What to Expect From the Latest 2020 Supreme Drops

2020 is poised to be an exciting year for Supreme clothing. Learn more about the latest Supreme drops coming your way in 2020.

There’s no denying the hype around Supreme. Every year, Supreme drops are among the most highly anticipated in the fashion world. Thousands of people eagerly await them, ready to spend their coin on some of the hottest items available.

Whether its a cozy sweater or a Zippo lighter, Supreme really knows how to get people excited. It seems like there’s almost nothing they can’t sell!

2020 is poised to be another great year for Supreme. They’ve already had two successful drops full of must-have items, with plenty more to come. Here are some of the hottest items from the last Supreme drops, and what might be to come.

Lighters, Water Bottles, and Turntables (Oh My)

One thing that separates Supreme from other streetwear brands is their “alternative” releases. While other companies might focus 100% of their effort on clothes, Supreme likes to mix it up with novelty items. In the past, this has meant inflatable chairs, red bricks, and even crowbars.

In 2020, Supreme has upped the ante. Their latest drops include a slick red turntable, a multi-tool complete with holster, and a 32 oz. Nalgene water bottle! If that’s not hype, I don’t know what is.

One of the cooler non-clothing-related items from Supreme right now is a Zippo lighter. The lighter is stark white with gray text. The best part is, it glows in the dark.


These items sell fast, and finding resellers might be a challenge. Few people who get their hands on these items are looking to offload them. Like most drops, it’s important to get in and make your purchase fast.

Other amazing items include a Supreme bird call, skateboard decks, and beaded keychains. Some people might say, “Why?” to these items, but the better question is, “Why not?” If you don’t want a Supreme bird call, you might need to reconsider your dedication to the hypebeast lifestyle.

Hats & Beanies

Supreme went all out this last drop with the hats and beanies.

They’ve got crushers striped in the Supreme logo, and patterned logo repeat beanies. The New York beanies feature a silhouette of the city and the words ‘New York’ across the top. These are a great way to show your pride for Supreme’s city of origin.

Some of the coolest hats include colored dad hats featuring the word ‘Supreme’ in a mock license plate. They’ve produced a new series with frequent collaborator GORE-TEX, offering great quality, loud designs, and plenty of color options.

And that’s just the beginning. They’ve got 6-panel corduroy hats, flat hats, and military camp caps as well. 

Secure the Bag

Supreme’s really looking to impress with their bags this year.

They’ve got duffel bags perfect for travel, mesh utility pouches, and irresistible camo backpacks. These all come in a variety of colors and are equipped with plenty of pockets, pouches, and support features.

The duffel bag offers a unique see-through mesh design. This makes it a perfect gym bag, as it’ll let your items breathe. It’s also got an adjustable shoulder strap, and a nice reflective logo on the side.

And of course, there are the fanny packs. Fanny packs have really made a comeback, and Supreme has hopped on the hype train. They’ve got the classic Supreme look, plenty of pockets and ways to wear, and they’re overall durably made.

The Cozy Classics

Whether you’re looking for all-over print sweaters, Supreme logo jackets, or simple colored hoodies, Supreme has you covered. Their knitted New York sweater, featuring a silhouetted city skyline, is cozy and beautifully designed. Their faux-fur varsity jackets are also unique and as soft as they come.

They’ve got long sleeve tees in a ton of bright colors, boxer briefs, red socks, and thick hoodies with a Supreme ‘S’ on the breast. And if you order online, the free gift right now is a Ballpark x Supreme poncho!

Supreme has also launched some Tupac-themed items. They have a sweet shirt and skate deck with hologram Tupac on it in honor of the late rapper. Show your love for Pac with Supreme.

The Future of Supreme Drops

It’s hard to say what Supreme will drop in the future.

One of the wildest items previewed but not yet dropped is the Supreme x MAC Tools workstation. It’s a full-fledged workstation for all your tools featuring that classic red-on-white Supreme look. 

The workstation features 10 drawers, aluminum pulls, high-quality wheels, and a chemical-resistant coating. It doesn’t just look good — it promises to offer the highest quality thanks to the geniuses over at Mac Tools. If you’re a worker and a hypebeast, this could be the ultimate item to look out for.

We can also make some guesses about future Supreme drops.

Earlier this year Supreme launched a collab with Oreos for red and white Oreo cookies. These sold extremely well, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see them release more food crossovers in the future. Who knows, maybe Oreo x Supreme two is on the way!

Somewhere Magazine

If the New York series of items does well (it’s likely) we’ll probably see more New York-themed drops in the future. Of course, we’ll also see a host of new, classic Supreme items. That means shirts, sweaters, pants, and more with that red-on-white Supreme logo.

We should also expect some Supreme sneaker collabs, as we haven’t seen any yet this year.

Supreme is also looking to release a BMX bike, as they’ve done before. This stark red bike is gorgeous, and will instantly be the envy of anyone you ride by. If you’ve got the dough, keep an eye out for it.

Get Hyped for Supreme

If you’re not on the Supreme train yet, let 2020 be your year. If these first few drops are a look at things to come, the next few Supreme drops are poised to be some of the best yet.

Keep your eyes peeled and your walled ready. 2020 is sure to make a Supreme fan out of you.

If you’re looking to add some Supreme to your wardrobe, see what we can do for you. Contact us with any comments or questions.

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