5 Key Takeaways From the Best Running Shoe Reviews

Your feet called. They said they hurt and want better running shoes.  

Finding the best running shoes for your style, needs, and personality can be tricky. Each runner is unique and your shoes should reflect that! Here’s a look at topics to consider when reading running shoe reviews.

Running Shoe Reviews Matter

Before starting a new exercise program, consult your healthcare provider. Following your healthcare provider’s advice will keep your exercise habits safe and healthy!

After you’ve got the OK to run, plan it out. Map out the best routine and running routes to fit your schedule, location, and climate! Now it’s time to prioritize what’s most important to you and ask, “Which running shoes should I buy?”

1. Comfort

It’s consideration number one for a reason!

If you’re not comfortable in your shoes, your runs aren’t enjoyable. If your runs aren’t enjoyable, you won’t go running. If you don’t go running, you won’t use your great new shoes! 

Nike Air Max running lines live up to their name here! Many will report a feeling of running on air while in them! While all varieties of Air Max are comfy, there’s a stand-out worth mentioning!

Nike Air Max 270 are comfort winners. They provide the runner with a cloud-like experience. It’s no surprise they get great comfort points via reviews for running shoes!

Jordan Air Zoom 85 climbs to the top of the comfort list to be sure! They provide plenty of cushion to keep that runner impact low. These also have a stylish and unique look, just like you!

Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost win big for comfort. The breathable upper construction is just what your feet need. They’re very lightweight and won’t bring you down!


We highly recommend the Zoom Trunner Ultimates to give your running game the boost it needs! Men and women will benefit from the boost this shoe provides! 

You won’t believe the bounce you’ll get from these kicks! If you’re a runner you know the best running shoes make you feel like the end of your run is just the beginning! That homestretch will have just as much zip as mile one.

If your feet feel like lead by the end of your runs, this running shoe review is for you! Strap on a pair of Zoom Trunner Ultimates to add a noticeable bounce to your stride!

2. Fit

As a runner, your shoes are one of the most important tools you have. Finding the right size and feel for your running shoe helps prevent common running injuries.

Many runners size up when purchasing running shoes. For instance, if your regular shoe size is a 7, you would take a size 7 1/2 running shoe.

This is where running shoe reviews are so helpful! Do the shoes run true to size or do they require the traditional size up strategy?

Nike Airmax 1 running shoes are a great fit! They run true to size and use unisex sizing. This shoe will not crease when your foot moves which provides you with the fit you deserve. The Airmax 1 will hold up well enough to be your new running BFF.

3. Style

Last here, but definitely not least! Any review is not complete without discussing style! How you look is just as important as how you feel in your favorite running shoe brands.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for a quality pair of kicks. Running shoes are no different. How you look in your shoes will affect how comfortable you feel wearing them.

When a running shoe review highlights style, you don’t have to limit your wear to your run! Why not wear these with your favorite out-and-about casual ensemble? 

This list is long for a reason. There are a LOT of really great looking running shoes available! 

Nike Air Max 1 Premiums deserve a second mention here. These shoes are perfectly suited to go with your favorite running or casual outfit. Air Max 1 Premium’s unique patterned vs. solid top design will turn some heads for sure!

Nike Air Max 90s get serious style points as well. These shoes have the look of a traditional sneaker paired with a running shoe. Air Max 90s have a great contrasting green vs. neutral color scheme with subtle designs and cool contrasting detail.

“Are those Yeezys!!?” Said everyone, everywhere! Yeezy 350 boosts come in so many different varieties it’s tough to choose a favorite! Whether you’re looking for a neutral, understated look or an eye-popping design, there’s something for you.

Not Just for Basketball Anymore

Is the running world prepared to be rocked by these? Released on Oct 10, 2020, Air Jordan Air Cadence Olympic shoes are here for runners! Pops of primary colors overlaying a white canvas base gives that one-of-a-kind style we’ve come to expect out of our Air Jordans for years! 

Air Jordan’s style has been rocking the basketball world for over 30 years. It’s about time the signature style is delivered to runners! If you remember watching Air Jordan deliver his signature tongue-out dunk on your TV, you’re going to be excited about the Air Jordan Air Cadence!


What are those running shoe reviews saying to you? That all depends on what’s most important to your running game! What are your priorities?

The good news is, you don’t have to compromise. Plenty of shoe options exist to fit your specific fit and need for comfort. You can easily achieve that extra boost to your stride as well!

Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice your style! Look at all the options you have for unique and trendy running shoes. You’re going to have a hard time deciding on just one pair!

Check out our great selection of running shoes to find your best fit today!

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