The age-old question: Yeezys vs. Jordans.

When it comes to sneaker fashion, there are countless brands to choose from and even more questions surrounding which ones are best.

Most sneakerheads consider three factors before making a purchase -- upfront cost, ROI, and personal style.

Both Yeezys and Jordans are luxury sneaker brands but each offers unique benefits and aesthetic appeal. 

In this sneaker fashion guide, we'll cover the main differences and similarities between Jordans and Yeezys so you can make an informed decision.

Adidas (Yeezy) vs. Nike (Air Jordan)

When comparing Yeezys and Jordans, you also need to consider each sneaker comes from a very different sneaker brand. Kanye West's Yeezys are made by Adidas, whereas Air Jordans are the most iconic Nike shoe of all time.

One is designed by a stylish rap artist and mogul while the other is the vision of one of the greatest basketball legends of all time. 


Yeezys have a very distinct look and are praised for being breathable and comfortable. This is due in part to the re-engineered Primeknit used to construct the upper of the Yeezy Boost 250 V2

Yeezys also feature reflective threads that are woven directly into the laces. Adidas' innovative BOOST™ technology combines soft and responsive cushioning to support optimum performance.

Air Jordans are designed using the iconic Nike swoosh but also come in a variety of styles, colors, and designs for both men and women. 

High-top Jordans are most well-known for their re-inforced ankle support. In addition to their athletic appeal, Jordans are also one of the most stylish and sought-after sneakers on the market. 


Whether you're buying sneakers to collect, trade, sell, or actually wear, you still need to consider the price.

A quick online search will tell you that a baseline pair of Yeezys will cost you between $200 and $600. The cheapest Yeezy models (v3, 500, and 700) retail for right around $200, where the 950 Boost Yeezys have a $585 price tag. 

Resale prices can nearly triple, costing you over $1,500.

While some shoppers might experience sticker shock at this realization, you haven't seen anything yet.

Rare and iconic Air Jordans run into the 10s of thousands, with some pairs selling for as much as $50,000! 

But don't panic. You can score a basic pair of low-cut Jordans for around $90. High-tops range from $110 to about $170.

When it comes to pricing Air Jordans it all comes down to how rare they are and how many pairs were produced. 

For example, some Retro Jordans are priced as high as $300. If you want to score a pair of Travis Scott's iconic mocha Jordans, you're looking at $1,700 or more.

One fun fact most people don't realize is that, on average, Yeezys actually have a higher resale value than most Jordans. 

Sales and Popularity

You can crunch numbers and compare metrics all day long, but the best way to see who rules the sneaker fashion world is to go to the source -- the sneaker consumer.

According to Forbes, Nike outsells Adidas by about $10 billion annually. But before you do a Jordan victory dance, it's important to note that, in many ways, Adidas simply can't compete with the size and reach of the Nike brand. 

In addition to revenue, Nike also out-produces Adidas -- by a lot. For example, Adidas produced 9,000 pairs of Yeezy 750 Boosts while Jordan turned out over 1 million pairs of the Air Jordan XI. 

One area where Kanye's Yeezys far outshine Nike's Air Jordans is on social media. While social media likes, follows, and tags don't directly reflect revenue, most sneakerheads are active on social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Although Kanye has 31 million followers on Twitter, Michael Jordan and the Jordan brand have none. This isn't because they're not popular, but instead, because they're not active on social media. 

But with the number of sales and revenue they produce, perhaps the Nike brand speaks for itself. 

Not having a social media account doesn't stop fans from using plenty of Jordan-related hashtags including #airjordan which appears nearly 3 million times on Instagram. 

The Creators

Now let's take a quick look at the men behind the brands.

Rapper Kanye West launched his partnership with Adidas in February of 2015 and Yeezys were soon to follow. What most people don't know is that West's relationship with the German sportswear brand actually started in 2013.

Surprisingly, it was a 2009 collab with Nike that brought attention to Kanye's sneaker dreams and landed him a multi-year deal with Adidas. West credits his 2012 Air Yeezy II as the first shoe to have the same impact on the industry as Air Jordans. This only inspired West to do and grow more.

Now, the Yeezy brand is worth well over $1.5 billion, accounting for the majority of the music icon's net worth. 

Michael Jordan and basketball go hand-in-hand. As does the Nike brand. This partnership which started in the 80s was a match made in retail heaven.

Nike produced the first pair of Air Jordans in 1984 exclusively for the man himself. They were later released to the public on April 1, 1985.

Since then, Nike has released 35 different varieties of the iconic shoe, not including retro and colorway designs.

In all fairness, Yeezys haven't been around long enough to make this same impact on the sneaker industry but there's still time for Kanye to catch up to the NBA legend.

When comparing West and Jordan in terms of net worth, the results are too close to call, with both superstars reporting a net worth of just under $2 billion. 

Yeezy vs. Air Jordan: Two Icons in the Sneaker Fashion World

Whether you're rocking a pair of Yeezy Boost 250 V2s or a classic pair of Air Jordans, there's no denying that these are two of the hottest brands in the sneaker fashion world right now.

Yeezys are known for their unique look, comfort, and famous creator. Jordans are a classic sneaker that virtually transformed the world of shoe collecting, trading, and collabing. 

While you can't go wrong with an iconic pair of Jordans, Yeezys are quickly gaining popularity and recognition in the industry. 

With the right budget, you can add both brands to your sneaker collection. 

Shop our full line of Yeezy sneakers here and be sure to check out our extensive Air Jordan collection before you go.

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