Nike has a long history of releasing the most cutting-edge sneakers on the market. Nike Air Max have been raising eyebrows since the late ’80s. Over 30 years later, they’re still some of the most innovative sneakers on the market. 

Nike Air Max aren’t just for the athletes. They’ve also become a popular fashion symbol in their own regard. 

Whether you’re looking for sneakers to complete your next look or to own the field, here are some of the best Nike sneaker lines of 2021. 

There are a staggering array of Nike sneaker lines to choose from. They’ve come such a long way from simply carrying Air Jordans.

Now there are cross trainers, high tops, vegan sneakers, and so on. This means there’s bound to be at least one Nike sneaker line for every discerning sneakerhead to lust after. 

Air Max 90

The Air Max 90 has one of the most striking, iconic silhouettes of all of the Nike Air Max. The Air Max 90 aren’t merely sleek, they’re also good for the environment. They use 20% less recycled material than other similar sneakers. 

One thing they’re not short on, though, is style. The minimalist white shell is accented with colorful speckles and recycled felt. It brings together Nike’s legendary early ’90s style with a decidedly modern sensibility. 

Nike Air VaporMax 2020 Flyknit

The Nike Air VaporMax 2020 Flyknit is one of the newer additions to their iconic sneaker lines. The 2020 Flyknit is another triumph of form meeting function. For one thing, they feature a full 360-degree transparent Air sole unit. 

For another, the VaporMax 2020 Flyknit also incorporates an innovative cog tightening lacing system, so they’ll stay fit and snug as long as you’re wearing them. Combine with the VaporMax 2020 Flyknit’s striking tactile textural design and you’re left with one of the more eye-catching sneakers on the market. 

Nike Air Max 2090

Here’s another of the newest additions to Nike Air Max line. The Nike Air Max 2090 was introduced in Spring 2020. It’s a bold, futuristic update on the classic Air Max we all know and love. 

Although perhaps it might be more precise to say the Nike Air Max 2090 is retrofuturistic. These new sneakers are inspired by the futuristic ideas of the past. Their soft neon colors are meant to evoke the distant lights of electric- and solar-powered vehicles. 

These futuristic touches are emphasized with classic Air Max features. The Air Max 2090 includes an oversized Air unit, 200% larger than other sneakers of similar size. The design is also a minimalist white which is emphasized with bright, colorful color blocking similar to the Air Max 90. 

The Nike Air Max 2090 may be looking towards the future, but they’re designed with very modern problems in mind. They’re meant for long days on your feet, whether standing or on the go. They’ll come in handy once the world resumes after quarantine! 

Nike Air VaporMax Plus

Now here’s a Nike Air that’s firmly looking towards the future. Although it’s complicated as the Nike Air VaporMax Plus also look back towards previous iterations of Nike Air. 

The plastic outer shell of the Nike Air VaporMax Plus brings to mind the plastic outer cage of the Nike Air Max Plus from 1998. The cloudy Air unit recalls the 2017 VaporMax. Both styles are given a striking, stylish update with the VaporMax Plus’ red-and-black color scheme. 

Nike Air Max 95

For those who are in love strictly with the classic, retro styles of Nike Air, the Air Max 95 should make your list. The Nike Air Max 95 is based around a simple, muted color block pattern that hearkens back to 1995, the year the line was first released. 

The Nike Air Max 95 are functional as well as stylish, however. The muted colors rest atop a chunky sole that’s beyond comfortable if you’re going to be on your feet for long periods of time. 

Nike Air Max Deluxe

Nike doesn’t just do retrofuturistic. They also make for a striking, forward-thinking futuristic design that wouldn’t look out of place in Battlestar Galactica. Such is the case with the Nike Air Max Deluxe, one of the most unusual and distinctive designs in the long history of the company. 

First introduced in 2018, the Nike Air Max Deluxe is designed with a single layer mesh for the shoe’s upper half. This gives the Air Max Deluxe more of a carapace feel than the usual sneaker design which has remained largely unchanged since the ’60s. 

This mesh layer can be had in a variety of colorful gradients as well as a stark, striking all-black design. If you’re looking for the Kylo Ren of sneakers, look no further than the Nike Air Max. 

As you can see, Nike never rest on their feet when it comes to renovating their iconic sneaker line. It’s impressive that a company remains so committed to innovation and breaking new ground for over 50 years. 

It’s also a sign that you should always keep an eye out for what Nike Air Max is going to get into next. It’s one more reason to keep in touch with a dedicated circle of sneakerheads from all over the world!

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