Get ready for a new twist on one of the most iconic Air Jordan colorways. The Air Jordan 11 'Space Jam,' a symbol of Michael Jordan's dominance on the court and his global influence, is making a comeback on May 18. This time, it's returning as a low-top, sparking anticipation and excitement among sneaker enthusiasts and Michael Jordan fans. This article delves into the history and design of the Air Jordan 11 'Space Jam,' its significance, and details of the new release.

A Legacy Begins

The Air Jordan 11 'Space Jam,' an icon in the sneaker and basketball world, has an interesting history marked by its delayed release and subsequent re-releases that have kept it a fan favorite for decades. Initially designed for Michael Jordan during the 1995 NBA Playoffs and later featured in the iconic movie "Space Jam," this colorway remained a player-exclusive until December 2000, when it was finally released to the public for the first time. 

Significance of the 'Space Jam' Colorway

The 'Space Jam' colorway holds a special place in the hearts of Michael Jordan fans, sneaker collectors, and those who grew up with the Space Jam movie. It reminds us of a significant time in Jordan's journey, both on the court and off. The 'Space Jam' colorway is not only a basketball shoe but a pop culture icon. It represents the lively spirit of the film and symbolizes Jordan's almost mythical character, which carries over from his professional career.


The film "Space Jam" was released in 1996 and was an innovative movie for its time. It was a groundbreaking hybrid of live-action and animation, featuring Jordan alongside classic Looney Tunes characters in a family-friendly, good vs. evil showdown. Even though it was not easy to combine these different parts in production, the movie did very well at the box office and made $230 million worldwide. This also led to the success of the film's soundtrack and merchandise, which collected $1.2 billion altogether. A public release of the Air Jordan 11 worn by Jordan in the movie also took place in 2000 following its global success. This victory marked a significant change in Jordan's career, which resulted in more chances for athletes to enter the world of entertainment, making paths for later athletes such as LeBron James to follow him.

The Air Jordan 11 Low 'Space Jam'

On May 18, the Air Jordan 11 Low 'Space Jam' will be officially launched. This release features the original, timeless design but presents it in a low-top form. The shoe still features the famous black patent leather with white and blue highlights, ensuring it remains true to the original 'Space Jam' color scheme. On the other hand, a low-top style brings new versatility for colorway fans just in time for the summer.


The release of the Air Jordan 11 Low 'Space Jam' is a moment to reflect and celebrate the shoe's story and significance. It reminds us of Michael Jordan's influence on and off the court and how his shoes are still loved by fans and collectors decades later.


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