Gore-Tex Shoes: Worth the Hype?

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If you want waterproof sneakers, Gore-Tex shoes may be your answer. Check out the pros and cons as well as the top styles .

Everyone loves a good pair of shoes. Seriously, we’d all have to basically walk around barefoot with it, right? Have you ever worn a pair of shoes and it rained or snowed—and well— the shoes weren’t of much use?

Luckily, there are kicks out there that were designed with your feet in mind. Gore Tex shoes have changed the game, and there’s no turning back. If you’d been wondering why there’s so much hype about Gore Tex tennis shoes, the information below explains it all.

What Are Gore Tex Shoes?

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If you’re new to the world of Gore Tex, then you might not fully understand what it is. Well, Gore Tex footwear is a breathable technology that uses several constructions to create its breathability standard. It’s gained its popularity because the materials works best for creating a comfortable, dry, protective layer that shields against outside elements. 

The shoes are incredibly windproof and waterproof, which helps to keep your feet warm and dry. The pores within the membrane of the material shield against water molecules, while also staying breathable.

As a result, your feet remain dry even during intense workouts. With that said Gore Tex shoes are perfect for activities such as running, hiking, exercising, and more! 

The Cons of Gore Tex

As with anything, there are cons to Gore Tex tennis shoes. One of the most obvious things is that it’s not waterproof in deep water. If you plan on walking through creeks or other areas, expect your feet to get damp. Unfortunately, Gore Tex hasn’t gotten to that point, but we’re sure they’re working on it!

Another issue you might run into with Gore Tex trail runners is trapped water. The same technology that prevents the fluid from reaching your feet is the same technology that keeps the water in.

However, with that trapped water comes heaviness; the additional liquid could create additional weight on your feet. Furthermore, if the shoes are full of moisture it might discourage you from wearing them for leisure purposes after being active in them, making it hard to get your money’s worth.

The History of Gore Tex

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Believe it or not, Bob Gore was in a lab in 1969 attempting to heat polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which is generally used to attach wires and coaxial cables. However, instead of gently stretching the heated material, he quickly yanked the material—that lead to the invention of ePTFE, which is expanded polytetrafluoroethylene

Once that was discovered, it pretty much changed history because the material was found to have low water absorption, and excellent weathering properties. In 1976, Gore Tex fabric was used in its first commercial order, and by 1982 the Gore Tex membrane was installed in a hiking boot. Since that time, the brand has continued to soar!

The Best Goretex Shoes: Various Shoe Styles

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The thing to remember about Gore Tex is that it’s a material; which means it can be put on any footwear! The good news is, you can always find something that suits your taste. Here are a few of the top styles available:

Tennis shoes/ Running Shoes

There are a variety of styles of shoes that come Gore-Tex protected. If you like Nike Air Forces, Chucks, or Adidas you can take them up a notch with Gore Tex technology.

So no, you don’t have to buy shoes for hiking or running to take advantage of it. Everyone deserves warm, dry feet, and thankfully the Gore Tex brand understands that.

Footwear for Outdoors

However, speaking of hiking, Gore Tex definitely offers footwear for those who enjoy the great outdoors. When you go hiking or fishing it’s imperative that you have good shoes on your feet.

So, Gore-Tex technology was designed with outdoorsmen in mind. After a long day out on the trails, no one wants to come home with wrinkled toes from having wet feet all day.


Another popular type of footwear that Gore Tex produces are boots. During the winter, having waterproof boots are a must. Not to mention, wet feet and cold temperatures are a bad combination. You definitely don’t want soggy shoes during an ice storm.


Since we’re on the topic of all of the different Gore Tex shoes, we might as well mention all of the other cool stuff they offer. If you need a raincoat, they’ve got you covered. Also, their jackets are pretty amazing as well.

We’ve discussed a lot about how Gore Tex is waterproof, but it’s also windproof. The windproof technology helps to shield against intense winds and cold chills.

The company also sells outwear activewear and gloves. It’s safe to say you can count on Gore Tex to make sure your entire body is warm and dry. It makes a lot of sense that they’d use the technology for various products, seeing as if your feet aren’t the only area that could benefit from it!

Happy Feet

Now that you’ve read the information above, you should be able to decide whether Gore Tex shoes are right for you. One things for sure, you can’t go wrong with owning a pair. Plus, it’s safe to say that Gore Tex is tried and true when it comes to its reputation. Trust us, your feet will always be happy with Gore Tex.

With that said, if you’re looking for some new kicks, check out our inventory. We offer a variety of brands and style to suit every taste. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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