Originally created exclusively for Michael Jordan back in 1984, Air Jordans have been fan favorites for nearly four decades.

Over the years, Nike has released more than 25 different pairs of the sneakers, with the most recent being the Air Jordan 14 in the "Winterized" colorway, released on October 14. As we look forward to new releases and celebrity collaborations this fa,, you may be eyeing a pair yourself.

If so, it helps to keep a Jordans sizing guide on hand! A great sneaker is one that fits you well, and these are no exception. Today, we're sharing the metrics every avid sneakerhead needs to know.

Understanding Heel to Toe Measurement

The standard Nike Size Guide is available on our website, along with a sizing guide for Adidas sneakers. It's designed to be relatively simple and easy to understand. However, there is one measurement that you might not have readily on hand. 

In addition to displaying specific shoe sizes, the Air Jordans size guide also helps you choose the correct size by measuring the size of your foot from your heel to your toe. While this sounds easy enough in theory, there are a few steps you can take to get it exactly right. 

First, draw a straight line on a piece of paper. The line should be longer than your foot. Next, stand at the center of the line.

Make a dot where your heel and longest toe hit. Use a measuring tape to measure the distance between these two points.

Repeat these steps for your other foot. Note that the Nike size guide uses centimeters to dictate these metrics, not inches. Here's a handy conversion tool for your convenience.

This process will work for men's, women's and youth sizes. We've found that most Air Jordan styles will fit true to size. As such, it's best to go ahead and purchase your exact size when buying shoes online. 

Differences Between Men and Women Sizes

In their quest to find the perfect pair of Jordans, women might set their sights on a certain men's style. For instance, the classic black and white colorway of the Nike Air Jordan 12 Basketball Shoe is sleek enough for anyone to wear.

If this is the case, it isn't always as easy as just choosing your own size on a men's chart. For most styles, men's Jordans will run about 1.5 times larger than women's. This means if you usually wear a size 8 in a women's style, then size down 1.5 times to a size 6.5 in men's.

On the other hand, if you're a man buying a pair of women's sneakers, then you'll perform the opposite conversion. Men who typically wear a size 10 in Air Jordans will purchase a size 11 or 11.5 in women's. This can be helpful if you want a style or colorway that's only available in a women's style, such as the Photo Blue Womens Air Jordan 5 Retro Basketball Shoes.

These size conversions are usually the same for any type of footwear, though it does depend on the manufacturer. Again, it's best to measure your heel-to-toe range using the method described above to ensure the most accurate fit.

As you do, keep in mind if you'd like your Air Jordans to fit snugly or more loosely. You can size up a little more if you prefer a loose fit, or size down if you prefer to keep yours fitted.

Key Considerations for Youth Sizes

There's arguably nothing sweeter or cooler than seeing a tiny tot decked out in a miniature pair of Air Jordans! These Nike Jordan 6 Rings GS "South Beach" sneaks are just one example of the many types of Nikes available in kids' sizes.

Once you know how long their feet are, it's as easy as checking the Size Guide to determine which pair to buy. You can also reference your child's other sneaker sizes, as these should fit similarly. 

While this can help you outfit the youngest members of your family, what should you do if you're an adult with feet that are small to fit into a youth size? In many ways, this can work to your advantage.

Kid's sneakers are usually less expensive than adult sizes! Plus, you may be able to score access to certain styles that are only available in the youth line. 

Just as you'd size down to go from a woman's style to a man's, you'll also size down about 1.5  to two times to go from a women's style to a kid's style. Practically speaking, this means that if you wear a size 8 in women's sneakers, then the closest match will be a kid's size 6.5 or 6. 

What about EU and UK Sizing?

In our Nike Style Guide, you'll notice that there are also rows for EU and UK sizing. While it can vary by style, UK shoe sizes are usually very similar to US sizes. However, they do run a little smaller.

For men, the adjustment is relatively minor, and only accounts for about a half-size or full size difference. For instance, you'll notice that a size 8 in U.S. men's Nike shoes is a size 7 in UK sizing. The difference is even more noticeable in women's styles, where a size 8 in U.S. sizing is a size 5.5 in UK sizing. 

European sizes are usually much higher numbers. While this does vary, you can usually find your EU size by adding 33 to a men's style and 31 to a women's style. For instance, a men's size 8 Air Jordan will be a size 41 in EU sizing. A women's size 8 will be a size 39 in EU sizing.

Get Your Air Jordans Sizing Just Right

Unless your sneakers fit just right, they could wind up collecting dust in the back of the closet, no matter how awesome they are. We want you to be able to show yours off in comfort and confidence!

You can use our universal Air Jordans sizing guide to find your perfect fit. If you have any questions, we're always happy to help guide you toward the best shoe and size for your needs. Feel free to reach out to our team today!

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