New Balance 725: How to Pick the Right New Balance Shoes

Before you head out on your next run, be sure you get the right shoe for you. See here the benefits and features of the New Balance 725 and get the right shoe.

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New Balance has always been one of the most revered names in the running community. Founded in 1906, the brand was first called the New Balance Arch Support Company, delivering orthopaedic footwear with an emphasis on arch support and stability. 

In the 116 years since, New Balance has continued to release sneaker styles designed with one focus in mind: unmatched comfort and durability.

The New Balance 725 sneaker line is no exception. More of a lifestyle shoe than a serious running sneaker, this everyday style has graced the likes of soccer dads and high-fashion celebrities alike. Today, we're sharing how to choose the perfect pair to add to your own collection. 

All About the New Balance 725 Series

The New Balance 725 series combines some of the functional features you'll find in a typical running shoe with everyday comfort. The basic design is based loosely on the silhouettes of the athletic sneakers that graced the early 2000s, and you'll be hard-pressed to find a weekday shoe that looks or feels better on your feet. 

This is one of the most highly-anticipated retro models the brand has ever released, and you can see the old-school influences that were pulled straight from the archives. Yet, while they might look nostalgic, these sneakers are decidedly modern and built to last. 

The 725s shine thanks to thoughtful details woven into the interior of each pair. Take the full-length midsole cushioning, for instance. You'll feel that extra plushness the second you take a step in these shoes, and the durable support will last all day.

At the same time, these sneakers never feel heavy or tight on your feet. This is due in large part to the synthetic and mesh uppers (and interior lining) that add breathability and flexibility. Once you adjust the lace closure and get the customized fit just right, you'll be set. 

Style Features to Know

Whether you're planning to hit the gym or just run a few errands, you'll find yourself reaching for these New Balance shoes time and again. Thankfully, their exterior is just as rugged as the inside and can hold up against wear and tear. 

At the toe box of each pair of 725s, you'll find a mudguard that's made out of soft, durable leather. There's also an inset panel with a flame-esque design that appears almost metallic, adding a subtle glean to an otherwise simple style. 

The side panels also feature the same leather, as well as those reoccurring mesh and metallic accents. The New Balance "N" logo is prominently displayed in a bold, plastic material on each side. On the tongue, you'll find the 725 branding in the shoe's specific colorway. 

Choosing Your Perfect Pair of New Balance 725s

Now that we've covered some of the details that set the 725s apart from other New Balance running shoes or lifestyle shoes, let's discuss how to find the perfect one for you. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind. 

Find Your Colorway

Some sneaker brands, New Balance included, will debut colorways that are eye-catching and bright, designed to turn heads and ramp up your wardrobe.

The 725s are refreshingly simple and understated, with muted colorways. They may not be as bold, but their goes-with-anything look makes them infinitely more versatile. The New Balance 725 Grey is a classic example. 

If you're in the market for a new pair of New Balance men's shoes, start with this style. While they might be advertised as marathon running shoes, you don't have to qualify for a race to feel confident in them. The only two tones you'll find here are soft gray and creamy white, and they'll effortlessly take you from morning to night. 

If you want a little more color variation, you can always go with an all-white 725 that features contrasting stitching and accent details, like the New Balance 725 Munsell White. In this pair, bright yellow and dark navy touches pop against the gray mesh paneling and white leather upper. 

Take the time to review all of the 725 colorways, and start your shopping journey there. Think about where you plan to wear your sneakers and the clothes you'll likely pair with them and choose a color that will fit seamlessly with the rest of your attire. 

Check the Sizing

These New Balance sneakers tend to run true to size. When shopping for your own pair, you shouldn't have to size up or down. The unique lacing system of the 725s allows you to tailor the fit slightly so it's perfectly snug each time. 

On these, the oval laces don't weave into the shoe itself, as you'll find in other New Balance retro runners. Rather, they run through into plastic and leather lace loops that are offset from the tongue. You should be able to pull them tightly or relax them loosely to get the right fit. 

The shape of the shoe is also slightly wider, which makes them ideal for wearers who need that extra width when they walk. 

Think About Use

Finally, think about where you plan to wear your 725s.

As mentioned, these are designed more as lifestyle shoes, though that doesn't mean they'll look out of place at the gym. If you're an elite athlete who needs excellent lateral stability and responsive heel-to-toe cushioning, you might prefer a New Balance shoe designed with performance in mind, such as the 990 series

However, these are great if you're looking for a versatile shoe you don't have to change out of when it's time to go to dinner after a workout. They're padded and chunky enough to look sporty, but the neutral colorways allow you to dress them up or down. 

Shop Our Collection of New Balance 725s

Everything old is new again, and that motto especially applies to the New Balance 725 series. Inspired by the retro running shoe designs that defined an era, these aren't your average running shoes. 

The excellent mid-sole cushioning and breathable mesh details make them practical, while the sleek colorways and accents make them fun. These are attractive, comfortable lifestyle shoes that deliver premium quality at an affordable price point.

When you're ready to find your next pair, we've got you covered. You can shop our full collection of New Balance 725 sneakers online!