Protect Your Sneaker!Tips on Shoes protection

Protect your sneaker.One small misstep can have your favorite sneakers messed up. Here are some tips of on shoes protection to prevent ruining your pair of beautiful sneakers.

tired of looking for cover when it is raining? You need to protect your sneaker better
Tired of looking for cover when it is raining?

Can you imagine when you are wearing your pair of sneakers for the first time. You encountered bad weather, what would you do to prevent it? Or you just going to let the weather ruin your day instead.

Would you want to see your pair of sneakers look like this? Protect your sneaker!
Would you want to see your pair of sneakers look like this?

Things you can use before wearing them. Protections!

Of course! Protect your sneaker.Who would like to see their sneakers being dirty and gross. In fact, there are actually things that you can do before wearing your pair of sneakers or at least get it ready for daily wear purpose. It may take sometime, but it definitely worth your time to do so.

Waterproof spray for sneaker protection

Protect your pair of sneaker with waterproof spray
Waterproof spray

Everyone hates to go out in the rainy days, why is that? Who would like to get their shoes wet and dirty, but there are nothing to avoid it happens? As a sneaker fan, a waterproof spray will be one of your best friends on protect your sneaker from soaking by water.


Do not underestimate this small can. This can is a lifesaver from rain ruining your day. Simply, first clean the shoes before applying the spray onto the shoes, as you do not want to spray it on top of all the dusts and dirt. Once you clean your shoes, you can apply them to the sneakers by spraying a few layers of coating on the shoes. Each layer give it around 10 to 15 minutes for them to dry, and repeat the same step again. The trick here is that you do not want to spray with close or focusing on a specific spot. You will have to do it evenly. If not, it will actually affect the appearance and leather texture of your sneaker.

Shoe Tree

Shoe tree can help extend the lifespan of your sneakers.

Now, we have the leather or texture protection mentioned, but there is one thing that people do overlook all the time. The shape of the shoes, as all we know, the long we wear a pair the shoes, the shoes will be have slightly shape change, as the build structure of the pair of sneakers or shoes will change. Have you realize that your pair shoes look terrible after a couple months of usage? I am sure you are experience the same problem, but what will be the solution? Shoe support is going to be your savior.

By using a pair of shoe tree, it can help keep your shoes shape as good as possible. Furthermore, textures of the shoes will get affect by the number of times that you wearing it. Please keep it in mind that, every time you are wearing your pair of shoes or sneakers. You are decreasing its lifespan, that is not what you wanted to do. Instead, using all of these products can help extend its lifespan. Last but not least, proper care and handle with cautious will be needed in order to maximize the effectiveness.

Are you tired of beat up sneakers? Everything shows up on them so it’s a little hard to prevent it.

When all else fails, try out some of the methods in this “How to protect your sneakers” guide to make your shoes as pretty as the day you bought them. 

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