The AR1 signature basketball shoe is the perfect underdog story between Austin Reaves, an emerging NBA star, and Rigorer, a brand rapidly gaining recognition in the industry. Known for his extraordinary on-court energy and unwavering devotion to basketball, Austin's career arc has captivated many fans worldwide. At the same time, Rigorer's story follows a similar path as a rising performance basketball brand.


Born and raised in Arkansas, Austin spent his early days playing for the Wichita State Shockers and the Oklahoma Sooners. Despite being passed over in the 2021 NBA Draft, Austin's goal of making it to the NBA continued. The Los Angeles Lakers later extended him a roster invitation in 2021, allowing Austin to prove his worth on the court. Throughout the regular season and playoffs, he proved his talent was too valuable to be overlooked, as he contributed much to the team's success during the 2023 playoff run. In the 2023 off-season, Austin signed with Rigorer and signed a 4-year max contract extension with the Lakers and debuted his first signature basketball shoe, the AR1, that same summer. At the end of 2023, Austin and Rigorer agreed on a multi-year contract extension that would not only see Austin's line continue to expand but also make Austin an equity holder of Rigorer, a significant milestone for Austin and the industry. 


Incorporating symbolism into its design, the Woven Cocoon Upper symbolizes Austin Reaves' ongoing development on and off the court. It strikes the perfect balance between breathability and secure lockdown support. The cocoon-inspired structure facilitates airflow, ensuring feet remain cool and comfortable even during long periods of wear. Meanwhile, its snug fit offers stability, preventing slips during quick maneuvers and cuts.

Rigorer AR1 Guide: Sizing & Performance
Tailored with athletes like Austin Reaves in mind, Rigorer introduces its latest advancement: the ShowTime Tech Foam Midsole. This innovative midsole is encased in EVA foam and caters to players who want a low-court feel while maintaining energy return. Each dynamic move and rapid transition is met with an immediate release of energy, empowering athletes like Austin to soar to greater heights on the court.

Rigorer AR1 Guide: Sizing & Performance
Rigorer prioritizes player safety and performance throughout all their releases, and this is evident on the AR1 through features such as front sidewall TPU panels and heel TPU. The Front Sidewall TPU panels bolster forefoot stability, eliminating slippage during agile movements. Meanwhile, Heel TPU enhances landing stability, reducing the risk of ankle injuries. The traction is also a key feature of the AR1 that stands out and performs better than other signature shoes due to its multi-directional pattern and rubber compound.


When it comes to the AR1, finding the perfect fit is key for maximum comfort and performance. The AR1 is designed with a snug fit around the sides, which is ideal for players seeking a shoe that hugs the foot closely for better control and stability on the court. However, due to the length of the shoe, it is generally recommended to go half a size down to ensure a perfect fit, but for players who prefer extra room or wear ankle braces, it is recommended to stay true to your standard size. This recommendation helps to accommodate various foot shapes and sizes, ensuring that the AR1 remains comfortable and supportive during play.

The AR1 marks a significant milestone in Reaves' career, signifying his transition from an undrafted talent to a renowned athlete with a global following. The shoe's success is a testament to determination, hard work, and the ability to combine one's passion with cutting-edge technology. It's a story that resonates with fans, proving dreams that may seem unrealistic can come true.


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