Kylie Jenner’s Top 6 Favorite Sneakers

It’s common knowledge that Kylie dons a lot of heels. Nonetheless, she’s the go-to-celeb when looking to find out what sneakers are in the cant-find-them-in-stock-anywhere category. And that’s not just because she is signed with Puma. 

Kylie showed off just 20 pairs of her sneaker collection on her Snapchat and gal, it was impressive. The makeup tycoon has loads of Adidas, Pumas, Nikes, and Yeezy’s in every style and color. Okay, the latter type is to be expected as a courtesy of Kanye West – her brother in law.

Here’s a rundown of her top 6 favorite sneakers – and please don’t be super jelly.

Adidas Originals Falcon Sneakers

Kylie Jenner is a style icon. She never shies away from rocking bold colors, playful accessories, and edgy silhouettes – and that includes the Adidas Originals Falcon Sneakers.

Beyond Kylie’s approval, Adidas Originals Falcon Sneakers are insanely comfortable. You can wear them for a whole day without discomfort.

They feature a versatile design that goes well with dresses, jeans, and skirts. Note, this Chunky 90s inspired style is reported to run a little big, thus, you should consider ordering a size down.

But that shouldn’t deter you from spreading your wings in the said bold kicks.

Dior x Nike Air Jordan 1’s

The Dior x Air Jordan 1 High sneakers represent the first collaboration between the sneaker giant (Nike) and the luxury powerhouse (Dior).

They are crafted from sail white or wolf grey leather, premium materials that guarantee durability. Dior x Air Jordan 1 High kicks resemble the iconic high-top silhouette that’s updated by the grey Dior monogram swoosh logo.

As such, the Dior x Air Jordan 1 is the sweet spot between high-style and classic.

Their flat rubber sole provides an almost barefoot experience while the round toe design reduces the need for a break-in time.

The ankle-length design in conjunction with the front lace-up fastening ensures a snug and secure fit.  Dior x Air Jordan 1 boasts a monogram pattern that can pair with anything. Its lining is 100% Nylon.

Adidas Ultraboost

Adidas Ultraboost is an in-demand and highly coveted footwear. They are stylish, fashion-forward, and comfortable – a dream for any fashion-orientated girl.

The kicks combine comfort and premium performance technology for the best run or walk feeling. I mean, you’ll literally feel the Ultraboost technology making a responsive and smooth ride as you walk.

They have a stretch and adaptive knit upper that makes your running experience a memorable one. Besides being lightweight, these mid-cut sneakers have a flexible outsole that combines with the responsive cushioning to bring a smooth yet energized ride.

When it comes to sizing, it’s wise for you to order a size up or better yet, follow the sizing chart provided by Adidas. Their staffs are also keen to help select the right fit for you.

Their regular fit and lace closure provide adequate support, which makes them ideal for long, urban runs.

Moreover, Adidas Ultraboost boasts a Continental™ Rubber outsole for extraordinary traction even in wet conditions

To that end, it’s not a wonder that the kicks get Kylie Jenner’s approval. They also have a 4.7 rating from 6200+ verified customers. What’s more? 96% of customers say they would recommend them.

So why not grab yourself a pair here at an affordable price, while you still can.

Nike Dunk High Sneakers

The Nike Dunk High is a premium hoop footwear that factors style in all forms of clothing combinations. This can be seen in its exemplary contouring of different hues and components. Their basic flat sole also makes it easier for you to pair the kicks with anything.

As such, the outline of the shoes coincides with any and every outfit – from skinny jeans to shorts.

Besides style, the footwear cushioning and comfort gratifies many activities be it in casual events, conventional daily walks, or playground. In short, Nike Dunk High sneakers exemplifies vintage roots while factoring in the grandeur in modern-day living.

The kicks are available in a range of sizes, all of which provide ample ankle support that auger well with the Dunk High.

Ideally, the Nike Dunk High kick is an upgraded comfort, lightweight, stability, and cushioning from its original release. It screams premium quality from the sole to the top shank.

On the downside, there have been reports of the shoe not being breathable. Nonetheless, a majority of users agree that Nike Dunk High is a great value for money.

Nike Air Foamposite One “Black Supreme”

Nike collaborated with Supreme to create a mass hysteria in the sneakerhead community in the name of Nike Air Foamposite One.

These kicks were first released in two different models. The black model (Black Supreme) is decked in black along with an intricate design on its upper and a translucent outsole to completes the fashion-forward appeal. The Supreme branding is placed on the tongue while the conventional tooling includes a translucent outsole and carbon fiber.

Puma x Bape Blaze of Glory

The Puma x BAPE Blaze of Glory White is a child birthed from the union between A Bathing Ape (a Japanese brand) and Puma (a sportswear giant).

Note, the said collaboration has birthed great elements, including accessories, clothing, and four attention-grabbing footwear. Recall the likes of R698 AND Disc Blaze? Now you may note them from their Ape Head camouflage prints.

Puma x Bape Blaze of Glory’s edition is dressed in cream and white colorways. It features a white base with camo-printed hits on the heel “cage”. Added to that is a collaborated branding on the tongue and insole, which is finished with a Bape’s Ape headstamp on the back heel.

To complete the look, the kicks take on a white midsole, and a multi-colored outsole completes the look.

Durability is the end game as the shoes feature a 100% rubber sole, 100% polyester lining, and a combination of 100% polyester and 100% leather mesh outer.


As noted earlier, Kylie is a FASHION ICON. And much as she is a heels-kinda girl, she’s the go-to-celeb when looking to find out what sneakers are in the cant-find-them-in-stock-anywhere category.

To steal her style; therefore, you should purpose to acquire one or more of her favorite sneakers while you still can. That means acquiring the much-coveted Adidas Ultraboost now, right here before they sell out.

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