No Need to Size Up? A Complete Yeezy 500 Fit Guide

If you’re planning to get the Yeezy 500, you might be wondering if you should size up. Let’s talk about sizing, comfort, and design in this Yeezy 500 fit guide.


The never-ending debate, are Yeezy 500’s a dad shoe or the hot new commodity? 

We can’t lie, everyone seems to be loving the Yeezys and so do we! 

These shoes are some of the hottest shoes on the market and we are here to answer all of the questions you have about this new release of the Yeezy 500. This is your ultimate guide. 

If you are planning to get the Yeezy 500, you might be wondering if you should size up. Let’s talk about sizing, comfort, and design in this Yeezy 500 fit guide. 

Your Choices 

Depending on exactly how you want to look you can choose your style of Yeezys that match your style. 

The new Yeezy 500 colorways that were just released are the Soft Vision, Stone, and Bone White. 


Soft Vision 

The Yeezy 500 Soft Vision is a monochromatic pink mesh. The color showcases the shoe line’s affinity for earth-toned color pallets. 

It has suede on the upper part of the shoe as well as the midsole. Don’t worry, the gum outsole helps to get rid of anything too pink on the shoe. 


Not only is this a different color- we are looking at some other changes to this model that dropped in November! 

Where there used to be mesh- there are now neoprene panels. The neoprene panels really make the name of this shoe stick. You really do look at them and see stones. 

The color is a very light beige that resembles the 2018 version of “Desert Rat”. But this color is lighter and like it was mentioned, the construction is new. 


Bone White

This shoe features white mesh in the middle panel of the shoe as well as the heel and the tongue. Then the suede material is a light gray color that gives the shoe a nice contrast. 

Now guess what, Yeezys are not just for you. When the Yeezy 500’s were released, there will be options for the whole family. A full line of family sizing is available now. You and your family can match and be the coolest family in the neighborhood! 

The Yeezy 500 price is set at $200 for the retail. With the popularity and demand for the shoe, you can sometimes expect the resale value to be around $300. 

The Yeezy 500 Fit Guide

How do Yeezy 500s fit? The good news is, the Yeezy 500 is known as a true to size shoe. Typically whatever your normal size is, that is what you should get.

They are also easily convertible from US men’s sizes to US women’s sizes or even from a US size to a UK size. Using a size chart or conversion table on the website you are shopping will get you the correct size right away. 

However, if you wear a half size or like things a little looser, it is a good idea to go a half size up. 

Roszko, a sneaker Youtuber from Boston says that the toe box on the Yeezy 500’s is wide. So you feel like there is wiggle room in your shoe. 

Another streetwear Instagrammer from Paris says that the shoe fits slightly smaller and recommends a size up. 

After looking at more reviews from other experts, more of them are saying that the size does run slightly small. Getting a half size up may be in your best interest. 

The shoe is designed for stability and to be supportive. Therefore the structure makes the shoe fit slightly tighter on the foot. 

So Which Size?

A good rule of thumb here, always try the shoe on. Make sure you try the shoe on or take a really good look at the size chart that is provided. You can even measure your foot heel to toe to ensure you have the correct measurements.

Or if you can’t because you are online shopping, understand if you like your shoes to fit a little tighter or a little looser. 

Comfort Analysis  

Yeezys were built with comfort in mind. They added an Adiprene sole to the Yeezy 500. 

Adiprene is an EVA material that absorbs shock and provides a lot of cushioning to reduce any impact on your feet.

Being an EVA material simply means it is a “rubber-like” material in both softness and flexibility.

Compared to the Yeezy 350s, the 500’s are known to be more comfortable. The added suede and mesh at the top of the shoe makes the shoe extremely breathable so you do not overheat. 

The older versions of the Yeezy shoes had Boost technology. Boost is used to make the shoes feel soft and like you are walking on a cloud. 

These are the best Yeezy’s to wear on a long day where you are on your feet consistently. 

After a long day trekking around in your Yeezys, there are some key steps to take to make sure you maintain your new kicks

Find The Best Yeezy 500 Fit For You

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