 2021, these beige beauties are the second Jordan release from the famous singer-songwriter. These sneakers showcase a Jumpman logo as well as Eilish’s “Blohsh” logo inside the tongue.

You can score a pair of these unique Jordans for $225.

Off-White x Air Jordan 2 Low SP

Off-White fans will be pleased to learn that 2021 will see the release of two Off-White x Air Jordan 2 Low SP colorways — white/sail/red/grey and black/blue/grey.

Both low-cut designs have the unmistakable Off-White tag alongside a $250 price tag. They also showcase a replica Jordan signature.

You can expect these trending sneakers to hit the scene on November 12, 2021.

Jordans to Complement Your Style and Complete Your Look

Whether you’re a classic Air Jordan junkie or prefer something a little more flashy, these 2021 Jordans won’t disappoint. 

From animal-inspired designs to gold, royalty, and even camo, the line of 2021 Jordans offers something for everyone.

Knowing what makes Jordans so valuable and in-demand can help you make a smart and informed decision. 

Head over to our Air Jordan page for a comprehensive selection and be sure to check back regularly for new releases and discounts. 

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