Air Jordan 11 is one of the most popular sneakers of all time. Read on to learn about this shoe's history and why your closet needs a pair.

In March 2021, Michael Jordan's net worth totaled $1.6 billion. He is one of the highest-earning athletes, with his Jordan brand earning $4.7 billion in revenue alone during 2021. Most of Jordan's revenue stems from endorsements and contracts with high-paying brands like Nike. 

He is also part-owner of the Charlotte Hornets and has many ties throughout the athletic industry. The Air Jordan 11 shoe is arguably one of his most notable products, characterized by a historic NBA run in the mid-1990s. The Air Jordan industry has raked in billions based on the popularity of Jordan's career and the unique shoe designs. 

Are you curious to learn more about how the Air Jordan 11 got its hot start? Luckily, we have an in-depth article for you that will go over the history of Air Jordan 11s, the best designs and colors, and how you can get started owning a pair today. Keep reading on for more information! 

Air Jordan 11

There are thirteen Air Jordan brands and 35 different models, but the Air Jordan 11 is arguably one of the most popular. The quality that makes the Air Jordan 11 unique is it was one of Michael Jordan's favorite (if not the favorite) shoes. 

It is a very non-traditional sneaker without the visual appeal and technical detailing of the 4 and 5 models. It is well-known for its glossy leather wraparound and simple designs. Nowadays, the Air Jordan 11 still sports its simplistic, old-school model look and continues to be a popular gift around the holidays. 

But is it the style of the shoe or its background that has made the Air Jordan 11 one of the most popular?

History of Air Jordan 11

A popular misconception is that Michael Jordan is the sole owner of the popular Air Jordan sneakers and brands. Nike is the brand owner, but it is no secret that Michael Jordan receives a large payout for every item sold under his name. 

In 1984 and 1985, Nike started stepping into the picture and the height of Micahel Jordan's basketball career. After signing a contract in the mid-1980s, the first Air Jordan hit the shelves by 1985.

The signature Jumpman logo wasn't used until the Air Jordan 3; by then, the Air Jordan shoes had risen in popularity. 

It was really the start of an era in the National Basketball Association (NBA). When Michael Jordan first debuted his Air Jordan 1 shoes, the NBA outright banned them based on the colors alone. However, as the story goes, that didn't stop Micahel Jordan from wearing his newly designed sneakers and starting an era that continues to this day. 

As you can imagine, Air Jordans carry a conventional sneaker release, and the Air Jordan 11 didn't release until later in Jordan's career in the mid-1990s. 

1995 Air Jordan 11 Release

In 1995, Michael Jordan was set to play golf and baseball. His basketball career was thought to be long over, and the Chicago White Sox were planning on Jordan playing in the fall. 

By March, all ideas of Michael Jordan becoming a long-standing professional baseball were off the table. Instead, his magnificent return to the basketball court created mania nationwide, and the historic Air Jordan 11 release was the cherry on top. 

The 1995 and 1996 season was arguably one of Jordan's best, which plays a prominent role in the popularity of this sneaker. For starters, Jordan played every single game, led the league in scoring, and was named league MVP. 

On top of that, he also led the Bulls to their fourth championship. The historical season is not the only thing that made the Air Jordan 11 popular. It was also around the same time that Space Jam was released, making signed Air Jordan 11s during this time frame worth thousands of dollars. 

Air Jordan 11 Fit

One of the reasons that the Air Jordan 11 were Michael Jordan's favorite was his involvement in the manufacturing process. The design initially started in 1993 and took a couple of years before the finished product hit the market. Throughout the entire design process, Michael Jordan was closely involved with the comfortability and fit of the shoe. 

One of his favorite pieces of the shoe is the smooth fit, including the soft leather and textured nylon that forms a comfortable fit around the heel. The combination of materials gives the Air Jordan 11 its unique appearance from other shoes. 

The most notable color that Jordan sported during the 1995 and 1996 seasons was the Concord Air Jordan 11s. 

Air Jordan 11 Colorways

The 1995 Concords are the staple of Air Jordan 11s, and it is one of the most simple color designs on the Air Jordan market. It is characterized by simple white and black designs and is the trademark shoe of Jordan's historic season. Other popular Air Jordan 11 colorways throughout the years are:

  • Columbia (i.e., white and Columbia blue-black)
  • Playoff (i.e., black and true red-white)
  • Low IE (i.e., black and dark grey-true red)
  • Retro Space Jam (i.e., black and varsity royal-white)
  • Retro Cool Grey (i.e., medium grey, white, cool grey)
  • Bred (i.e., black and true red-white)
  • Win Like 96 (i.e., gym red, black, and white)
  • Win Like 82 (i.e., white, midnight navy, and university blue)

Ultimately, the colors are simple, staying in the tones of white, black, grey, red, and blue. You will rarely find vintage Air Jordan 11 colorways that stray from these basic color palettes. Most of these retro shoes, such as the Retro Bred, mimicked the iconic shoe of the 90s and were released in the 2000s. 

The Retro Bred is one of the more notable shoes with its all-black design and red trims, including the Jumpman logo. It was re-released in 2012. However, if you want the closest appearance to Jordan's original Concord shoe, you can't go wrong with the Retro Low Concord Bred.

This shoe is the closest imitation to the initial '95 look, including the nearly all-white design and simple trims. It features a glossy mudguard and white mesh for a unique materials combination that is sure to turn heads. 

Best Air Jordan 11s

While the colorways noted above are some of the most popular, there really isn't a wrong option when it comes to purchasing a new pair of Air Jordan 11s. Instead, find ones that fit your style - here are a few questions to consider:

  • Do you like low or high rise?
  • What colors do you prefer?
  • Do you want vintage or modern?

If you want a vintage look that mimics the shoes Jordan wore, you will want to check out the Retro Concord, Retro Bred, or Retro Columbia lines. These released shoes give a 90s vibe and are excellent options. 

Many Retro models are the best-selling brand shoe options. Air Jordan 11s are typically released in December. The most recent release was the Retro Cool Grey model, giving a fresh take on the early 2000s design. 

How To Style Air Jordan 11s

If you've recently purchased a new pair of Air Jordan 11s, you may wonder how to style it. For starters, it depends on the type of sneaker you bought, primarily color and high or low top design. First, if you are using it for similar purposes as Jordan, such as playing ball, find a pair of matching Jordan shorts and you should be ready to hit the court in style.

The benefit of Air Jordan 11s is they can be used for casual wear too. For these sporty, retro-looking shoes, ensure you aren't overwhelming the shoe with a flashy outfit. 

Instead, let the Air Jordans be the centerpiece and add accent pieces. Look at the colors and try and toss pieces of your outfit into your shoe's accent colors, such as red, black, or Columbia blue. Next, use slim-fit or skinny-fit jeans for your shoes. If you have high tops, ensure your shoe has plenty of room to shine. 

For women, try pairing your new Jordans with a pair of jean shorts or a dress for the perfect blend of casual and dressed-up. For men, try tucking your relaxed-fit jeans into the shoe and behind the tongue. Wear your Jordans relaxed by loosening the laces for a casual appearance. 

Lastly, if you aren't wearing your shoes to ball in, only use low-cut socks. Let the shoe do all the talking. 

Air Jordan 11 Buying Tips

The Air Jordan 11 shoe is one of the most popular and unique shoes produced by Nike. It has experienced decades of success and is one of the most popular models sold each December. 

If you have wanted to get your hands on a new pair of Air Jordan 11s, you want a reputable and reliable website that delivers high-quality and authentic shoes.

Look no further. At Kicks Crew, we specialize in selling Air Jordans, from the initial Air Jordan 1 to the famous Air Jordan 11s and everything in between. Create an account today and get started! 


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