Nike is a renowned brand when it come s to the manufacturing and selling of high-quality sports shoes. If you are looking for some extra info about Nike 10 Air Presto, you are in the right place. Look at the following and decide if this is what you want.

Notable features

Two features stand out from Nike 10 Air Presto through its various redesigns over the years. The most obvious element of this shoe is the molded midfoot cage. Initially, this feature of Air Presto was developed to provide exceptional mid-foot grip for those who want to run. While this caging system continues to deliver the same kind of performance, such a feature gives this trendy shoe a very unique style.

Size and fit

The flexible top of the low-top Nike 10 Air Presto accommodates a variety of foot shapes. As mentioned, there is enough space in the foot box to spread the toes, while the low cut construction ensures unrestricted ankle movement.

The support from the mid-foot cage holds the legs, especially for those who want to use presto’s versatility as a running shoe. The stretch mesh material covering the top is said to provide better ventilation than the neoprene on the other foot-holding Nike sneaker, the Air Horace.

Almost two decades after its introduction, this mid-foot cage is at the forefront of shoe history. It is, to this day, an important asset that fans of this shoe love.

The second notable property of this shoe is the mesh top. Nike’s tactic in providing the best comfort from the shoe that allows the shoe to move freely starts at the top with a flexible and extremely comfortable mesh. Again, this is a technology that continues to be the main selling point of Nike Presto many years later. Although Nike now offers the shoe in regular sizes, instead of the original S, M, L and XL, the top still evokes the “T-shirt for legs” experience.

Nike Air Presto Style

The contemporary look of the low-top Nike 10 Air Presto appeals to the current generation. However, since it is still a beautiful throw to its original version, those who love early models should not have any mindset of playing these shoes on different occasions and in different terrains. The sporty vibe of the shoe is very comfortable when running on the streets or going around the city.

Nike Air Presto Styling for Men

Athletes like LeBron James, Wayne Rooney, and Cristiano Ronaldo have been seen playing these kicks. The black version of the Nike Air Presto men’s sneakers is easily approved by the male power because the shade can be paired with back-rolled sweatshirt jeans, athletic shirts, jackets, and track pants.

To create your sneaker pop, it’s a good idea to maintain a good mix of different colors throughout your outfit. You can always have low ankle socks and soft trousers to achieve the extra pizzas you aim for.

Nike Air Presto Styles For Women

There are different colors in women’s sizes. Pink, Total Orange, White, and Light Silver are just some of the color options that Nike Air Presto offers as a feminine player. You can mix these heels with capris, trekking, printed dresses, and summer skirts for a sporty casual with La Jennifer Lopez, model Hayley Baldwin, actress Hilary Duff or singer-songwriter Holsey.

From the yoga pants and tracksuit to the leggings and gym shorts to the Activar Hodge badge that you can mix and match the most desired colors, the wine color Bordeaux, the always neutral black shade and the Nike Air Presto are the military-inspired olive green hue. If you are aiming for this chic, sporty look, these styles blend well with wool tops and leather jackets.

History of Nike Air Presto

Nike introduced the Air Presto to the world during the 2000 Sydney Olympics, intending to deliver a featherweight shoe that gives consumers a barefoot feel. Thinking of Nike’s most innovative and creative talents, Kevin Hoffer, Toby Hatfield, and Bob Mervar, the shoe became a unique and highly developed concept when it was introduced to the public.

The idea behind the creation of the shoe was the “T-shirt for legs” theme. The size of the first Prestos was consistent with the Nike T-shirt concept as it went from XXXS to XXXL instead of the usual numerical measurements.

The First Collection of Nike Air Presto Shoes

Four years after the prototype was created, Nike 10 Air Presto shoes have reappeared with a highly breathable spacer mesh. This card is extremely flexible as it extends in all directions, which is a convenient fit that Hotfield and other genius designers have brought to the table as a solution.

The V-notch element found in the prototype shoe had the same comfort benefits above without sacrificing its overall aesthetic.

For the first time in the history of sneakers, the different color schemes of a particular shoe gave each of those variants a special name to give meaning and character. Hence, the Nike Air Presto Bag, introduced in 13 clear and highly symbolic color variants, was named Presto Bill, Unholy Cumulus, Catfight Shiner, Home Trouble, Abdominal Snowman, Brutal Honey, Rock Gilpasas, and Migraine, Jack Conan, Rabbit Panda, Orange Monk, Shady Milkman and the 13th model, which was never surprisingly named.

The Story of The Invention Of The Nike Air Presto

Air Presto’s idea was conceived in 1996 at the initiative of the then Nike footwear developer Toby Hatfield. The shape and concept of the prototype are to provide an important fit with the same comfort as one gets from a pair of sandals.

Aiming to create a performance shoe with unparalleled comfort and fit, Hatfield created the Nike Air Presto, which he called a V-notch or an empty V-shaped area from ankle to the midsole. Aside from the easy heel fit, the sculpted feature reduces tension in the collar area.

Two years later, Hatfield teamed up with other Nike designers and got an updated look at the previous profile. Named the Nike Air Conduit for the 1998 edition, it retains a distinctive V-knot with a single sheet extension mesh on the front of the shoe and a backside clip. The combination of these elements gave the legs the freedom to go on a very natural walk.

The 1996 Nike Air Presto was renamed the Nike Air Zoom Drive after the Swash brand designed another running shoe model in 1996. This kick removed the court-out section of the collar found in the previous design, while the entire surface was covered using an extended mesh.

The heel clip found on the connector was also used, but this time it was fixed firmly. The shoe is loaded with technical features, including the integration of a visible zoom air cushioning unit that gives users a responsive ride.

Updates on Air Presto sneakers

The original and cheesy naming system soon caught fire. Long ago, the Nike Air Presto became a symbol for thousands of people to be cool and sophisticated. From there, the shoe received minor changes, including the introduction of medium changes.

This running-inspired sneaker has undergone several collaborations with some of the industry’s most famous designers. In 2017, Swash labeled the fall of the off-white Nike Air Presto with the label Virgil Apollo, which will quickly become a style-bearing statement sneaker. Apollo’s trademark “AIR” details are displayed on the back bar, and the traditional off-white tag is attached via lace.

One year later, Nike introduced the abbreviation x Nike Air Presto Mid with technology brand and independent design company Acronym. The extended ankle collar and zip feature gave this shade a technological change. Instead of the usual black and white colors associated with cyber chat streetwear sneakers, this kick is sprinkled with sunny and intense color palettes, especially Razor Pink / Photo Blue-White-Black, White / Black-Volt, and Gray / Black-White.

There is no denying the charm of this versatile sneaker. The fact that every re-release of the original colorways and the fall of the restructured designs are highly desirable is a testament to the shoe’s enduring popularity.

Final Thoughts

We have several reasons why we think Nike 10 Air Presto merits your attention. Consider the following:

  • Most reviewers have noted that the Nike Air Presto is very comfortable on foot.
  • As mentioned by a significant number of reviewers, this pair of shoes is much lighter compared to others in the same category.
  • According to some customers, the midfoot cage holds the footwell.
  • Nike Air Presto has an elegant and sophisticated look based on the opinions of more than a few.
  • The heel ring is appreciated by many because it is easy and turns off.
  • A few buyers wanted the ‘white’ clean look of the Nike Air Presto.
  • Some users liked that the Nike Air Presto ‘Black’ stands out well with a lot of gym clothing.

Whatever reason you have that makes you pick this pair of cleats, rest assured, you’ve made an excellent choice.

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