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11 of the Best Jordans of All Time

Some Jordans are better and more popular than others. You should check out our list right here of the best Jordans of all time.

What are the best Jordans of all time? That’s a difficult question to answer.

While there is no accounting for taste, there are some fashion moments that take on a wider cultural meaning, influencing our style for decades to come. 

The Air Jordan is one of those phenomenons– bringing sneakers into the fashion spotlight and making them cool to wear on and off the basketball court.

The first pair of Air Jordans were made exclusively for Michael Jordan and named after the star athlete and released to the public in 1985. Since then, Air Jordans have become movie stars, collector’s items, and a generation of ’90s kids’ favorite kicks.

1. Air Jordan III Black Cement

The original Air Jordan III is where the famous sneaker really founds its stride. The IIs removed the Nike Swoosh, but the III added the Jumpman, one of the most iconic logos of all time.

It’s also the first Air Jordan designed by Tinker Hatfield, who left his mark on many Jordans to come and exposed the Air bubble. Nothing beats the Black Cement’s cool yet understated look.

2. Air Jordan I Retro Chicago

The firstborn. The ultimate icon. No matter what you want to call it, there’s no beating the original. The first Jordans featured the Nike Swoosh logo and a striking, red, and black design.

It’s this design that made Michael Jordan something of a rulebreaker– sneakers had to be 51% white, but instead of changing shoes or design, Jordan continued to wear them on the court while Nike reportedly picked up the $5,000 a game fine. 

3. Air Jordan I Shattered Backboard

A riff on the I’s classic design, this orange and black pattern is a callback to another iconic Michael Jordan moment: the time he shattered the backboard with a dunk.

True to being an Air Jordan I, the design features the winged basketball logo, complete with the arched ‘Air Jordan’ slogan on top. Check out the unique color combination for yourself.

4. Air Jordan VIII Aqua

This pair was first worn by Michael Jordan on the court in 1993 and looks exactly what you’d expect a sneaker from that decade to look like: mostly black with striking purple and blue accents.

Thanks to today’s ’90s nostalgia, the Air Jordan VIII Aquas are as cool in 2020 as they were in 1993.

5. Air Jordan XII Retro Reverse Taxi

This 2019 release is as smooth and classy as MJ himself. The design swaps the OG Taxi’s leather construction for a black suede top. To top off the classic color scheme, gold accents complete the look.

The original XII is another Tinker Hatfield design and does more than just look good– it’s considered one of the best shoes on the court.

6. Air Jordan XI Space Jam

Last reissued in 2016, this Air Jordan is one of Nike’s most popular releases. Michael Jordan wore these shoes in the 1996 Space Jam movie and the 1995 NBA playoffs.

The design is true to the original release and features the same color scheme MJ wore.

A different XI colorway – the Concord, worn by MJ during the ’95-96 season – proofed so popular during a relaunch people started a short-lived riot. So, definitively safer to shop online.

7. Air Jordan V Toro Bravo

There’s no hiding in the crowd with this shoe! The Toro Bravo adds a twist to the classic Air Jordan V with a bold red suede design. This 2009 launch later inspired the 2013 Air Jordan IV Toro Bravo launch.

The V might be well remembered for their TV appearances: Will Smith wore them plenty of times during The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

8. Air Jordan IV What The

This special release celebrates the 30th anniversary of Air Jordans. It’s a callback to old-school designs and classic Air Jordan colors: White Cement, Military Blue, Fire Red, and Black Cement.

To top it off, Michael Jordan wore IV’s during The Shot in 1989, one of MJ’s most famous basketball plays.

9. Air Jordan IV Winter ‘Royal Blue’

This design puts a spin on the classic IV look with an allover dark blue nubuck.

Unlike traditional IVs, the Winter version replaces the mesh side panel with a different material, setting the shoe apart from its classic counterpart in more than just color. To prevent cold toes, the shoe is also lined with wool.

10. Air Jordan XIII Color Bred

The Air Jordan XIII Color Bred’s striking black and red design complement the XIII’s sleek and futuristic design. First released in 1997, there have been several re-releases– of course, the stock never lasts long.

11. Air Jordan V What The

This recent special edition celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Air Jordan V.

Despite the 2020 release, this is already a classic: Combining colorways from past non-OGs, including Tokyo, Raging Bull, Green Bean, Army Olive, and others, this is one of the most attention-grabbing releases of all time.

The right shoe is covered in yellow suede in a callback to the Tokyo V while the left, featuring a red suede, pays homage to the Raging Bull V.

Do You Wear the Best Jordans of All Time?

In the more than 30 years since Michael Jordan first stepped on the court in a pair of Air Jordans, there have been hundreds of designs, colors, and special editions.

While there a classics like the Air Jordan I Retro Chicago or wild designs like the Air Jordan V What The, lesser-known styles are just as cool.

So, no matter what your personal design preference is, there’s an Air Jordan out there for you. Take a look and see what you like!

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