Are There Any Vegan Adidas Shoes? A Complete Cruelty-Free Buyer’s Guide

Not long ago, what are now called “vegan shoes” were known merely as “cheap shoes” or maybe “non-leather shoes.” Who would have imagined that one day, there would be something called “vegan Adidas”?

Older folks might say, “What? Are they made of carrots or tofu or something like that?”

We like and support the idea of vegan shoes, though. We especially like the idea of vegan Adidas. Great decision on their part!

How Do You Know If a Shoe Is Vegan?

The vegan philosophy is to abstain from eating meat or other animal-derived foods (such as eggs or milk). Vegans also don’t buy or wear leather or other non-food products that come from animals.

Be careful, though. Many shoes—especially sneakers—might seem to be made entirely of plant-based materials but actually have leather trim or patches, or use animal-based glue in the manufacturing process.

It’s also worth noting that many vegan shoes are made of synthetic materials, commonly plastic (often derived from fossil fuels and not vegan or sustainable).

If you want all-natural shoes, you have to look for ones that are both vegan and organic.

What Kinds of Vegan Adidas Are Available?

Are Adidas shoes vegan? Yes, it seems that a lot of them today are.

However, in the case of Adidas and other sneakers, you might find shoes that appear to be vegan in every way but have animal-based components nonetheless.

Some older Adidas shoes used animal testing and non-vegan glue. Most newer Adidas shoes that are made without leather are vegan. You should always check the label to be sure, though.

There are Adidas shoes we know are vegan because they’ve been heavily promoted for having this quality. We’ll discuss some of these now.

The Futurecraft.LOOP Trainer

In April 2019, Adidas announced the release of its first vegan, recyclable trainer shoe. The Futurecraft.LOOP is made entirely from thermoplastic polyurethane, a material that can be recycled easily by breaking it up and melting the pieces

Eric Leidtke, an executive board member responsible for global brands, was quoted as saying, “FUTURECRAFT.LOOP is our first running shoe that is made to be remade.

Stella McCartney’s Stan Smith Sneaker

In November 2019, Adidas and famous designer (and Beatle kid) Stella McCartney announced a new line of vegan Adidas shoes. These are based on the popular original Stan Smith sneaker—only more eco-friendly.

“Stella, who’s known to put sustainability at the forefront of her own brand, was particularly excited to create an eco-friendly version of such a beloved silhouette.”

Adidas has other shoes in the Stella McCartney line. They include the Pureboost, Ultraboost, and Pulseboost, as well as other athletic clothing and gear.

Women’s Cloudform Pure Running Shoes

These vegan Adidas shoes are known for their soft and supportive insoles that mold to the foot. Reviewers say these are comfortable and good for running, but they’re also great for work and everyday errands.

The Parley Line of Men’s and Women’s Adidas 

Adidas’ vegan Parley shoes are made with recycled plastic from the ocean (the material is called Ocean Plastic®). Parley for the Oceans is a partnership between Adidas and various conservation-focused groups, individuals, and companies.

 is one product of this partnership. With the involvement of designer Alexander Taylor, this shoe introduces the concept of upcycled materials into increasingly innovative footwear.

Who Else Is Making Vegan Sneakers?

The sneaker and athletic shoe industry has decidedly gotten on board with the concept of vegan footwear. Most of the well-known brands now have at least one vegan sneaker in production.

We acknowledge that sneakers are easier to manufacture using vegan materials and processes than other types of shoes.

Still, since these brands are so popular, they give great publicity not just to the vegan movement, but also to various organic and environmental causes. The array of brands is broader than you might have thought.

Here is a list of some brands we know are making vegan sneakers:

  • Reebok Cotton & Corn. As the world’s first 75% USDA certified bio-based shoe, these have a terrific and unique look.
  • Rothy’s. Known for their dressier shoes made from recycled plastic bottles, Rothy’s also makes a slip-on sneaker.
  • Native Shoes. These fully vegan 3D knitted shoes are made with recycled threads.
  • Puma Ultrasuede. While not all Puma shoes are fully vegan, this one is. It’s made from faux suede and has a sole derived from rice husks.

There are a lot more vegan shoes out there—too numerous to mention here. The great news is that where once vegan manufacturing was more a matter of coincidence, it’s now a deliberate and highly publicized practice.

How Durable are Vegan Shoes?

It’s hard getting used to the idea of vegan shoes when leather has been the standard material for such a long time. Leather is both durable and breathable. However, the manufacturing process is not only cruel but also toxic.

Vegan shoes have many admirable qualities. Like leather, they too can be breathable and, with the right manufacturing techniques, even made to resemble leather. With quality manufacturing and proper care, they can last quite a while.

Plus, they’re usually easy to recycle and thus more sustainable when discarded.

How Do You Clean Vegan Shoes?

As with any shoes, cleaning vegan shoes depends on the materials used. If they’re made from recycled plastic, they should be easy to clean, even machine washable.

Other materials might need to be dry-cleaned, although most dirt can be removed with water and/or a brush. Don’t wear vegan shoes more than one day at a time so that odors don’t build.

Just like natural suede or satin, you shouldn’t wear the synthetic versions of these materials in rain or snow.

If you have questions about cleaning your vegan shoes, though, it’s always good to check with the manufacturer for cleaning instructions.

Sneaking Away Now

There are more and more vegan Adidas sneakers now. Adidas vegan shoes are already very trendy worldwide.

Adidas has the advantage of a longstanding reputation for quality footwear, so well-known athletes and other celebrities are happy to have their names associated with their products.

This reputation is excellent for the company’s vegan lines!

The demand for vegan sneakers has compelled us to stock these as much as possible, so keep an eye on our online inventory listings to see what we have.

We’re proud to be a global business. We have offices and warehouses all over the world. Be sure to check out our website when you’re thinking about replacing your current athletic shoes.

Photo Credit: Plant Based News. SGB Media

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