How to Care For Your Blazer Mid

Don't wear your grungy Nike Blazer Mid any longer. Get your shoes back to their unboxing glory by learning how to clean your Blazer Mids here.

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Nike is known for delivering some impressive throwback styles. From Air Force 1s to the bevy of Air Jordan models, you can find plenty of retro-inspired kicks that look great and feel even better. 

One of the first basketball shoes released by the brand, the Nike Blazer originally debuted way back in 1973. Both then and now, the sneakers were available in three different looks: a canvas high-top, a leather mid, and a more casual low-top.

The Blazer Mid sits right in the middle of the lineup, offering wearers the best of all worlds. You may recognize its iconic siloutette and unmatched comfort immediately, but how do you keep yours looking great?

Today, we're sharing how to take care of your Nike Blazer Mids so they always look fresh. 

Why Do You Need to Clean Your Nike Blazer Mid Sneakers?

There's no denying the universal style appeal of the Blazer Mids. From the leather construction to the bold and highly visible Swoosh mark on the side, they're eye-catching and one-of-a-kind. 

While you can find these shoes in a variety of different colorways, some of the best ones feature an accent color that pops against a stark white outer. One example is the always-classic Nike Blazer Mid 77 in the Jumbo White Black Sail colorway. 

While these shoes look crisp, they can easily become stained and soiled with general, everyday wear. That damage is accelerated if you take your Blazer Mids on an outdoor hike or strenuous workout. You need an easy process that you can follow to keep them looking great, so you don't have to worry about incorporating them into your day-to-day life.

We don't recommend tossing these into the washing machine, as the vigorous motion can damage their delicate materials and even affect the way they wear. Thankfully, the process to clean them yourself is simple and straightforward. Here are the steps to follow. 

Step 1: Dry Brush 

First, use a stiff dry brush to gently remove any loose debris from the sneakers. This is similar to how you'd vacuum an area before mopping it. If you skip this step, all those clumps of mud and dirt will just mix with the water and turn into sludge. 

Don't scrub too vigorously on this step. A light touch is all you need to be effective. 

Step 2: Remove Laces and Protect Interior

Before moving on to the next step, remove the laces from your kicks. You'll wash them separately! Also, you need to keep the inside of your shoes clean and dry as you work on the outer portion.

If you have a shoe tree, you can add it to each shoe now. Otherwise, a clean pair of socks will also do the trick. 

Step 3: Choose Your Cleaning Solution

Ideally, you'll use a premium-quality sneaker cleaning solution to wash dirt and debris from your Nike Blazer Mid sneakers. These formulas have been specially formatted to be gentle on your shoes but tough on grease and grime. 

If you don't have this solution on hand, you can also use dish detergent. Pour a small amount into a clean bowl, and dilute it with a little warm water to activate the ingredients. If your Blazer Mids have any type of suede component, add the detergent and water to a spray bottle instead. 

Next, grab a second bowl and fill it up with plain water. 

Step 3: Spray and Scrub the Suede

Before you tackle the leather parts of your Blazer Bids, start by spraying any suede areas with your detergent mixture or shoe cleaning solution. Make sure not to overly saturate the material, as this could damage its appearance. 

Shoes that will require this extra step include models like the Nike Blazer Mid 77 Vintage in the Athletic Club colorway. There's a suede patch and stripe on the back of each shoe, which will require extra care. 

Use a shoe brush or a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently scrub the suede. Scrub in the same direction to get rid of the dirt and keep the fibers intact. 

Step 4: Wash the Leather

Once the suede portions are clean, it's time to work on the leather portions along the upper. You should still exercise caution with this step, but you don't have to move quite as gingerly as you did with Step 3. 

Dip your brush in the clean water to rinse it, and then dip it in the detergent mixture. This time, you'll scrub in a circular motion. As you do, you'll notice that foam will start to form on the surface of the shoe.

Use a clean cloth to remove the foam, and the dirt along with it. It's usually easiest to clean your sneakers from top to bottom, working from one panel to the next. If your brush becomes dirty, rinse it in the water before moving on to the next section.

Make sure to clean the tongue and toebox, as well. Keep in mind that this material is a little spongy and includes a nylon component, so you don't want to apply too much force. 

Step 5: Clean the Midsoles

Finally, spray your solution onto the midsoles of your Blazer Mids. If you're using a brush, dip it in the detergent and scrub this portion.

You can afford to be a little more vigorous here. These soles have a textured pattern and are bound to accumulate some dirt, so you'll need to apply a little elbow grease to help them shine! Once everything is scrubbed and cleaned, wipe each shoe down with a clean microfiber towel and set them aside to dry. 

Step 6: Wash the Laces

You can either put your laces in a bowl of detergent/water or sneaker solution and let them sit while you clean the shoes. Or, you can add a little solution to your hands and clean them that way. 

Rinse them completely and allow them to dry before lacing them back into your Blazer Mids. 

Keep Your Blazer Mid Collection in Top Shape

When you invest in a pair of Nike Blazer Mid sneakers, you want to make sure they always look their best. By following the steps above, you can help them look as good as new, no matter how dirty they get.

After all, our favorite kicks are meant to be worn and loved! With this process in your back pocket, you'll never have to second-guess whether you should take your Blazer Mids on that adventure you've been eyeing. It's easy, quick, and effective every time.

Looking to buy a pair of your own? Shop our full collection of Nike Blazer Mid sneakers online today!

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