Do you like to make a good impression on strangers? Start from the ground up by taking a serious look at your footwear!

Whether or not you’re trying to make a statement with your shoes, people judge you by them. Social status and personality are two main factors that drive the shoe industry. When it comes to sneakers, Air Max shoes by Nike are among the most iconic, diverse, and long-lasting.

The wide range of Nike Air Max shoes on the market makes finding the perfect pair daunting. Worry no more: Take a look at this handy guide for help on your search.

Could Your Air Max Kicks Put You in the Spotlight?

When you wear fashionable Nike Air Max shoes, you may draw some attention. Have you thought about how many eyes you want on your sneakers?

You’ll look stylish so long as you put some thought into your Air Max purchase and what you wear the shoes with. The brand is big enough that people will notice you’re up on your style and have the resources to get your hands on a pair.

If you love being the center of attention, consider a brightly colored pair like these Nike Air Max 270 “React” sneakers. Wearing vivid kicks like these, you’ll have folks staring at your feet even if they’ve never heard of Nike or Air Max in their lives.

Both the Nike Air Max women’s and men’s styles feature sneakers in a wide range of colors. If you sport a traditional men’s casual wardrobe, try adding new colors to your closet of white tees and beige shorts with a cool pair of Air Max kicks. Your tradeoff is accepting all the attention your technicolor shoes may get.

Nike Air Max offers a huge range of less striking options for people with quieter senses of style. You can find pairs in a huge range of colors to match your style of choice. Get a neutral pair or coordinate plain blue shoes with blue outfits, red shoes with red clothes, and so on.

Will You Wear Your Air Max Sneakers With Everything?

While sneakers are designed for athletics, their transformation into a marker of social status made them popular shoes for all kinds of outfits. People today wear them with suits, dresses, and everything between and beyond.

Think about whether you want to use one pair of sneakers with all or a large proportion of your wardrobe. If you do, don’t forget to take all of those clothes into account during your shoe hunt.

A vivid, exciting pair might catch your eye and match one or two of your go-to looks. What if you want the Air Max kicks you’re looking for to serve as the main pair you wear day after day?

In that situation, flashy colors and patterns could become the bane of your existence. They may force you to accept clashing with other colorful looks or else abandon some of your favorite clothes.

If you’re looking to buy one pair of Air Max shoes and one pair only, shelf the idea of colorful shoes. Neutral and black Air Max kicks are the best for matching all your clothes.

Are You a Nike Air Max Collector?

If you’re an Air Max collector, you may think that all pairs are right for you. That’s true for nobody but those with unlimited funds trying to complete a collection of all Air Max shoes. For everyone else, not discriminating means you’ll end up with a lot of shoes that aren’t good for much but athletics.

When collecting Air Max shoes as an investor, there are several strategies to get the best return. In general, you want the rarest and most coveted pairs, so keep an eye on both fashion and sneaker investment trends. Using pre-sale opportunities and buying styles when they’re released is another wise method.

You could also take a riskier route by using your best judgment to pick Air Max styles that stand out to you. Look for bold, polarizing looks that Nike may discontinue if too few people buy them. Limited-edition celebrity shoes are another group that often gain value due to scarcity.

Do You Run or Play Ball in Your Kicks?

After all of those considerations, let’s get back to the basics. Like many Nike products, Air Max sneakers are legendary among athletes. You can run or play ball in any pair, but some are better suited to certain purposes than others are.

Nike designed most Air Max shoes with runners in mind. The streamlined shape and grippy sole keep you comfortable and safe as you zip along the track or trail. Almost any pair of Air Max kicks work for hitting the track or trail, so runners can pick by style.

Hoops lovers need not turn away, though. There are some Air Max basketball shoes on the market. They have the specific sole and ankle protection you want on the court.

Finding a shoe with basketball function indeed rules out many Air Max styles. If you’re serious about the sport, opt for basketball-specific Air Max shoes or find a basketball line with more options.

Amateurs not running, jumping, and blocking like the pros don’t need basketball shoes to the same degree. If that’s you and style is your biggest priority, you may get away with an Air Max design not meant for basketball.

Yet, fit fashionistas must consider whether they want to put style first. Air Max shoes are sturdy, but still start looking dirty, scuffed, and worn in no time. You may want to get a plainer, practical pair of Air Max shoes—such as these black Air Max 97 sneakers—and save ultra-flashy pairs for nights out.

Find the Ideal Shoes for You Here

There’s a Nike Air Max style for everyone, but tracking down your ideal shoe is easier said than done. This guide got you started, and you’re in the right place to continue the hunt. Kicks Crew offers a wide range of Air Max sneakers and—if you decide against Air Max—plenty of other hot kicks to explore.

Take a look around the site to find a pair or just to learn what’s out there and get new ideas. If you have any questions, don’t be a stranger!