Adidas Country OG: 6 Things You Should Know

Adidas Country OG: 6 Things You Should Know

Are you interested in the Adidas Country OG? Then check out some of these features and more associated with this shoe style.

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Life is moving at a lightning-quick pace these days. Do you ever wish you could just take a step back in time and return to the good ol' days?

It might not be a time machine, but the Adidas Country OG sure does feel like a throwback. Originally released way back in 1970, this was one of the first sneaker lines to debut the brand's signature Three Stripes design

Throughout the years, it's been re-released on multiple occasions, incorporating different styles, versions, and colorways with each iteration. How does it continue to retain its enduring popularity and what makes it so special?

Here are six things to know about the Adidas Country OG. 

1. They Were First Made for Cross-Country

When they debuted in 1970, Adidas Country OG shoes were initially meant to serve as athletic footwear for cross-country runners. In fact, the ad campaign running at that time encouraged runners to buy the shoes so they could "Run Longer. Run Faster. Run Smarter".

At that time, the shoe's silhouette featured an all-leather upper and gum soles, as well as three olive green stripes set against an all-white base. While they were technically meant as training shoes, their simplistic look had a universal appeal. Soon, buyers were lining up to wear them both on and off the track. 

2. They're Purposefully Lightweight

One of the best features about the Adidas Original Country OG sneaker line is that it's incredibly lightweight. This is due in large part to its origins as a running shoe. 

The rubber sole resists impact and provides a good amount of cushioning, while the low-cut upper and flat heel keep the design minimal. You won't find any bulky embellishments or extra padding here, but that's exactly the stripped-down style you need when you're trying to stay quick on your feet. 

3. There Are Multiple Colorways

To this day, you can still find these sneakers in the original Adidas Country OG green color. The closest modern version is the Aussie colorway, which mimics the same collegiate look and feel as the ones from the 70s. 

Most of the same aesthetic features are also still there, including the fabric/leather upper, T-toe overlay, and three-stripe design. 

If you want to mix things up a little, you can also browse Adidas OG Country shoes in a few different tones and styles. For instance, the COUNTRYXKAMANDA colorway shows off an all-black design, as well as a chunkier, slip-resistant sole. You can also find all-white versions, as well as versions that change up the color of the stripes to purple, navy, and even bright yellow. 

4. Nubuck Detailing Adds Retro Flair

More recently, Adidas has released Adidas County OG colorways that are more similar to the styles of yore. This includes a Collegiate Green colorway that will make you feel like you're walking your campus lawn all over again. 

To amplify the retro look even further, they also added one small detail that makes a big difference: gray nubuck detailing at the toe, heel, and laces. It's a small touch, but it gives these sneakers just the right amount of vintage charm.

You can see this nubuck in action on pairs like the black-and-white FV1223 model. Here, the detailing adds a pop of color against the stark, two-toned base.  

5. The Gum Outsole Is a Major Feature

You might not think too much about the outsole of your sneakers, but the design matters. While many different sneaker brands, including Nike, have introduced rubber outsoles, arguably no one does it better than Adidas.

When you tap a real rubber tree (hevea brasiliensis), it produces a white, milky fluid that's closely akin to latex. When manufacturers heat-treat this fluid to break up its proteins, the process results in a tan-hued, gummy rubber material. 

While the original Adidas Country OG sneakers had a thinner and more streamlined gum outsole, today you can find versions that are much taller, thicker, and slip-resistant. For comparison's sake, take a look at the COUNTRY X KAMANDA EE5670 model

Rather than lying flat along the bottom of the shoe, the outsole on these sneakers rises higher and wraps around more substantially. It helps to stabilize the show, improve your balance, and keep you cushioned on even the longest run.

6. They Go With Anything

Yes, we really mean everything. Whether you stay true to the classics or you prefer to rock a more modern look, you'll be reaching for your OG Country sneakers at every turn.

This is because the sneakers are refreshingly minimal, which isn't common in a world where it seems each new sneaker release is more outrageous and colorful than the last. 

While there's certainly a time and place to rock those eye-catching styles, sometimes you just want a do-all sneaker that's appropriate for any environment. You'll find that with these shoes.

They might look right at home in the gym, but the Adidas OGs also transition effortlessly to the office, home, or downtown hotspot. That's especially the case when you choose a traditional, timeless style, such as the White College Navy colorway.

Shop Our Full Collection of Adidas Country OG Sneakers

You don't need to improve upon a style that's been an industry mainstay for more than 50 years. Adidas Country OG sneakers set the stage for decades of brand longevity, and they remain on-trend with every passing year. 

From their simple look to their plush feel, these old-school classics more than deliver. Once you find your go-to pair, you'll never look back. 

If you want to add some Three Stripes to your closet, then we're here to help. We offer a range of different Adidas Country OG styles for you to choose from, so start shopping today!

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