If you’re looking for a way to add a bold and dramatic look to your outfit, colorful sneakers are a perfect finishing touch.

Whether you’re a fan of dark green, bright red, or deep blue, wearing bright-colored sneakers can be tricky to style the right way.

Check out this list of seven tips to help you style your favorite pairs of awesome colorful, bright sneakers so they look trendy and unique without being tacky.

1. Go For a Monochrome Look

One easy way to style colorful sneakers is to create a monochromatic ensemble. This term simply means that you wear clothing in the same or similar color as your shoes.

For example, if your favorite sneakers are a bright blue hue, wear pants and a top or sweatshirt to match so that everything looks uniform. Not only is this styling technique extremely easy to pull off, but it’s also very on-trend right now.

The monochrome look doesn’t have to be perfect. As long as your outfit closely matches the same color as your sneakers, it’s a cool way to style an easy ensemble.

2. Wear Colorful Sneakers with Black and White

Both black and white look great with virtually any other color, which makes this another easy styling hack. Try a classic white tee with a black pair of pants, then step out in your most colorful pair of sneakers.

The beauty of black and white clothing is that you can wear them with virtually anything. This includes pairing black and white pieces with your newest pair of brightly colored kicks.

You can wear all-black and then sport a pair of bright sneakers, or mix and match black and white together. Whichever way you choose to wear this look, your brightest and most colorful pair of sneakers will add the perfect finishing touch.

3. You Can’t Go Wrong with Denim

Whether you wear colorful sneakers for men or women, they always look great with your best pair of denim. The beauty of denim is that it looks amazing with practically anything and with any other color.

Wear a pair of dark-wash denim jeans and your favorite bright red-colored kicks. Distressed or light-colored denim also looks great with a rainbow of different colors.

If you’re wearing colorful sneakers for women, try them out with a denim skirt. The possibilities are endless and that makes denim a perfect option if you’re trying to brighten up your look with your shoes.

4. Coordinate (or Contrast)

Perhaps you have a favorite pair of blue pants and a blue t-shirt that you love to wear. You can easily style your best colored sneakers by wearing them in a contrasting color, like red or green.

Another easy way to style these bold-looking sneakers is to choose a contrasting color for your outfit. Bright yellow sneakers will pop against darker hues like dark blue, red, or deep green colors.

Mix and match your favorite bright sneakers with several different outfits to help you find the right combination. The colors don’t always need to match, and wearing either a contrasted or coordinated look can make you look stylish and on-trend.

5. Wearing Multicolored Sneakers

Not all pairs of colorful sneakers are made in just one single hue. In fact, many brands have shoes that showcase a variety of bold colors all together on one pair.

If you have some multicolored sneakers that you adore, they always look great with a black pair of pants or leggings. A solid-colored pair of joggers is another easy way to style these unique, colorful sneakers.

Look at the main color scheme of your multicolored sneakers, then pick out bottoms and tops that are in a similar colorway. Athleisure is usually the best choice since this clothing tends to be more casual and fun.

6. Play Around with Patterns

If you have a few pairs of solid-colored sneakers, you can elevate your look by mixing them with some patterned clothing. A gorgeous plaid coat or an animal-print t-shirt are both excellent options to match with bright-colored sneakers.

Take a look at the variety of clothing you have that features patterns and prints. Look for designs that will closely coordinate with your sneakers, at least in terms of color.

As long as your sneakers are solid and not multicolored, you can easily match them with a range of prints for both tops and bottoms. Have some fun coming up with new combinations to help brighten up your look.

7. Make it Match

You can never really go wrong when you wear clothing that matches your shoes. This doesn’t mean that you have to wear the monochrome look, but it does mean that your clothing colors should be somewhat similar.

A dark blue blazer or jacket looks amazing with matching colored shoes. The same goes for other hues like red, green, and yellow, too.

Go through your closet to see just how many articles of clothing you have that’ll match your best colorful sneakers. This is a fun and easy way to update your ensemble without really trying.

Express Yourself with Color

From bold black and white to trendy monochromatic looks, keep these tips in mind when you’re styling colorful sneakers. Remember to have fun when you pick out new outfits and try to make sure that everything looks somewhat coordinated for the best results. 

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