Converse Run Star Hike: Can You Wear It Hiking?

Converse aren't your typical hiking shoe. But with the word hike in the name, find out here if you can wear the Converse Run Star Hike out hiking.

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In theory, the Converse Run Star Hike sounds like the best of all worlds. You get the old-school classic look of All-Stars with the sturdy durability of a hiking boot. 

Yet, does it really live up to the hype? Can you rock your favorite athleisure brand on a rocky trail with confidence, or are you better off investing in a pair of shoes specifically made for off-road adventuring?

Today, we're putting these Converse shoes to the test and sharing everything you need to know. 

Converse Run Star Hike: Design Details to Know

Converse sneakers have been around since 1917. The brand started out making basketball shoes and did so fairly well for five straight years. Then, in 1922, player Chuck Taylor entered the conversation and everything changed. 

Taylor requested a better-built basketball shoe. He wanted more support, and a greater degree of flexibility when he moved. They went back to the drawing board, tweaked the original design, and Chuck Taylor All-Stars were born. 

It's been 100 years since then, and Converse sneakers are still some of the most beloved and comfortable ones around. Yet, for the most part, they've stayed mostly in the same lane. Their shoes are casual and streamlined, and almost all of them take on some variation of the All-Star silhouette. 

The Converse Run Star Hike platform sneaker is an exception. This sneaker takes the traditional All-Star sneaker and adds two important new elements to it: a chunkier platform and a jagged, two-toned sole. 

Like their predecessors, these sneakers feature a few design staples you might recognize:

  • Canvas construction
  • High-top style
  • Chuck Taylor ankle patch
  • SmartFOAM sock liner
  • Rubber toe cap

Yet, you'll also find some new touches that are specific to this style, such as:

  • Molded platform
  • Two-tone outsole
  • Rounded heel

These features combine to create a shoe that's sweetly nostalgic yet surprisingly futuristic, all at once. They sure look cool, but can they handle a hike? 

Durability and Longevity

For a shoe to stand up to a moderate hike, it must be well-made. These Converse high top sneakers definitely fit the bill, showcasing the same premium construction that has defined the brand since the early 20th century. 

The canvas is tough and rugged, and won't stretch or give even after miles of wear. However, if you're looking for a surface that's easy to clean after a particularly muddy trek, these aren't ideal. Most messes will wipe up easily with lukewarm water and mild dish soap, although some wearers put their own twists on the go-to cleaning method. 

By taking the time to scrub them, you can keep mud and mildew away and get the most use out of your investment. Still, the classic black-and-white colorway can show dirt more easily than other hiking boots.

This isn't a dealbreaker, but you'll likely be scrubbing them more often than you prefer. The same applies to the jagged sole, which adds great traction and repels debris, but can look grimy without proper care. 

To keep yours looking great for longer, swap the white pairs for ones that feature deeper earth tones. This tan colorway looks similar to a classic hiking boot and is sleek enough to double as an everyday shoe for home or the office. 

All-Day Stability and Comfort

One of the best parts about the Run Star Hike Converse sneakers is that they have a little more support around the ankle than traditional Chuck Taylor All-Stars. Paired with the rounder heel, this feature keeps you stable and secure. It also enhances your rearfoot control, allowing you to move your feet and ankles more easily to reduce the amount of strain on your hips and knees.

While you might not think much about stability if you're just walking on pavement or rocking your sneakers at work, you'll definitely feel the need for it as you hike on rocky or uneven terrain!

Many wearers also find that these particular sneakers are much more comfortable than any other Converse model that came before. While those designs are iconic and ultra-cool in their own right, they're mostly aesthetics-based shoes. In other words, form comes before function, and cushioning is minimal. 

The Converse Run Star Hikes come equipped with built-in OrthoLite insoles. These open-cell structures help ward off excess moisture and deliver adequate arch support.

However, you might want to add a little more padding, especially if you're planning to tackle a strenuous hike. In that case, you can add an over-the-counter insole to the OrthoLites. This creates even more arch support and keeps your foot cushioned at every turn. 

Joint Support and Cushioning

The soles on these sneakers are thick, rigid, and non-flexible. It can help stop motion through any painful or compromised joints, helping you feel your best on the trail. If you're used to experiencing pain and inflammation in your feet and legs on the day after a hike, you may notice that your recovery time is much quicker with these shoes. 

Another plus? The toe box on the Converse Run Star Hike sneakers is generously sized and offers plenty of wiggle room.

As you hike downhill back to your car, you'll appreciate the fact that your toes don't slam against the top of the shoe with every step. Ill-fitting shoes that create this friction can leave you with a range of foot conditions, from ingrown toenails to hammertoes. 

Shop Our Collection of Converse Run Star Hike Shoes

Now that we've covered the features and details of these sneakers, let's answer the most pressing question. Can you really hike in Converse Run Star Hike shoes? 

The answer is yes, as long as you're prepared. You'll mostly need to know how to keep your shoes clean and in great shape. 

We recommend wearing these sneakers on easy hikes at first, and then slowly working your way up to more demanding ones. Along the way, we're here to keep you outfitted with the best footwear around. Check out our full connection of Converse Run Star Hike sneakers today!

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