Ja’Marr Chase: Top 3 Favorite Sneakers

Ja’Marr Anthony Chase is a 20-year-old American football wide receiver for the LSU Tigers. He is known for leading the FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision) in receiving yards and touchdowns. Ja’Marr Chase also won the coveted Fred Biletnikoff Award as the nation’s best receiver.

But much as football is his first love, kicks come in pretty close. Here’s a rundown of his top 3 favorite sneakers.

Nike Air Pegasus 37

Now, this is a no brainer.

Pegasus is Nike’s longest-running trainer and thus, any new edition means that a lot of thoughts went into it. As such, Pegasus’s 37th version can only be better.

In fact, the update is a great, subtle improvement on the existing excellent rounder – without putting your feet wrong.

Pegasus 37 has a new midsole with a springy React foam instead of Cushlon ST. The midsole also has a forefront air unit within it. According to Nike, the air unit is twice as large as the previous version whereas the foam is 2mm thicker than in Pegasus 36.

The result is a comfortable, responsive, and snappy ride – as noted by one tester.

Now the Flywire may be gone, the old Cushion foam replaced by a full React midsole, and the full-length Zoom Air concentrated to just the front unit; however, all the materials and technologies remain the same.

And that’ some real magic y’all. The team behind this version has placed the shoe’s components so right that the result is more than footwear – but a gem. So why not grab yourself a pair here while the stock lasts?

Nike Jordan VIII

When they talk of partying like the 90s, they’re definitely talking about Nike Jordan VIII.

It’s not the highest technology or sleekest of the Jordan series, but the shoe has a lot going on. The fluffy tongue, the straps – it was Jordan VIII that guided Jordan to his third championship. Recall that this was expected to be Jordan’s final championship and as such, it’s only normal that Ja’Marr Chase – a great Jordan’s fun – would acquire the pair to commemorate that moment. Or in the very least take that great trip down memory lane.

When it comes to performance, Jordan VIII surprisingly does not disappoint. Take traction, for instance, these early Jordan’s have no true pattern to them yet they have the best traction. In fact, they have overall better traction than their herringbone laced Air Jordan 8.0 counterparts.

Jordan VIII has adequate cushioning provided by the Polyurethane fabric. However, if cushion matters to you, you’re better off selecting their Retro styling – Air Jordan 8.0. See, the Phylon that replaced their cushioning fabric has a huge difference. Besides, the Air Units are positioned directly underfoot whereas, in the original version, they were inside the PU midsole.

The early Jordan’s are made of great leather which makes them durable. Their break-in time is so minute that is often neglected. You can purchase them today and go running your merry way tomorrow morning. Note, even the nubuck pair does not hurt the shoe’s overall performance thanks to the cross straps.

Moreover, Jordan VIII is true to size. When fully laced, they’re snug and secure. Their inner boot results in a plush feeling around the feet – leading to a comfortable fit. The best part? They allow for non-restrictive ankle movement – even when fully laced (to the top).

Its true to size fit features provide adequate support to your feet. The kicks also feature some paint graphics at the heels to provide minor lateral and medial support. Nonetheless, this support is insignificant compared to the updated TPU version in the Air Jordan 8.0.

On the downside, their ventilation is poor. But this is to be expected given the low technology. Most users rate them as the best performing Air Jordan’s between the early 1st to 9th models.

Nike Zoom Flight 95

When you ask NBA fans about the beginning of their obsession with basketball, several (if not many) are likely to chant the Nike Zoom Flight 95 sneakers. And why not?

They were the go-to kicks for the likes of Jason Kidd and Damon Stoudamire. Nike Zoom Flight 95 is the point guard footwear.

These kicks were and still are a statement in the making thanks to their Zoom air technology and a space-age look.

See, Nike introduced the kicks as an encompassment of the basketball style from the 90s. With their curvaceous overlays and space-age bug eyes, these sneakers are a sure attention grabber.

Nike has since then re-launched an off-court kick to showcase its original style – another great trip down the memory lane.

The kicks brag their comfort, stabilizing synthetic leather upper with Zoom Air units and comfortable midsole. They are affordable, and as such, they’re highly recommended, especially for customers looking for good ankle support.

The Nike Air Zoom Flight 95 is available exclusively in men’s sizes. It has a lace-up closure where its rope laces provide a secure fit. It also has a wide heel pull tab and a well-padded ankle collar for that comfortable fit.

The kicks come in their OG colorways that pair well with a pair of shorts, jogger, or baggy jeans.

Its recent release has notable carbon fiber overlays that support the ankle and mid-foot. And while Nike Zoom Flight 95 design was debuted decades ago, it still displays a fashion-forward appeal.

On the downside, these sneakers are a tad heavy, they get dirty easily, and have poor ventilation. However, the flaws are easily offset by the affordable price, durability, great look & appeal, superior ground traction, the shoe’s fashion-forward style, and more.

Besides, the show is easy to break-in, and as such, you’ll be rocking those attention-grabbing colorways with your favorite joggers in no time.


It’s obvious that Ja’marr Chase has a commendable taste in kicks – especially footwear from the 90s. he goes against the notion that super talented athletes have a horrendous fashion taste. You can get the Nike Air Pegasus 37 here at an affordable price.

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