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Upcoming Air Jordan Releases, See What the Jordan Brand Has to Offer

The new Air Jordan releases are heading to shops in the upcoming months. From hype collabs to dope colorways, read on for a sneakerhead’s guide to what’s coming up!

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Check this out: the first edition of Air Jordans created by Nike made a whopping $2.3 million within two months of its release.

Ever since Michael Jordan produced this iconic sneaker line in 1984, it’s been one of the most coveted shoes of all time.

Want to stay on trend and keep up with the latest Air Jordan releases? We got your back. From hype collabs to dope colorways, here’s a sneakerhead’s guide to what’s coming up!

A Sneakerhead’s Guide to Air Jordans

Let me guess. You already have a million pairs of Air Jordans, right? Join the club. Clearly, these popular basketball shoes are here to stay for years to come. 

But here’s the kicker. With so many sick sneakers getting ready to be released, you might have a hard time keeping up with all of the newest editions. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

Guess what? Not only is the Jordan brand coming out with classic colorway releases, but they also have a whole new set of color schemes coming your way.

Have you heard about the Air Jordan III ‘Knicks’ sneakers yet? What about the Travis Scott x Air Jordan VI Retro collaboration? Curious about the Women’s Air Jordan IV ‘Mushroom’ release? We’ve got all that and more in store for you. 

Ready to take your Air Jordan obsession to the next level? Sounds good to us. Read on to find out the release dates for all of this season’s top Air Jordans!

Release Dates for the Top Air Jordans 

Dying to know the release dates for the freshest Jordans? You’ve come to the right place. Some of the illest pairs of Air Jordans to hit the market this fall include: 

  • Air Jordan III ‘Knicks’ 
  • Travis Scott x Air Jordan VI Retro
  • Women’s Air Jordan IV ‘Mushroom’
  • Air Jordan XII Retro ‘Game Royal’
  • Air Jordan IX ‘Gym Red’

First of all, what’s the real deal about the Air Jordan III ‘Knicks’? Inspired by the New York Knicks, these shoes have classic colors like royal blue, orange, grey, and white. You can find these for $190 on September 14, 2019. 

Can we please talk about the new Travis Scott x Air Jordan VI Retro? This killer collaboration with hip hop artist Travis Scott features the colors black, olive, and red. For $250, these are also being released on September 14, 2019!

Fans of the Women’s Air Jordan IV ‘Mushroom’ are in for a real treat. That’s because this bomb pair of black, white, and cream-colored kicks are launching in late September. Prepare to shell out $190 for these ones.

Now – Look at the Air Jordan XII Retro ‘Game Royals’. These sneaks have a simple colorway that includes royal blue and black. For $190, you can get these sneakers on September 28, 2019. 

Then there’s the Air Jordan IX ‘Gym Red’. These gym sneakers have a clean colorway that includes colors such as red, black, and white. Good news: you can get these for $190 on October 5, 2019!

Mark Your Calendar for These Air Jordans

Another word of advice? You should definitely mark your calendar for these sweet Air Jordan releases as well:

  • Air Jordan X Retro ‘Seattle’
  • Air Jordan I Retro High OG ‘Shattered Backboard 3.0’
  • Air Jordan IV ‘What The’
  • Air Jordan I Retro High OG ‘Who said man was not meant to fly?’
  • Air Jordan XI “Black/Red”

Do you prefer simplicity when it comes to sneakers? Then the Air Jordan X Retro ‘Seattle’ sneakers are the perfect pick for you. How do we know this? With its green, black, and white colorway, they’re basically irresistible!

Caught a glimpse of the Air Jordan I Retro High OG ‘Shattered Backboard 3.0’? These kicks have a very unique colorway that includes black, vanilla, and starfish colors. The best part? You can cop these for $160 on October 26, 2019!

And what about when the Air Jordan IV ‘What The’ is coming out? This legendary mismatched colorway will include colors like white, blue, red, and black. When are they available? On November 23, 2019, you can buy them for $200.

Let’s face it. The Air Jordan I Retro High OG ‘Who said man was not meant to fly?’ is a super cool pair of shoes. With a black, red, and white color scheme, you can get these for $160 on November 29, 2019.

Everyone’s heard of the Air Jordan XI “Black/Red,” but does anyone know when they’re actually hitting stores? For those with a serious sneaker addiction, you’re in luck. That’s because you can get these black, white, and varsity red sneaks for $220 on December 14, 2019!

Keeping Up With the Latest Air Jordan Releases

Having a hard time keeping up with the latest Air Jordan releases? You’re not alone. With so many pairs to choose from, it can get a little confusing to stay in the loop. That’s why we’re here to help. 

From the Jordan Bred to the Air Jordan XI, there are tons of exciting sneakers coming your way. The hardest part? Choosing which ones to add to your collection!

Craving a new pair of Air Jordan X Retro ‘Seattle’ kicks? What about the Air Jordan I Retro High OG ‘Shattered Backboard 3.0’? Or maybe you need to get your hands on the Air Jordan IV ‘What The’?

Thankfully, picking up your newest pair of Jordans should be a no-brainer with our simple guide. As long as you mark your calendars in advance, you’ll be stunting on your friends with the hottest Jordans in no time!

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