The Nike Air Force 1 is one of the most popular sneaker lines in the brand's history. In addition to ongoing colorway releases, there have also been many high-profile collaborations and partnerships that elevate this shoe to super fandom. 

First designed back in 1982, it remains a best-seller today, and for good reason. While there's no denying the universal appeal of Air Force 1s, are they for you? 

Today, we're sharing an unbiased review that covers everything you need to know. 

Design and Aesthetics

In the decades since its inception, the Nike Air Force 1 has undergone several different variations. Today, this line is available in a range of different styles, including:

  • Air Force 1 Low
  • Air Force 1 Mid
  • Air Force 1 High
  • Air Force 180
  • Air Force 270

While these are the most common and longest-running styles, there are also other shorter-lived designs that warrant mention. These include the Nike Air Force 1 Shadow, AF1 Lover XX, Air Force 1 Para-Noise, and Air Force 1 Felt GS, among several others. 

While the different looks may vary, there's one design element that every pair of Air Force 1s has in spades: simplicity. These aren't the flashiest shoes that the brand has ever put out, and that's exactly why they're so popular.

That infamous swoosh takes center stage here, and whether it's offset by glitter, geometric shapes, or bold colorways, it's always where your eye goes, first. If you want to rock a sneaker that proudly proclaims the Nike name, then this is one to consider. 

An Enduring Silhouette

Why do Air Force 1s look great with everything from office wear to athleisure? The answer has to do with their iconic, low-profile silhouette. 

When these shoes were first released, they quickly became the go-to basketball shoe, worn and loved by the NBA's "Original Six" players, including Michael Jordan and Moses Malone, among others. While the players preferred the high-top models, a group of Baltimore-based retailers re-introduced a low-top style in 1985, in basic colorways that sold out at unprecedented rates.

Suddenly, the shoes weren't just for athletes. They were the ultimate, go-anywhere sneakers that anyone could easily rock on or off the court. To this day, they retain that versatility and classic style. 

One look at a pair of Air Force 1s, and you can see why the style has persisted for so many years. Regardless of the style you choose, the profile isn't too chunky or thick. At the same time, it isn't too narrow or thin. 

This allows wearers to rock their sneakers with different types of pants, slacks, dresses, and shorts. Leave the laces loose for a more relaxed style, or pull them tight for a polished, professional look.

Notes on Comfort

Another feature to love about these shoes? They're excellent for everyday wear. Whether you're hitting the office or running errands around town, Air Force 1s are cool, breathable, and versatile. 

That's because, back in the early 1980s, these shoes were the first pair of Nikes to ever showcase the brand's trademark Nike Air technology, which features pressurized air inside a tough, flexible bag. This technology delivers a springy step, lowers the impact on your joints, and helps your sneakers retain their structure even after extended use. 

For these reasons, you'll find yourself reaching for them with almost every ensemble, and you can do so without worry. These are also some of Nike's best-made and longest-lasting sneakers, reinforced in multiple areas to ensure exceptional durability. 

When reading Nike Air Force reviews, you'll find that many wearers particularly enjoy the way these sneakers feel on the ground. Even the Air Force Lows offer surprisingly solid traction although they're among some of the lightest-weight shoes on the market.

Style and Fit Guide

While we all know that Nike Air Force 1s are stylish and rugged, how do they fit? After all, this is a critical consideration any time you purchase a new set of kicks. The greatest pair of sneakers in the world will just sit in your closet if they don't hug your feet in all the right places. 

Thankfully, you never have to worry about this issue with these shoes. Available in both men's and women's styles, most reviewers note that Air Force 1s fit true to size. If there is any type of discrepancy, it would be that they can run a little big.

Keep in mind that these are wider-style sneakers, so this likely accounts for any type of looseness that wearers experience. If you have a wider foot, then you should be fine to order your standard size. If your foot is more on the narrow end, then you may be able to size down a little. 

Once it's time to unbox your new footwear, you can easily adjust the fit by tightening or loosening the laces. Most Air Force 1s have eight eyelets, allowing you plenty of flexibility. Plus, the generous toe box offers plenty of wiggle room.

Most wearers find that even if their Air Force 1s start out a little tight on their feet, they quickly loosen up and become perfectly comfortable after a short break-in period. 

A Range of Price Points

There isn't a one-size-fits-all price point for a new pair of Nike Air Force 1s. Rather, the prices are determined by the specific types of stylistics you prefer. Naturally, more embellished and feature-rich kicks and special collab models will be priced higher than basic, all-white colorways.

On that last point, note that even all-white models can range in price based on material and style. For instance, the Roc-a-Fella Records x Nike Air Force 1 Low sneakers are priced higher due to features like their premium leather upper and the Roc-A-Fella logo on the tongue, heel, and insole. 

Shop Our Selection of Nike Air Force 1 Sneakers

Now that you know a few of the features that make Nike Air Force 1 sneakers so popular and attractive, are you ready to snag a pair for yourself?

Whether you're interested in low-top styles, high-top styles, or a specialty collaboration pair, we've got you covered. Feel free to shop our full Nike Air Force selection today to find your new favorite pair!

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