Whether you are looking for a shoe that suits short or long races, Nike got your back with the Nike Air Pegasus 37. This shoe has a superb combination of tech, ergonomics, aesthetic, and reasonable price. It has React foam which is responsive, boosting your speed any time.

The Nike Air Pegasus 37 possesses a rubber outsole that is durable and gives you great traction. You don’t have to visit the shop regularly. You will also notice a great improvement from Pegasus 36. Read on to get a clear glimpse.

The Ergonomics

The Nike Air Pegasus 37 presents to you an excellent cushioning system. Its react midsole’s size makes it have a similar profile to that of Zoom Fly. Its responsive foam and springy nature provide you with an exhilarating running sensation. However, Nike Air Pegasus 37 bottom does not feel heavy compared to Zoom Fly.

If you need a shoe that can reinforce your speed, then Nike Air Pegasus 37 is a great buy. The combination of the air units and React foam gives you the forward push feeling, even though not in the carbon fiber plate style.

The toebox is also roomy and firm, giving you ample support on the shoe’s lateral and medial part. This feature also makes it comfortable for tempo efforts, mid, and long-distance races. Not forgetting to mention it is light, for instance, size 9 weighs 287g.

Nike Air Pegasus 37’s heel cap is laxer and more flexible; you might find it less secure. Nevertheless, for neutral runners, there is no difference, since you already feel locked and stable.

The Tech

There is no doubt that Nike has taken their shoe game to the next level with Nike Air Pegasus 37. While its name may suggest the use of ZoomX foam, this shoe has a studier React foam. You know what this means, right? You get better value for your money.

The React foam retains the running dynamics longer. The Nike Air Pegasus 37 also comes with zoom air pockets under its forefoot to enhance the energy returns. So, if you are looking for some energy boost, you got it right here.

It also has a translucent mesh upper like the Nike ZoomX Vaporfly. However, the Nike Air Pegasus 37’s feels more supportive and retains breathability the whole time. The only thing you may have to compromise is those softer laces on your Brooks Hyperion Tempo.  

Whether on wet or dry surfaces, its rubber outsoles give you great traction helping you reserve more energy. The outsole is also thick protecting the react midsole from damage hence making this shoe more durable. You don’t have to visit the shop now and then. It’s quite economical!

The Aesthetics

What about Nike Air Pegasus 37’s first impression?

While Nike opted for dull colors than those in Vaporfly, Nike Air Pegasus 37 has a great look. It can’t go unnoticed that they made great improvements to its previous version making it more fascinating.

The lighter upper mesh, new lacing, and the outstanding Nike logo bring a new elegant feeling. So, you better grab one for your morning run. Its colors blend so well, making it look more of a racing shoe and will constantly motivate you to keep running.


  • It has a soft feel
  • Gives you a bouncy ride
  • It comes in a stylish design.
  •  It has Reactive foam that is durable and supportive.
  •  It is affordable
  • Nike Air Pegasus 37 is comfortable and true to size.
  • It has a lightweight upper
  • It offers you a versatile consistent cushion.


  • Nike Air Pegasus 37 has restrictive laces.
  • It has a white colorway that gets dirty fast.
  • It lacks stability
  •  It has limited color options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Any Difference Between The Nike Air Pegasus 37 For Men and Women?

After Nike researched with female and male runners, they got an impactful finding. Female runners have a preference for softer level of pressure than male runners. Hence, they customized the midsole according to gender: 15 psi for women and 20 psi for men. Pegasus shoe for ladies has a lower pressure airbag compared to that of men.

The colors available for the two genders also differ. However, if you are a woman who prefers a firmer shoe or a man who likes a softer ride, you can grab the other gender’s make. Beyond these two, there is no much distinction.

Who Should Purchase the Nike Air Pegasus 37?

If you are searching for the ideal neutral daily trainer for easy and long runs, this shoe is a good buy. It also serves you well when it comes to tempos. You can rely on it for any kind of run.

Who Should Not Buy The Nike Air Pegasus 37?

While the Nike Air Pegasus 37 is versatile for any run, it may not live up to expectations such as offering stability since it has a flat heel. If you need support, you can check out the Nike Odyssey React Shield Marathon Sneaker.

If you are also looking for a dedicated racer, you may have to check the Nike Zoom Rival Fly 2. Otherwise, the rest of the features are outstanding.

I Have a Pegasus 36, Should I Update To Pegasus 37?

The Pegasus 37 comes with a whole makeover, from color to its ergonomics. It has new laces, a new technology that makes your run more fun and better. If you want to experience energy reservation on a higher level, then Pegasus 37 is the way to go.

Pegasus 37 has a React foam while Pegasus 36 possesses the traditional EVA foam. Pegasus 37 is also more responsive and rides softer than Pegasus 36.

Pegasus 37 comes with a 10mm thick bag (forefoot Zoom Air unit) while Pegasus 36 is 4mm (full-length). Consequently, Pegasus 37 provides more pop on your toe-off than Pegasus 36. Updating to Nike Air Pegasus 37 is a great idea.

Final Thoughts

Are you searching for the ideal running shoe for any race? Our review presents to you the Nike Air Pegasus 37. This shoe is affordable and comes with exceptional improvements compared to its previous version. It combines outstanding tech like roomy toebox with ergonomics such as rubber outsole making it durable and comfortable.

It helps you reserve energy and makes your race more fun. However, its shoelaces are short and may also lack stability if you are not a neutral runner. Other than these, you will always look forward to the next run because it is a great motivator!

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