The 8 Freshest Adidas High Tops For Men in 2020

With Adidas as one of the top leading brands for athletic footwear, you’re likely to consider getting their best shoes. But if you’re not experienced in picking the right pair for your needs, you’ll end up regretting your purchase. Don’t panic, we’ve got you covered. We put together a list of the best Adidas high tops in the market, along with brands like Yeezys and Nike.

Read on and find out which pair works best for you. 

1. Adidas Forum

This old school Adidas high tops have this nostalgic feel with its classic design. Even in 2020, the styling and comfort of the Adidas Forum can take you back into memory lane. Most people owning multiple pairs of Adidas footwear can attest that this is one of their top picks.

With the Forum building upon Adidas’s classic styling, this pair is heavier and chunkier than most kicks. It’s what makes this footwear cooler than most footwear on this list. It’s available in various colors too, like craft gold, dark royal, French blue, and plain classic white.

2. Adidas Top Ten Hi

The Top Ten Hi is one of the original basketball sneakers from Adidas. It’s handsome with its classic high top look, making it popular in the skateboarding community too. Its simple, vintage style can complement almost any outfit, making it a versatile part of your wardrobe.

But the Top Ten Hi shines best when worn on a casual date. It works best when you wear light wash jeans, an unlined blazer, and your favorite t-shirt. This pair of high tops also have a wide variety of colors, but the black metallic gold is arguably the best.

3. Adidas Ultraboost 20

These sneakers’ predecessor, Adidas Ultraboost 19, was the perfect athleisure footwear. If you loved the Ultraboost 19, you’ll love the Ultraboost 20 for the same reasons. After its release in various online stores, it consistently got 5-star reviews—a testament to its quality.

These running shoes have lots of color variations, but the black and gold colorway is the most versatile. You can use it when you’re exercising at the gym, running errands, or getting into a date. That means pairing it with either denim pants and jackets or hoodies and workout pants is possible.

4. Adidas NMD_R1

The NMD_R1 is one of the brand’s near-perfect products. It’s stylish with its white simplicity, meaning you can build different outfits around it. The shoes’ boost sole feature, along with its sock-like slip-on design, ensures maximum comfort.

The design gives a subtle nod to Adidas’s classic sneaker design. But overall, it highlights the newer, more modern styles suitable for 2020. While white is the best color for these high tops, it’s also available in black.

5. Adidas Stan Smith

Shoes can sometimes be perfect right at the start, and Stan Smith is one. This sneaker got its name from a famous tennis player with 38 titles in his career. It’s been around for decades, but it maintained its perfection for its entire existence.

It looks great as a simple pair of sneakers, designed for more casual outfits. But its clean, stylish design makes it a good choice for formal wear too. Wear it the way you want since it looks seamless with its various color combinations.

6. Adidas Nite Jogger

The Nite Jogger is a great example of combining old and new shoe designs. Its new looks and colors for 2020 make it the best choice for people of all ages. Its design and boost sole screams modernity, but the design of its upper part comes straight out of an 80s workout film.

It shines best when used as stylish walking shoes. It’s comfortable and well-made, but its loose-fitting and its upper part isn’t as stiff as the others. This means it’s likely to move around while in use, making it a bad choice for intense gym sessions.

Despite this drawback, the Nite Jogger is a great part of your everyday outfit. The best part is that it comes in different colorways, with triple black as the sleekest among them.

7. Adidas x Pharrell Williams SC Premiere

Adidas shoes are famous for their modern high-tops and retro-style throwbacks. But after the Yeezy Line, most people argue that the Pharrell x Adidas sneakers are the most fashionable sneakers around. That’s why the Pharrell Williams SC Premiere shoes are great to wear in spring and summer.

The sneakers have a plan cream upper and sole, but its twist comes from the seafoam-colored shoelaces. It’s an underappreciated look since it’s a stylish accent to the trend of plain white sneakers.

But these high tops can be heavy-duty with its thick soles. It’s a reminder of the Nike SB Dunks, but more fashionable. So, if you want both form and function, this high tops from Adidas will benefit you.

8. Adidas Ozweego

The best thing about 2020 fashion and beyond is that you can wear anything, as long as you have the confidence to carry it. Another rising trend this year is the thick, chunky, and ungainly sneakers. If you want to capitalize on this fashion statement, the Adidas Ozweegos is a perfect fit.

With these high tops, you can rock the chunky sneaker look without throwing $800 on expensive brands like Balenciaga. It’s a great method of gauging whether this fashion statement fits you. To complete the look, use joggers and a designer hoodie.

Get Adidas High Tops Today!

These are some of the best Adidas high tops for men this year. These shoes can go well with almost any outfit, making your investment worthwhile. If you want to stay fashionable while ensuring your comfort, don’t hesitate and get these shoes today.

Do you need help picking the right pair of sneakers? If so, contact us today and we’ll gladly assist you. We can answer inquiries, whether you’re buying for yourself or a loved one as a gift.

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