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Evolution of Air Jordan

How Air Jordan evolved from a pair of basketball shoes to one of the most valuable and remarkable sneaker in the market? Not just a brand but more like a culture.

When did it start?

In the year of 1984, Nike and NBA player Michael Jordan teamed up to launch one of the most iconic athlete-endorsed brands of the era: Jordan Brand. Throughout the years Jordan Brand keep releasing different versions of the Air Jordan sneakers and Michael Jordan will wear it on the court.

AIR Jordan’s market position

AIR Jordans continuously dominated the market in sales and demand,
establishing with each year’s model higher benchmark standards in design, innovation and performance for the entire athletic footwear industry. The player himself – Michael Jordan, the greatest NBA player of all time, and the shoes he’s worn throughout his incredible career creates a trend and culture that is not even related to the sport of basketball.

Impacts that brings by AIR Jordan

These shoes now regularly sell for $200 or more per pair while certain models can fetch thousands of dollars when they’re released in low supplies. In 2016, the Jordan brand alone brought in close to $3 billion in revenue for Nike. That’s good enough for roughly 35% of the total revenue of the entire company.

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