Our Complete Review of the Nike Mercurial Vapor

The right speed boot will enhance your pitch performance remarkably. Our complete review of the Nike Mercurial Vapor presents the speed boot that will help you achieve your sports goals. The Nike Mercurial Vapor has a soleplate that gives you great traction, which is ultra-responsive. It also fits well unless you don’t like snugging shoes.

This shoe gives you optimum control and a barefoot feel on the ball. It is lightweight and has excellent padding on the heel for cushion and lockdown. Do you want to learn about the Nike Mercurial Vapor? Let’s get started.

Traction and Soleplate

The soleplate is a key part of the Nike Mercurial Vapor. Since this boot is designed for speed, it has optimum traction in performance. Nike used an Aerowtrac split plate that is lightweight and has small grooves.

The split plate separates the forefoot from the heel plate. Nike went ahead to secure these two parts to the footbed. Consequently, they serve your needs through direction changes and quick turns. The shoe has an extraordinary combination of angular stud and stiffer chassis, allowing you to accelerate without limit.

However, Nike Mercurial Vapor is not suitable for summer. If you use these boots on a hot AG surface, they absorb it and heat up your feet very fast. You may want to preserve them for other seasons and firm ground pitches.


The Nike Mercurial Vapor comes with a round trip of Fly-knit construction with an extremely thin Nikeskin overlay that gives you a proximate control on the ball. It also has an ACC (All Conditions Control) that gives you a reliable touch, whether in dry or wet conditions.

While this shoe is more of an attacking style boot, it has elements that perform efficiently when it comes to striking. Although it is not a power boot, you can be sure you are getting a finisher boot. It helps you make the most out of any opportunity as you showcase your game.


Nike also puts your comfort first by using the flex tongue, which has been a great feature from its past models. The shoe has a low cut collar that evolved from FlyKnit Ultra to Vapor 13. You also get a top-notch level of heel padding, that offers you cushion and lockdown.

When it comes to the Nike Mercurial Vapor, Nike decided to ditch the past Vapors’ FlyWire. They made it with High Tenacity Yarn (HTY) by crafting it to the FlyKnit upper. This shoe almost resembles the Phantom VSN.

The Nike Mercurial Vapor fits well, thus you can order a true to size. It hugs your foot on both sides and ensures you don’t feel like you have forced your foot in. The HTY also maintains its fit and structure anytime you wear them. Isn’t this magical?

Nevertheless, if you do not like snugging footwear, you may feel a bit squeezed. You may not get serious effects like blisters; hence it is not that bad. You also get the break-in feeling after a few wears. It is worth the compromise unless you feel too uncomfortable.

First Impression

Like mentioned before, it follows the vapor look, and you may not feel excited because it is a make you’ve seen before. It comes in various colorways; you can select the one you prefer. In an up-close, these boots crow a rainbow of colors.

If you like standing out from the rest, you may find the blue/white best since it attracts all the attention to you as you execute a deadly attack. Similar to the past models, this shoe also comes with all Nike’s buzzing words like ‘JUST DO IT,’ ‘NIKE FOOTBALL,’ with an additional ‘MARC’ to it. You also get to see ‘Born Mercurial: Engineered for speed; Fast by nature’ when admiring it in your hands.

Surprisingly, the soleplate looks similar to that of the previous Vapor model. However, Nike has added a slight point on the chevron’s front. These shoes also come with a string bag, which is common for boots to keep them safe.


  • Nike Mercurial Vapor’s soleplate provides ultra-responsive traction.
  • It has a silicon Nikeskin that gives you a high performing fit.
  • The upper possesses much stretch.
  •  This shoe is wide-feet friendly.
  •  It is very comfy, considering it is a lightweight speed boot.
  • It has an ultrathin upper that offers you a barefoot strike.
  • This boot is lightweight, making you unstoppable when speeding.
  • This shoe is a bit wide compared (toebox and forefront) to its previous versions.


  •  The Nike Mercurial Vapor’s 360 degrees upper on the bottom does not enhance performance.
  • To those who dislike footwear hug, it has a snug and super tight fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Nike Mercurial Vapor and its predecessor?

The Nike Mercurial Vapor has a FlyKnit upper, unlike the prior version, which had Teijin synthetic. This upper makes it better in terms of flexibility, responsiveness, and lightness.

Can I wear Vapor 12 on Turf, Astro, Grass, or Mud?

Vapor 12 comes in different variations. They fit numerous surface types like turf and pitches (AG-Pro), wet and muddy (Anti-Clog and SG), and grass (FG). You get to pick what matches your needs.

Who Should Wear the Nike Mercurial Vapor?

The Nike Mercurial Vapor has celebrity wearers like Neymar, who is the headline. He enjoys the unique NJR colors that are exclusive to him. Other players who fit this boot are Ousmane Dembele, Eden Hazard, and Luka Modric. Nike has marketed this shoe for over 20 years (speed boot), so it suits anyone who relishes a lightweight feel and is fast.

Final Thoughts

Explosive speed is key to any person who enjoys lightweight and great traction. Our complete review of the Nike Mercurial Vapor brings you a shoe that offers these and much more to showcase your prowess. These boots utilize the HTY to ensure firmness hence maintaining their fit and structure all the way.The Nike Mercurial Vapor fit well with a hug on both sides of your feet. They have soleplates that offer you great traction, so you can speed up feeling secure because they have a good grip on the surface. If you need a speed boost, you can grab the Nike Mercurial Vapor. It’s a good deal!