When it comes to legendary shoes, there's nothing that compares to the famous Air Jordans.

If you're interested in the Air Jordan Melo, there are a few versions to consider before you decide which pair is right for you.

Check out our review of the Melo to help you dive deeper into the various options for the perfect pair of Nike kicks.

Air Jordan Melo 11 Review

The Jordan Melo 11 has some decent traction, especially if you're planning to wear them on the court. While the rubber on the soles is a bit softer than some other Air Jordans from Nike, they still provide you with a pretty good grip.

As for the cushioning, the Air Jordan Melo 11 has a cored-out center to help with compression to keep your feet comfortable. This popular shoe comes in various colorways, which means that the material may vary.

The Christmas colorway uses real leather, however, the synthetic leather used on some other color options seems to look, feel, and function just as well. The Air Jordan Melo 11 uses synthetic uppers that do a great job at hiding average wear and tear. However, there will be some minor scuffing and creasing which is completely normal after regular wear of the shoes over time.

Most customers say that this shoe is true to size but they may be a tad bit snug in the front. If you have a wide foot, it might be best to size up by a half size to ensure a comfortable fit. Overall, the 11 is the lightest pair of Melo's available which makes them extremely comfortable for active use.

These shoes from Nike give you great support without feeling too bulky or being heavy on your feet. Check them out if you're looking for a great pair of active shoes that are stylish and lightweight all at once.

The Air Jordan Melo M12

What the Air Jordan Melo M12 seems to lack in traction, it makes up for in support. These high-top basketball shoes are a good choice if you like hitting the court.

Foam pods on the Achilles heels make these Jordans superior in terms of comfort at the heel area. While some wearers claim that the shoes have little to no traction, others feel that it improves over time. One complaint about the Melo M12 is that the outsole seems to wear out pretty quickly.

As for cushioning, the M12 has the FlightSpeed system that uses a carbon plate resting atop a Zoom Air unit. When you land, the plate evenly distributes the impact to provide a comfortable form of compression that's perfect for a range of activities.

In terms of material and style, these Jordans have a dual texture with synthetic padding at the back and a clean silhouette. Five special colorways have been released including the Red Gum version. These shoes have a red upper with some bright gold detailing and a gum-based outsole in matching red.

Another popular style is the Jordan Melo M12 in Hyper Orange, which was released not long after the general release dates. With a wolf grey and hyper orange color combo, they feature silver metallic details that give them a modern look.


Jordan Melo M13

While the Melo 13 has a great look, it doesn't perform very well in terms of traction. Slim, straight lines run all the way across the bottom sole, making it a slippery choice for playing on the court or even walking on smooth surfaces.

One reason why this version of the Melo might be less performative is its affordable price point. The M13 comes in cheaper than some other versions, but that means a lot of areas have some cut corners in terms of performance.

Most people claim that it fits great and has a nice, snug fit without being too tight. And even though it's lightweight and stylish, this shoe just doesn't perform in the traction department. However, if you're looking for a stylish Air Jordan that won't cost a ton and you don't plan to wear it while playing sports, it might still be a good option for you.

Air Jordan Melo M1.5

With its awesome retro look, the Air Jordan Melo 1.5 is a hit with wearers. Not only does this shoe have some awesome color combinations, but it's also quite comfortable to wear.

These kicks are great for a range of activities including walking, running, jumping, and making shots on the court. The high-top cut offers great ankle support and the synthetic materials look great along with being super easy to clean.

Another perk to this version is the great cushioning. The traction seems to perform great on the court, but it's even better outdoors. Wear on the heel cup is minimized thanks to the use of synthetic material that doesn't show scuffs and marks as easily as real leather.

Those with wide feet will also appreciate this Melo. One downside is that the synthetic materials tend to show more creasing than some other Jordans do. 

Hit the Court with Melo

Whatever version you choose, the Air Jordan Melo from Nike is a decent basketball shoe. Make sure you look into the level of support, cushioning, and traction you need so that you're comfortable and confident whenever you head to the court or hit a hard workout.

For more on the latest shoe trends, reviews, and much more, be sure to visit our website or contact us today to learn more!

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