4 Upcoming Air Jordan 1 Mids To Beat The Heat

Air Jordan 1 Mid may not be as popular as its high-top counterparts, but they’re still giving us interesting color journeys nonstop. Below are 4 soon-to-be-out Air Jordan 1 Mids we think are perfect for the summer. Keep reading to see what to put on your wishlist.

This Pastel Purple x Aqua Blue Combo

Announced a couple days ago, we don’t quite have a name for this colorway yet. But it presents us with a vibrant yet calm color scheme, with light blue as the base and soft purple as the overlay.

The two-toned pair gives off a refreshing feel that almost makes you forget the summer heat. What’s the icing on top? The Jumpman logo in pink, completing the pastel fantasy.

Coming in men’s sizes, this pair will be released in the very near future.

“Island Green”

Get a taste of mint with the upcoming “Island Green” colorway! A understated white leather base paired with Black Toe design heightens the vibrant pop of mint green.

With the classic black-and-white sole design, the pastel green shade is the only feature of the pair. Previously named the “Igloo” colorway, we hope the mint green gives you the chills in the very hot summer.

Stay tuned for any release details, as the “Island Green” is expected to come out very soon.

Tinted with Pink

If you’re looking for something simple, feminine and visually appealing, this newly announced colorway has you covered.

The white leather upper is accented by soft pink overlays at the forefoot, rear paneling, and ankle flaps. Against the overall washed tone, a black Swoosh sharply stands out but is in no way overpowering.

Underneath, the same pastel pink envelopes the white midsole to tie the color scheme together.

Even though Nike says it’s for women, don’t let that be a reason to drop these beauties when the time comes.

Icy Blue in Suede

Don’t let the tame colors distract you from the fact that this pair of Air Jordan 1 Mid SE features a mix of different materials.

A light cream base gives way for not one, but two shades of blue to shine. Suede panels covered in a less saturated blue accents the heel, while a more vibrant icy blue is present in the form of a Swoosh. Around the collar, white knitted textile is one layer under everything else.

The mix-match of colors and materials give this upcoming pair a sense of design and dimension. Expect to see them in the market within a few months.